Sidhe Palace: Bres

  • 1 month ago

Hello! This is the Vindictus team. 

Today we would like to introduce our new raid, "Sidhe Palace." 

You can depart for Sidhe Palace in Toward Taratha, through the Sen Mag Forest region. 



The hero's party explores deeper into those woods following Seanna, who experienced a prophetic vision. 

As they emerge the party discovers Sidhe Palace, the resting place of an incarcerated king who spent the final years of his life alone. 

Entering a garden full of red roses, the hero encounters the new master of this previously abandoned palace. 

Bres is the commander of a vampire army... and revels in sadistic slaughter. 

With powerful attacks harnessing blood, Bres intends to force the party into a desperate situation. 


<Bres encounters the heroes in the garden.>


Bres brandishes a long, thin sword and threatens the hero with beautiful, elegant movements. 

After underestimating the strength of these interlopers, Bres conducts a symphony of bloodshed. She shows her true colors as the battle grows fiercer. 


<Bres attacks elegantly, while hiding her brutal nature.>


At the midway point of the battle, Bres uses her own blood to make even more powerful attacks. 

If hit by these and "Excessive Bleeding" is triggered, you take damage over time for a set duration, and enter into exhaustion more rapidly. 

However, if Bres fails to connect with multiple blood attacks, her stance will temporarily falter due to shedding too much of her own blood. 


<Bres makes a powerful attack using her own blood.> 


Bres is also capable of absorbing blood from the roses blooming in her garden, and when she absorbs enough, she makes a very powerful attack that covers the entire area. 


<Bres attempts to make a powerful attack by summoning roses.>


Be careful when her eyes start glowing in the middle of the battle. 

When hit by Bres's red orbs, all of your HP will be absorbed, and you will be incapacitated. These must be dodged or blocked.  


<Bres absorbing HP.>


The Season 4 Episode 8 raid, Sidhe Palace, will be live soon. 

As always, we will do our best to provide you with a great gaming experience. 

Thank you for your support of Vindictus!