Colhen's Secret Santa Event

  • 4 months ago

Event Period: 12/19/2023 (Tue) - 01/02/2024 (Tue)

1. Colhen's Secret Santa Event

[Event Info]

Become the Strange Traveler's Secret Santa this year! 

Secretly help the Strange Traveler to earn the Christmas gift.

 The story is available from the Strange Traveler in Colhen.

  • Complete all daily missions to obtain The Strange Traveler's Request x3.
  • Deliver The Strange Traveler's Request x3 back to him to obtain rewards.
  • Complete the daily missions three times and claim three rewards.
  • This is a per-Character event for anyone (Lv. 1 or higher).


[Event Rewards]

  • Christmas Outfit Destiny Box
    • Select and claim 1 of the following (All outfits/regular/Wardrobe Point rank 1/cannot be dismantled).

Bearded Santa Hat (Only displays for male characters)

Santa Bobble Hat (Only displays for female characters)

Rudolph Party Band

White Shining Halo

Simple Knit Hat

Simple Knit Hat and Glasses

Snowball Head


  • Merry Christmas Balloon Box
    • Use to obtain balloon.
    • Not tradable. No expiration.
    • Outfit: Back slot, regular, 3 Wardrobe Points, not tradable


  • Title: Secret Santa
    • Cannot be Traded
    • Character Title
    • No Stats


2. Christmas Friendship Voice & Christmas Voice Exchange Shop

Event Period: 12/19/2023 - 01/02/2024

Christmas Voice Exchange Shop: 12/19/2023 - 01/30/2024


[Event Info]

  • Christmas exclusive voice lines will play in the following situations:
    • Christmas exclusive interaction lines upon departure.
    • Christmas exclusive interaction lines upon Meeting by Chance/Chitchat.
    • Christmas exclusive interaction lines upon Greeting.
  •  Christmas Voice Exchange Shop will be available.


3. Colhen Christmas-themed BGM

  • Christmas-themed BGM is added in Colhen.