GM COIN S2: Sun-Kissed Summer Snap Event

  • 7 months ago


Event Period: 7/18/2023 after maintenance - 8/22/2023 before maintenance.


Ah, it's finally summer!

What would a summer vacation in Vindictus look like?

Take a screenshot that captures the summer atmosphere, and participate in the event through Discord!

LAN party Vacation with the Mercenaries!


How to Participate:

  1. Take a screenshot that captures the summer atmosphere.
  • Summer outfits or background is mandatory.
  1. Include the screenshot and all required information in our Discord's #Event channel.


Required Information to Participate:

  • Screenshot Title
  • Participating Character Name(s)
  • Server
  • Screenshot Description


Reward Information:

  • Normal Reward: If more than 80 screenshots are entered, all players will receive 10 GM coins through the 8/22 weekly maintenance. (Can only participate once per person.)
  • Special Reward: 10 GM coins will be provided to 3 players from NA and 3 players from EU!



  • Screenshot can consist of either a group of players or just a single individual.
  • Group screenshots will be counted as 1 entry for the 1 person who actually submits it. If the others in the shot wish to submit, they can submit their own entry by altering the camera angle and poses so it is a new image.