Friendly Neighborhood guide Event

  • 1 month ago

Event period: 4/5/2024 (Fri) - 5/3/2024 (Fri)


How to participate

You can choose either:

  1. Share your special tips
    - Share some tips that you want to teach to new Mercenaries.
    - A piece of knowledge, short walkthroughs/guides are all elligible.

  2. Write a step-by-step guide
    - A well-made, useful guide for those visiting Vindictus for the first time.
    - Top guides will be posted on our official website as a newcomer guide, and will get FREE NX as the special prize!


  • MUST Include Information
    • In-game Character Name
    • Server
    • Participation Content

and share them in the #friendly-guide-event channel on our Discord!



  • Participation Reward: VVIP (7 days) + In-Game Title "Veteran Mercenary"
  • Special Reward: Top 5 BEST step-by-step Guide: NX 30,000 x5 Mercenary (NA+EU)


Please Note:

  • Top 5 guides will be decided by Nexon Staffs.
  • Unfair/insincere participation will not be rewarded.
  • Winners will be announced on 5/8/2024, and rewards will be sent within May.
  • Upon announcement additional procedures will take place for NX rewards.
  • If we do not get a response within a set period of time, you will not be able to receive your reward.