[Changes] Removal of ingame background stories

  • 1 year ago


Greeting Mercenaries, 


The following changes will be made during today's maintenance. 


■ Characters 

- Removed the background stories shown following character creation. 

- You can find each character's background story in the official webpage's <The Heroes> tab.  


Developer's Notes:  

Previously, background stories were shown in-game upon character creation. However, this proved a hindrance when switching gears to learn about the game's overarching narrative. It was not the best format to explore each character's history, 

and there were cutscene elements that lacked in quality. Therefore, these initial versions of each character's backstory will now be posted on the official website.

We are also planning to provide even longer background stories on the website in future updates. Starting from this patch, we want new players to focus on that first step of the overall story (joining the mercenary group).