Finally stepping out of the shadows is Sylas, a master of magic and illusions and the latest mercenary to join the ranks of Vindictus!

With his phantom daggers ready to pierce through the heart of his enemies, Sylas will be a force unlike never before in Vindictus. In preparation for the introduction of Sylas, we're letting players register for a special pack to help jumpstart their adventures with Sylas. Register for the launch of Sylas before December 8th with an account that includes a character that is level 20 or higher. When you log in to Vindictus after the update goes live the FREE Sylas Starter Pack will be sent to the highest level character on your account. If there are multiple high level characters, the pack will be sent to the oldest character on your account. The FREE Sylas Starter Pack is tradeable and can be sent to your new Sylas character immediately!

Just remember to register before December 8th and login before December 31st to receive your FREE Sylas Starter Pack!