Baby Gremlins' Snack Party!

  • 6 months ago

Event Period: 10/24/2023 - 11/07/2023

Exchange Shop: 10/24/2023 - 11/14/2023


Event Details

  • You will run into the event monster, Candy Hoarder Dyewood, during a Lv. 30+ Normal Battle / Red Moon's Energy / Raid Battle.
    (Please refer to the list of battles to see where the event monster does not spawn.)
  • Defeat the event monster to earn a Sweet Candy Pouch.
  • You can earn up to 4 Sweet Candy Pouches (not tradable) per day, and they expire on 11/07/2023 at 7AM UTC.
  • Participate in the event by starting the story via the Strange Traveler in Colhen.
  • Retrieve and deliver Sweet Candy Pouch x4 to obtain Baby Gremlin's Candy Wrapper (not tradable), which expires on 11/14/2023 at 7AM UTC.

- You can exchange [Sweet Candy Pouch x4] for [Baby Gremlins Candy Wrapper x1] only once a day.

  •  Baby Gremlin's Candy Wrapper can be exchanged for various rewards at the Exchange Shop.
  • You can repeat the story when it resets at 7AM UTC.


■ List of battles that the event monster does not appear in.

Battle Names

Taking Initiative

Strong Drink

Silent Blade

Fate and Destiny

Autumn Reed Bed

Deciduous Forest

Glowing Plant

Garden Guardian

Orders from Above

A Friend Once Lost

The Fallen Guardian

Summoning Remnant

En Route

A Place of Loss

Statue at the Summit

Lochlann Plains Entrance

Abandoned Ruins

Facing the Inevitable

Peer into the Rift

Pretty Green Beetle

Where the Road Leads

Where the Sun Don't Shine

Undying Knight

Paradise Crossed

The Birch Forest

Forest Edge

Back to the Forest

Continued Training

An Accidental Meeting

Over the Edge

Far Off Still


The Trial


The Giant

The Dark, Dank Sewers

The Central Garden

Ahglan the Golem

Avatar of Destruction

The Fomorian Leader


The Evil One

Colru the Golem

Earthborn Seal

Frostborn Seal

Timeless Rage

Rocheste by Sea

A Ruler's Refuge

Devil in the Water

Desert Princess

Memory of the Past

Death's Shadow

Bizarre Machine

Into the Abyss

Desolate Malina

Gates of Hell

Burning Temple

God of Death

Garden of Tears

Corrupted Queen

Island Ruins

Twists in Time

Temple of the Fallen Moon

Light and Shadows


Shining Lugh

Agony and Despair

Under the Surface

Denizen of the Deep

River on Fire

The Missing Soul

The Price of Failure

Iron Fist

Distorted Truth

Traces of Battle


■ Exchange Shop

- Exchange Baby Gremlin's Candy Wrappers for rewards at the Exchange Shop




Purchase Limit



Elegant Outfit Destiny Box



5x per Account

Shareable within Account

11/14/2023 at 7AM UTC

Mysterious & Abyssal Shard Grade 2 Box (Binding)



2x per Character


11/14/2023 at 7AM UTC

Tiny Gremlin Emblem Destiny Box



3x per Character


11/14/2023 at 7AM UTC

Fluffy Gremlin Slippers



1x Character



Hair Color Change Coupon (Gift)



2x per Account

Shareable within Account


Friendship Seal







■ Reward Information

  • Elegant Outfit Destiny Box

- Destiny Box can be moved within account.

- Regular / Wardrobe Point 1

- Select and obtain 1 of the following sets.

Female Old World, 4 Parts

Male Malignant, 5 Parts (Giant and Tall Excluded)

Male Moneymaker, 4 Parts (Giant and Tall Only)


  • Tiny Gremlin Emblem Destiny Box

Emblem: Tiny Gremlin

Emblem: Forest Gremlin

Emblem: Punk Gremlin

Emblem: Scrappy Gremlin

Emblem: Sorcerous Gremlin

Emblem: Roguish Gremlin

Emblem: Pious Gremlin


  • Fluffy Gremlin Slippers

- Regular / Wardrobe Point 1