Super Spicy Dumplings! Event

  • 17 days ago


Event Period: 5/28/2024 (Tue) - 6/11/2024 (Tue)


Complete all Daily Missions during the event period and the event coupon Super Spicy Ingredients will drop.

Use these collected ingredients with the Strange Traveler to proceed with the story and receive rewards.


Daily Mission

  • Complete all Daily Missions to receive [Super Spicy Ingredients] x3.
  • Can obtain 21 per week, or up to 42 during the event.
  • Can quick craft 1 [Super Spicy Dumpling] by collecting 10 ingredients and right-clicking.


Event Story

  • You can proceed with the event story after meeting with Colhen's Strange Traveler.
    If you turn in the dumpling, you can receive rewards depending on the phase.
  • Can participate per Character (no level requirement).
    • Phase A: Turn in Super Spicy Dumpling x1. Receive Cadet Badge 15 Days (Gift) x1.
    • Phase B: Turn in Super Spicy Dumpling x1. Receive Superior Enhancement Elixir x2.
    • Phase C: Turn in Super Spicy Dumpling x1. Receive Title: Super Spicy Chef x1 + Story Completion. 
  • Remaining event items can be sold at the shop for 5 AP.
  • Items cannot be traded.