Grave of Swords: Jarnir

  • 5 months ago

Hello! This is the Vindictus team.

Today we would like to introduce our new raid, the "Grave of Swords."

You can depart for the Grave of Swords in Toward Taratha at the Dimensional Rift region.


"Jarnir," a warrior of the Meteorite Tribe, awaits you at an intimidating site where the swords of slain challengers stand like tombstones.

She has been following an old tradition of her tribe by battling numerous contenders.  

It is no wonder that this grim arena came to be known as the Grave of Swords.

As time went on, Jarnir desired ever more powerful opponents. Now our heroes are invited to test their bravery in battle.


<Jarnir waiting for another opponent.>


She uses two greatswords and five throwing spears to dominate the field.

Her swords may be slow, but each individual strike is devastating. Even a single mistake can cost you your life.

She looted her first greatsword from a past contender. She now uses it to measure the strength and skill of her opponent. 

Most challengers don't survive long enough to see her second sword.  

<Jarnir attacks using the first greatsword.>


Her second sword is a treasure of the Meteorite Tribe. It is attached to a lodestone that possesses extremely powerful magnetism.

Jarnir will only wield this honored weapon against true opponents that she acknowledges as worthy.

<Jarnir attacks using the second greatsword.>


When opponents try to get some distance, she attacks them with a throwing spear.

<Jarnir hurls a spear.>


When the magnetism is amplified to its extreme limit, the grave marker swords around the arena will be pulled to the greatsword, forming an even larger weapon.  

Even one strike from this grand greatsword is deadly, so one must focus on evading or blocking it.

<Jarnir's second greatsword pulls in the surrounding swords.>


This new raid, Grave of Swords, will be introduced soon.

As always, we will do our best to provide you with a great gaming experience.

Thank you for your continued love and support for Vindictus!