Ver. 2.97 Update Note

  • 1 year ago

Table of Contents

  1. New Friendship Skill
  2. Friendship Content Updates
  1. New Friendship Skill
  • Added a new Friendship skill.

        - Destined: Soul Guardian (Lethor & Dan-Ah)

        - By reaching the Destined rank with a mercenary in the lounge, you can learn their Friendship Skill.


  1. Friendship Content Updates
  • Confidant and Destined for Latiya have been implemented.

        - You can now earn the "Confidant" and "Destined" ranks with Latiya.

  • Dialogue related to your bond with Latiya has been added.

        - Upon earning the ranks Confidant and Destined, Latiya will become less fatigued and her Power Stance duration will last longer.

        - Confidant and Destined rank achievements have also been implemented.

        - Learn more about Latiya through her new rank Confidant event!

  • Added the event dialogue for reaching 100% Bond in the Destined rank with Latiya. 

        - Max your bond with Latiya on Destined rank, then talk to her for a special scene!

        - This scene will grant you Latiya's dance emote. 

        - When you complete the event dialogue, you can get a title reward from the new Friendship Achievement "Unbreakable Bond."

        * You can only add the same gender's dances to the Emotes list. The new dance emotes can be moved within your account only once.


     ■ Emotes

  • New "Dance" emote has been added to female characters.

        - Latiya's Dance (Total of 1)

        - Each emote can be previewed from the Emote window's 'Motion' tab. 

        - Each emote can be obtained from playing through the Friendship System.


Thank you!

From the Vindictus Team