GM Coin Collection Event S2: Picnic with Friends

  • 11 months ago


Event Period: 3/21 - 4/18


Celebrate the relationships you've made in Vindictus!

Dress up in themed outfits with your friends, and go on a picnic or defeat a powerful boss together.

Or perhaps you just want to find a beautiful landscape and spend some time together?

Don't forget to take a photo to preserve your memory forever!


How To Participate

Take a photo with at least 1 friend!

  1. Dress up with your Vindictus friend(s) in outfits that complement each other.
  2. Take a screenshot of you and your friend(s) enjoying Raids or other content, or spending time in a favorite location.
  3. Write a message you'd like to tell the friend(s) who took the screenshot with you.

* The event duration is from 3/21 (Tue.) after maintenance to 4/18 (Tue.) before maintenance.

* picnic-with-friends channel will open after the maintenance.

* Each of your friend group can participate by posting in the event channel, but the contents should differ from each other.


Required Information

  • Participant Character Names
  • Server
  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot Description
  • Introduction of your friend(s), and a one sentence message for your friend(s)


Reward Information

  • If more than 70 screenshots are entered in this event on the channel, 10 GM Coins will be provided to all players on 4/18 (Tue.).
  • 3 winners per server will receive 10 additional GM Coins on 4/25 (Tue.). (3 from the NA server / 3 from the EU server.)