Sou: Night Raven Swordsman

  • 5 months ago

Hello, this is Vindictus. 


We introduce you to the 24th hero of Vindictus, Sou. 


Sou is a male character that uses the Oriental Blades, which consist of the Kodachi and Odachi. 


The Oriental Blades are a pair of weapons Sou learned to use as a guard in the Heaven's Palace of Geongon. 

Depending on the combat situation, Sou is able to use the Kodachi for quick and nimble strikes, or the Odachi for devastating attacks that cover a large area. 

Combining these two with Sou's unique sword technique, Shattered Sky, demonstrates versatile combat techniques across the battlefield. 

(Sou using the Oriental Blades) 



  • Fluid Swordsmanship Using the Kodachi 

Sou's swordplay while using the Kodachi consists of quick, consecutive attacks. 

He can parry the enemy attack, and successfully defending allows him to continue his previous chain of attacks. 

However, failing the parry prevents Sou from continuing this chain. 

(Sou defending the enemy attack by parrying) 



  • Unique Swordsmanship 

Sou's signature technique, Shattered Sky, is the standby position that allows you to select between the Kodachi and Odachi to attack. 

Once he is in the Shattered Sky stance, he can respond to the enemy's attack. Successfully responding allows this wanderer to unleash "Shattered Sky: Vagabond Dance". 

The window of Vagabond Dance's availability is very small, so one should be aware of it during gameplay. 

(Sou in his Shattered Sky stance) 


  • Shattered Sky: Flickering Edge or Shattered Sky: Cloudbreak 

Shattered Sky: Flickering Edge quickly draws the Kodachi while in the Shattered Sky stance, inflicting additional damage and restoring stamina upon a successful hit. 

On the other hand, Shattered Sky: Cloudbreak attacks a large area with his Odachi. 

If he gathers the strength to swing, it creates the Blade Storm that inflicts additional damage. 

(Sou using Shattered Sky: Flickering Edge) 



  • Two Swords, Two Types of Active Skills 

Sou's active skills change depending on which sword he is wielding. 

Using Distant Horizon with the Kodachi, he sheaths his sword and quickly draws it and slashes twice. 

Using it with the Odachi, however, will perform a slower but more powerful downward strike. 

(Sou using Distant Horizon with the Kodachi) 



Soaring Dragon slashes the enemy up with the Odachi, then strikes down with the Kodachi while spinning. 

Using it while wielding the Odachi will slash once more on the ground as he soars up. 

You can use the directional keys while spinning down to track the enemy. 

(Sou using Soaring Dragon) 



In addition, Sou's active skills are versatile. Rise of Rebellions quickly slashes the enemy with light, cloud-like steps while Road to Ruin evades an enemy's attack as he strikes. 


Sou is the 24th hero of Vindictus, who will be revealed soon in the game update. 

We'll always do our best to provide you with a fun and enjoyable experience. 


As always, we thank you for supporting Vindictus!