The Winds of Lochlann: Irusan

  • 1 year ago

Hello! This is the Vindictus team.

Today we would like to introduce our new raid, The Winds of Lochlann.


A storm is brewing, and at its center stands Irusan.

Head of the Cassian tribe, she is the new Fomor High Commander appointed by their God, Cichol.

The hero's party receives intel about sudden and unusual activities by the Fomor military, so they head to the Lochlann Camp to meet with Irusan.

The harsh gusts threaten to blow out the blue torches lighting the camp. The rustling sound of bells adds to the mysterious atmosphere.

<Irusan awaits at the Lochlann Camp, in the heart of the Fomor military's main forces.>



Her right hand wields a spear that she can whip around quickly. Her left hand grips a shield with claws extending from it.

With nimble attacks like a feline predator, she lashes out at her opponents with diverse combat skills that can manipulate the wind.

<Irusan can use her spear to create tornadoes on the ground or in the air.>



The sharp claws on her shield can strike targets suddenly.

This causes vicious, lacerated wounds that bleed, dealing damage over time and leading to exhaustion.

<These claws attack an area larger than one would expect. This leaves opponents with lacerated wounds.>



Cassians harness special Erg Crystals that contain the combat knowledge and spells of their past generations. Irusan's is powerful indeed.

One such spell engraves the flame of souls onto the battlefield.

Stepping into this mystical fire inflicts a curse, so care must be taken to avoid it.

<Irusan casts a powerful spell known by one of the Erg Crystal's forebearers.>



As the battle reaches its mid-stage, Irusan uses the power of her Erg Crystal to unleash even stronger attacks known by those that came before her.

Being hit by these powerful attacks leads to a lethal strike from her spear.

<Irusan violently impaling an opponent.>



We will keep doing our best to provide you with a fun experience.

The Season 4 Episode 7 raid, The Winds of Lochalann, will be added soon.

As always, we thank you for supporting Vindictus!


Vindictus Team