September GM Coin Event: Besties Forever! Event

  • 9 months ago

Event Period: 9/19 (Tuesday) after weekly maintenance - 10/24 (Tuesday) before weekly maintenance.


There are many friends within Vindictus that can accompany your character.

Comrades, pets... and don't forget the animals all around town!

Take a photo with your best friend, and please share it with us!


[How to Participate]

- Take a screenshot with a comrade, a pet, or an animal.

- Upload the screenshot and your written info in the Discord channel #besties-forever.


[Required Information to Participate]

  • Title:
  • Participating Character Name:
  • Server:
  • Name of Comrade, Pet, or Animal:


[Reward Information]

  • If more than 60 screenshots are entered, then all players will receive 10 GM coins through the 10/24 (Tue.) weekly maintenance.