[Updated] Ver. 2.96 Update Note

  • 8 months ago

## Updated: The duration of Valentine Character Friendship System has been extended.


Table of Contents

1. New Character Charon

2. Character/Battle Update

3. Wardrobe Update

4. Avatar System Related Update

5. Convenience Improvements

6. Miscellaneous Changes


1. New Character Charon

  • Added Charon, the 22nd hero of Vindictus.

This new character is a magician who commands the floating Orbis.

  • Added weapons exclusively for Charon: "Orbis"
  • Added equipment exclusively for Charon: "Laniakea" Set / "Shiny Stania" Set
  • Added exclusive equipment for Charon in Expertise.

Orbis, the exclusive weapon for Charon, can be crafted using the Goldsmithing Expertise.

The Laniakea Set, the exclusive armor for Charon, can be crafted using the Tailoring Expertise.

The Shiny Stania Set, the exclusive armor for Charon, can be crafted using the Tailoring Expertise.


[Character Creation & Introduction]

  • Added the introduction video that plays upon selecting Character Creation > Charon.


[Partholon Vanguard]

  • Added Vanguard Missions that require Charon's specialties.


[Friendship System]

  • Added Charon, the 22nd mercenary.
    • She will appear in the Mercenary Lounge.
    • You can talk and depart for missions with her.
    • Friendship Achievements related to her have been added.
    • You can have chance encounters with her in Colhen.
  • Added Charon's Chitchat and Acquaintance stage short stories.


[Voice Emotes]

  • Added 30 voice emotes for Charon.
    • You can preview voice emotes for Charon under the Emote window's Emotes tab.
  • Voice emotes can be purchased with Friendship Seals from the Friendship Seal Shop.



  • Added 1 basic character slot.


Character/Battle Update

■ Character Balance Adjustment

[Lann - Twin Spears]

  • Increased the damage of the following attacks by 8%:

Normal Attack

Spear Dash

Silent Hawk

Sudden Shock

Moon Splitter

Grand Hurricane



[Evie - Battle Scythe]

  • Increased the damage of the following attacks by 3.5%:

Normal Attack

Blade Shift

Demon Splitter

Horrific Scream

Hell Quake

Soul Skewer

Dimensional Loom

Life Drain (release)

Spirit Bind (release)

Mark of Death (release)

Bloody Thread (release)


[Karok - Battle Pillar]

  • The following attacks have a 4% damage decrease:

Whale Bomb

Rhino Impact

Rhino Gore

Bison Charge


Mammoth Sweep

Mammoth Assault

Mammoth Force

Grizzly Uppercut

Savage Frenzy

War Slam

Jumbo Pounce

Grizzly Sprint


Active: Crushing Sweep

Active: Whirlwind

Active: Extermination

Active: Earthquake


[Hurk - Greatsword]

  • The following attacks have a 6% damage decrease:

Normal Attack

Standing Smash Attacks





Full Moon




Active: Judgment

Active: Ultimatum

Active: Execution


[Hurk - Teide]

  • Decreased the damage of the basic shooting attacks by 5.5%:
    • Decreased for both regular bullets and enhanced bullets.
  • The following attacks have a 5.5% damage decrease:

Active: Split Slash

Active: Spinning Slash

Active: Bloodletting

Active: True Shot

Active: Wicked Shot


[Arisha - Spellwhip]

  • The following attacks have a 5% damage decrease:

Marcato Rush

Stringendo Strike




  • Increased the damage of the following attacks by 3%:

Normal Attack

Spirit Rend

Wraith Slash

Wraith Shot

Phantom Shooter

Cyclone Edge

Cyclone Crash

Cyclone Crash (Enhanced)

Cyclone Saw

Illusion Fist

Illusion Fist (Enhanced)

Vision Trap

Phantom Shard

Active: Spectral Sting

Active: Phantasmic Slash



  • The following attacks have a 6% damage decrease:

Normal Attack

Wild Star (final attack)

Solar Flare

Rings of Saturn

Orbital Flurry


Rising Comet

Lunar Assault

Falling Comet

Meteor Impact

Active: Full Moon

Active: Ion Thrust

Active: Wild Star



  • The following attacks have a 3% damage decrease:

Fiery Chainswing



  • Increased the damage of the following attacks by 8%:

Agile Strike

Mortal Arts

Rapid Smash

Aerial Smash


Active: Decimation

Active: Spine Snap

Active: Cleave

Active: Million Daggers

  • ADD DMG from Shadow Ambush is decreased by 4%:



  • Increased the damage of the following attacks by 4%:

Smash attack while running

Dodge Smash Attacks

"Inverse Shot"

"Mana Launcher"

"Bullet Storm"

"Bullet Rain"

"Bullet Hail"

"Warp Shot"

"Warp Blast"

"Disruptor Shot"

"Disruptor Blast"

Flux Rounds

Gravity Rounds

Entropic Rounds


■ Characters

  • Fixed the issue where the location of the skill activation would not display when Kai would use Active: Arrow Storm while wielding a bow.
  • Made the Battle and Equipment category within Eira's skill window display the weapon name (Mana Revolver) instead of "Eira."
  • Fixed the following issues that occurred when Miri would use the Active: Blazing Spine after transforming into the dragon knight while having 100 to 250 SP.
    • The issue where the skill would activate along with a message that you do not have enough SP.
    • The issue where you can activate the skill but the Quick Slot would display it as unable to be used.
  • Added a text that warns the players that using Miri's Active: Blazing Spine in her dragon knight form reduces the amount of SP spent.
  • Added a text on Lann's Risky Wind skill description that it cannot be used in PvP.
    • This was added because it did not trigger in PvP, but it wasn't reflected on the skill description.
  • Added a text ton Belle's Rushing River skill description that taking this stance locks the sprint speed.


■ Friendship System

  • Fixed the awkward parts of Karok's conversation in Ally Latiya's "Close Ally" stage story content.


Valentine Character Friendship System [1/31 (Tue) After Official Server Maintenance - 2/21 (Tue) 2/28 (Tue) at 7AM UTC]

  • Allies in the Colhen's Mercenary Lounge can enjoy the sweet atmosphere of Valentine's Day.
    • All mercs in the lounge will have Valentine's Day greetings.
  • You will have a chance to hear Valentine's Day dialogue by via the mercs' chitchats and chance meeting events.
  • The interactive lines, while in a battle idle state, now include conversations for the Valentine's Day season.
  • After departing, you have a high chance of hearing conversation related to Valentine's Day, depending on the composition of your party members' characters in a battle idle state.

* Character compositions that trigger lines related to Valentine's Day:

Lann - Fiona

Lann - Lynn

Fiona - Lann

Grimden - Evie

Karok - Delia

Kai - Vella

Hurk - Miri

Arisha - Eira

Sylas - Belle

Belle - Miri

Lethor - Evie

Kael - Delia

Kael - Eira

Tessa - Kai

Dan-Ah - Lethor

Letty - Grimden

Latiya - Letty

Charon - Kai


Voice Emotes [1/31 (Tue) After Official Server Maintenance - 3/14 (Tue) at 7AM UTC)

  • "Valentine's Day Season" voice emotes will be added to the Friendship Seal Shop.
    • Each character's VO can be previewed in the Emotes tab, under the Emote window (shortcut key: J).
    • You can purchase the Valentine's Day Season Voice Emotes of each character with the Friendship Seals.

* Seasonal voices will be removed from the Friendship Seal Shop after the sales period.

Seasonal voices that you own can still be used after the sales period has ended.


■ Battle 

  • Changed the number of players required to depart for Royal Army battles (Into the Abyss, Radiance, Burning Temple) from 12 people to 8 people.
    • All monsters in the battle have had their HP decreased by 30% to match the departure player count adjustment.
    • Descriptions on Help, related story, etc. have been adjusted from 12 people to 8 people.
  • Changed the number of players required to depart for Royal Army Total War battle (Final Fortress) from 12 people to 8 people.
    • All monsters in the battle have had their HP decreased by 30% to match the departure player count adjustment.
    • Descriptions on Help, related story, etc. have been adjusted from 12 people to 8 people.

Party size is changed per each wave, due to the change on the number of players required to depart for Total War.

Total War Waves

Party Members Before

Party Members After

1st Wave

4 party with 3 members

4 party with 2 members

2nd Wave

2 party with 6 members

2 party with 4 members

3rd Wave

1 party with 12 members

1 party with 8 members


Developer's Notes:

Considering the difficulties with departing for Royal Army and Royal Army Total War battles due to NA and EU servers' varying times of game play, we have adjusted the number of players needed for each battle.

We will thoroughly monitor this in the future, to ensure the players are experiencing fluid game play.


Space Time Distortion

  • Fixed the issue where Taros's weapon would still display after the battle Usurper's Fortress had ended.
  • Fixed the issue where Fiona's shield would not display in the final region in the battle Usurper's Fortress.
  • Fixed the attack range of Taros, during the pattern where he would attack the whole region repeatedly, in the battle Usurper's Fortress.
  • Fixed the issue where the character could avoid getting attacked in specific locations around Taros through the attack range fix.



  • Fixed the issue in Battle "Revenge" where the background music would not play during the entrance of the monster Jagged Tooth.
  • Fixed the issue where a Travel Marketplace error message would display in other waiting areas aside from the battles, Redeemers and Space Time Distortion.
  • Fixed the issue where minimap placement in Royal Army battles would differ per battle.


Friendship Skill

  • Fixed the issue where the target characters of the following Friendship Skills would still get summoned when they are in middle of using active skills.

Lann & Lynn's "Destined: Burning Flowers"

Lann & Fiona's "Destined: Blade Barrage"

Evie & Grimden's "Destined: Infernal Decimator"

Evie & Lethor's "Destined: Frozen Fist"

Karok & Delia's "Destined: Invincible"

Kai & Vella's "Destined: Squalldriver"

Hurk & Miri's "Destined: Dragon Fury"

Arisha & Eira's "Destined: Cosmic Beauty"

Sylas & Belle's "Destined: Rain of Steel"

Delia & Kael's "Destined: Execution of Conviction"

Kai & Tessa's "Destined: The Hawk-Eyed Savior"


3. Wardrobe Update

■ Added Save Selection Feature

  • Added <Save Selection> feature on [Appearance Management] - [Appearance Settings] area.
    • [Save Appearance Preset] button's name in [Appearance Settings] area has been changed to <Save All>.
    • <Save Selection> feature allows you to select the appearances you need from the Currently Equipped Appearance Information, and to save them simultaneously on multiple slots.

Developer's Notes: We added the <Save Selection> feature to allow specific parts of appearances to be saved on multiple slots at once, to fix the inconvenience where the players had to import and save every appearance slot when they wanted to change individual parts.


■ Added Brows & Beard Link Color Feature

  • Added hair items to the NX Storage Chest's [Switch Dye Preset] menu.
    • You can now click [Link Color] in [Dye Slot]'s hair area, to link the hair color to the brows and beard.
    • You can individually set the brightness of the colors that are getting linked to the brows and beard.

You can use the Brows & Beard Link Color feature in the Wardrobe's [Fitting Room], [Dye Shop], and [Appearance Management] areas as well.

Setting the color link at the Wardrobe's [Appearance Management] area and saving it on the Appearance slot, will link and save the adjusted brightness value as well.

Developer's Notes: We added a feature to link the brows and beard colors to the hair color, to resolve the issue where it has been difficult to create the desired appearance due to differing hair, brows, and beard colors.


■ Added Save per Slot Feature for the Outfit Exclusive Inner Armor Color Appearance

  • Setting the appearance in the Wardrobe will separately save the outfit's exclusive inner armor color changes.

* However, if you do not select a specific color at the Appearance Settings area, it will use the color that has been set in town.

Colors saved in the Appearance Slot will be applied if the slot is imported through [Load Appearance], and it will be maintained if you do not change the slot's information.

Developer's Notes: There have been issues where the color set in the Appearance Settings could not be maintained because the outfit's inner armor color was linked to the outfit's dyeing slot. For this reason, the colors specified in the Appearance Settings are now stored separately in the appearance slot, to allow a wider variety of exclusive inner armor displays even with a single dyeing slot.


4. Avatar System Related Update

■ Outfit Stats Update

  • DEF can now be acquired additionally through Outfit stats.
    • Additional DEF +20 if each outfit part has ATT/M. ATT +20.
    • Additional DEF +70 if each outfit part has ATT/M. ATT +70.

Effect per Set

Before change

After change

1 Set

ATT/M. ATT +10

DEF +10, ATT/M. ATT +10

2 Set

ATT/M. ATT +25

DEF +25, ATT/M. ATT +25

3 Set

ATT/M. ATT +45

DEF +45, ATT/M. ATT +45

4 Set

ATT/M. ATT +75

DEF +75, ATT/M. ATT +75

5 Set

ATT/M. ATT +150

DEF +150, ATT/M. ATT +150


Wardrobe Skill (before change)

Wardrobe Skill (after change)

Skill Name


Skill Name


Outfit Head Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT]

ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Head Slot Boost [DEF/ATT/M. ATT]

DEF, ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Chest Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT]

ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Chest Slot Boost [DEF/ATT/M. ATT]

DEF, ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Leg Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT]

ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Leg Slot Boost [DEF/ATT/M. ATT]

DEF, ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Hand Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT]

ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Hand Slot Boost [DEF/ATT/M. ATT]

DEF, ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Foot Slot Boost [ATT/M. ATT]

ATT/M. ATT Boost 70

Outfit Foot Slot Boost [DEF/ATT/M. ATT]

DEF, ATT/M. ATT Boost 70


  • Added Tooltip descriptions on Silver Checkered Blouse and Silver Checkered Leggings.
  • Removed Rocheste Magician Guild Seal's Exclusive Item property.
  • Added exclusive inner armor descriptions on the tooltips of Mercenary Demon Slayer Armor (Lv. 100 or below) and Mercenary Demon Slayer Bottom (Lv. 100 or below).


■ Outfit Transformation Coupon Sales

  • "Special All Curves Bunny Babe (R) Exchange Coupon" will be on sale at Strange Traveler's Shop. [Exchange Coupon Guide] – We have requested in a separate announcement.
    • This item is available for purchase until 1/16/2024 (Tue.) 7AM UTC.

It can transform the "Special Extra Voluptuous Bunny Babe Set" and its contents with "Special All Curves Bunny Babe (R) Set" and its contents.

The clone (duplicated) properties, dye information, and trade properties before the outfit's transformation, will be transferred over.

If the outfit before transformation is saved in the Appearance Slot, it will be swapped with the outfit after transformation.


5. Convenience Improvements

■ Expertise Improvements

  • A single character can now learn all expertises.
  • Dismantling in each expertise is merged into one.

Proficiency of Dismantling per each expertise is summed up below.

  • Revised some texts and legibility of the [Talent] window.

Character (Shortcut Key: C)'s [Talent] menu

[Talent] menu in Colhen and Rocheste Town's shop/stall

  • Some parts of the "Learn an Expertise" stories have been revised accordingly to the change.


■Keep Previous Conversations in the Chat Window

  • Previous conversations will be kept in the chat window even if you change characters.

The following chat tabs' conversations will be kept.

> All

> Party

> Guild

> Promotion

> Whisper

> Megaphone

> System

* Excludes chat tab and talk tab conversations created via combining chat types.


6. Miscellaneous Changes

■ Battle

  • [Switch Dye Preset] menu will now be deactivated during combat.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not depart for battle after logging in again sometimes.


■ Brandish Stat Changes

  • Item stats obtainable via Brandish Destiny Box have been increased as below.
  • Previous ATT +100, M. ATT +100 -> Now ATT +100, M. ATT +100, DEF +100


■ Comrade

  • ‘Speech bubbles of all comrades below are removed.

Comrade: Succubus

Comrade: Arcana

Comrade: Neamhain

Comrade: Claire

Comrade: Regina

Developer's Notes: The comrades' speech bubbles were removed because they became a disruptive element to the game play immersion despite our intentions.


■ Story

  • Spirit Research Vol. 1's story tag guide within Depart (Shortcut Key: G), has been revised to guide the players through the battle to obtain the story-related item.


■ Objects

  • Fixed the issue where Belle would be displayed as if she was buried in the object when she would use Succubus Sofa and Claire's Bean Bag.


■ Dressing Room 

  • Fixed the issue where the [Hide Show secondary weapon] button would display for certain characters that do not use secondary weapons, when they enter the [Dye Shop].


[Fitting Room]

  • Changing the "Recent Views" and "Shopping Cart" UI locations, now saves them.


[Dye Shop]

  • "Reset Appearance" cannot be used while dyeing is in progress now.
  • Pressing the [Leave Wardrobe] button while dyeing an  outfit equipped in town after changing the dye slot at the Dye Shop in the Wardrobe, would cause the dye to be applied on the dye slot set in town before entering the Wardrobe, rather than the dye slot that you changed at the Dye Shop.

This issue does not happen to items imported at the Dye Shop through [Load Appearance] or [Avatar Accessories], so we disabled access to [Leave Wardrobe] and moving to a different area within the Wardrobe while equipment/outfit dyeing is in progress. 


■ UI 

  • Fixed the issue where the Talent window would display in an awkward location when accessed through character window (Shortcut Key: C) > [Talent] menu.
  • Fixed the issue found in the equip tab of the Battle Inventory.
  • Fixed the issue where the order of the tabs would get mixed up when you removed/moved an equip tab.
  • Fixed the issue where the settings of each tab would get reset when you removed/moved an equip tab and proceeded to log out and log in again.


■ Graphics

  • Fixed the issue where previewing an outfit set (Shortcut Key: Ctrl) within DirectX v11.0's environment would display the outfit in black.

Special Flame Assassin Set

Special All Curves Flame Assassin Set

  • Fixed the issue where Vella's lips would display through Special Flame Assassin Mask and Special All Curves Flame Assassin Mask, when she would perform certain actions.


■ Story

  • Fixed the issue where starting the tutorial content while skipping the conversation with an NPC with the [Ctrl] key, would not stop the skipping process.


■ Guild House

  • Added music that can be played from the Jukebox in Underground Club Ladeca.

Royal Castle Topaz Hall - Romel

Forgotten Altar - Naberius

Dialectic of Death - Milo

Cavern of Enmity - Cessair

Great Ministry - Enok

Usurper's Fortress - Taros


■ Items

  • Added 21 titles to the Ancient Title Destiny Box.  

Item Name

Related Title

Title: Only Yesterday


Title: Get Popping!

Get Popping!

Title: Remember to Breathe

Remember to Breathe

Title: Grand Escape

Flaming Freedom

Title: Striker

Dedicated Striker

Title: Fashion Police

Fashion Police

Title: Free Throw Master

Owner of a Broken Soul

Title: BOOM! Headshot!

BOOM! Headshot!

Title: One Split Second

One Split Second

Title: Is that My Shadow?

Is that My Shadow?

Title: Rock, Paper, Scissors Master

Rock, Paper, Scissors Master

Title: Chocoholic


Title: Fond of Festivals

Fond of Festivals

Title: Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Title: Strange Information Collector

Strange Information Collector

Title: Puppy Pal

Puppy Friend

Title: Going Hot Turkey

Going Hot Turkey

Title: Christmas Ornamentalist

Christmas Ornamentalist

Title: Happy 2021!

Happy 2021!

Title: Pit-a-Pat Valentine

Pit-a-Pat Valentine

Title: Enjoy the Green-Hued Festival!

Enjoy the Green-Hued Festival!


■ Misc.

  • Fixed the issue where clicking "Check" in character creation to ensure the character name isn't taken would display it as available, but it would not let you create the character.
  • Added a pop-up window that confirms that you will be replacing the composite material during the replacement, when the composite material that will replace the previous material consists of a stat lower than the previous material.
  • Fixed the issue where using the Premium Videk's Safeguard during Power Infusion would not display the screen that lets you select the applicable stat, under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue where the Black Breeze Twin Spears's icon was not displaying correctly.
  • Removed the previous guides on the tooltips of SP Recovery Potion and SP Recovery Potion (50%), that do not match the current items.
  • Made improvements on the issue that repeatedly and unnecessarily displayed the Recheck pop-up windows in specific situations.
    • (Ex.) Removed the pop-up window "Canceled" which would display after selecting [Cancel], while opening a box item or using an AP Capsule. 
  • Removed the pop-up window that reminds you that you are selling a valuable item to the store, for Enchant Scrolls under rank 8.
  • Items in the Shop with purchase limit quantities will now display the maximum amount that can be purchased.
  • Emphasized the significant arts of the text on the pop-up window of "Donate to Guild Fund.”
  • Claiming your reward in the Bingo UI will now require you to "Enter Text" that finalizes the confirmation.
  • Removed the "Facebook Upload" icon from Screenshot Mode.
  • Fixed the issue where abnormal text would display when the players would put their cursor over the appearance's tooltip, when expired back/tails items or items that they do not own were saved in the Appearance Preset Slot.
  • Fixed the issue where background music would continuously play in some stories of Latiya's Ally Stage short stories.
  • Fixed the issue where Kicking while holding the sheep after entering "Town Support Mission," would play Lynn's voice line.
  • Fixed the issue where the game would abruptly end while using the search feature during the makeup color selection.


Thank you.

the Vindictus Team