PVP Content Service Termination Scheduled for 1/23 (Tue)

  • 3 months ago

Hello, we wish to announce the end of PVP content service with the 1/23 (Tue) maintenance.


Here are the details:

■ PVP Content Termination Schedule: 1/23/2024 (Tue) during maintenance

■ Contents Affected: Siege Match, Arena, Deathmatch, Tournament, and Sports Day

■ Post-PVP Content Changes:

- Rocheste's Deathmatch NPC soldier will be removed.

- Menu (Shortcut Key: T) and Depart (Shortcut Key: G) windows will have the PVP-linked buttons removed.

- Character (Shortcut Key: C) window will no longer display Duel records and Arena Wins.

- The Sports Day region will be removed from Battle Quests -> Other Regions.

- Players will no longer be able to complete the following stories:

: For Honor

: Emergency Conscription

: Match: Arena

: Sports Day Fruit Fight

 - For Honor story's quest item will be able to be destroyed.

* List of Affected Items

Clodagh's Handkerchief

Aislinn's Handkerchief

Kirstie's Handkerchief

Shayla's Handkerchief

Ferghus's Handkerchief

Brynn's Handkerchief

Dolores's Handkerchief

Nel's Handkerchief

Caryl's Handkerchief

Arthyen's Handkerchief


- Titles that you could obtain via the For Honor story will now be available via the Ancient Title Destiny Box.

* List of Affected Titles

Crazy for Clodagh

Upper Crust


The Magician's Hand

Honorable to the End

Honor Hunter

Mysterious Suitor

The Watcher

Local Casanova


- Triumph Medals will no longer be available.

: Triumph Medals will be removed from Seal Destiny Boxes.

: Triumph Medals will be removed from the Seal Exchange Shop.

- Triumph Medals will no longer be available from the Seal Vending Machine.


- The Triumph Medal Shop will be available until 3/26/2024 (Thur) maintenance.

- Some reward items from the Triumph Medal Shop will move to the Seal of Bravery Shop and become rewards for Daily Missions.

* Triumph Medal x2 can be exchanged for Seal of Bravery x1 at the Seal of Bravery Shop.


Our sincere gratitude goes out to those who enjoyed and appreciated the PVP content.

We will do our best to become a Vindictus team that always provides better contents for our players.


Thank you.