GM Coin S2 - Image Odyssey: Name or Narrate

  • 8 months ago


Event Period: Tuesday 6/20/2023 after maintenance - Tuesday 7/18/2023 before maintenance


Pick 1 of the 3 images, and write up the title/lines/description!

What would fit right into Vindictus while being funny and witty?

Time to be as clever as you can be!


How to Participate

  1. Select 1 of the 3 images provided by the GM (Please check the images below).
  2. Write up a fun title, line, or description of the situation.
  3. Submit this screenshot and written material to #image-odyssey


Required Information to Participate

  • Participating Character Name:
  • Server:
  • Selected Image:
  • Title / Lines / Description you came up with for the image:


Reward Information

  • If there are at least 120 entries between the NA and EU servers combined, then all players will receive 30 GM Coins during the maintenance on Tuesday, 7/18/2023.
  • Special Reward not available.
  • You can participate up to 3 times per account (once per image).