Sharpened Sword and Spear

  • 4 years ago

The Return of the Dual Armed Warrior


Lann is one of the original mercenaries to grace Vindictus. New warriors have come along over the years, but this hardened warrior known for his tenacity and unwavering bravery in the battlefield, will not be forgotten. This month, we honor Lann and give him the recognition he deserves. He's been putting in some time perfecting his skills, and now it’s time for him to show the new warriors how it's done.


Lann Revamp

Lann is now better than ever! With impressive new skills and some of his classic skills upgraded, the fomors won't know what hit them. Tap into new reservoirs of strength and resilience as you master the toughest challenges Vindictus has to offer. Read on for more details and a rundown on his improvements:

Overall Upgrades




  • A new skill called Critical Break applies to both Dual Sword and Dual Spear classes.  It increases the max damage a Critical Damage inflicts on the enemy when it occurs. However, it doesn’t  increase how often the critical occurs.
  • Smash Mastery is applied to Lann’s Fury No. 7 attack, causing it to do more damage.

Sword Lann



  • Overall damage for all smash hits slightly increased
  • A new skill called Critical Damage. It increases the critical damage you do with Twin Swords.
  • Thousand Needles given a slight damage increase
  • A new skill called Risky Wind. Dodging an enemy attack gives Lann a “Windrider” buff. Windrider buff increases both Critical Damage and Chance, and attacks will not use Stamina while the buff is active.
  • Smash Mastery is now applied on the active skill Raging Fever
  • New skill Lightning Fury: Twin Swords added. Increases Lightning Fury damage and increases the chance of knocking down an opponent


Spear Lann



  • Fury Infusion when activated will now restore HP when an attack is hit. However, restored HP is based on how much HP is lost when activating Fury Infusion.
  • Normal Attack 3  can now be linked after performing Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury
  • A new skill Spear Dash given to Spear Lann to improve his survivability
  • A new skill Belclaire is added. Inflicts a “Blood Pact” debuff on the enemy hit with it. Blood Pact increases the damage Lann does to the enemy hit with it, but will also increase the damage received from that enemy.
  • New skill Lightning Fury: Twin Spears added. Decreases stamina consumption and grants temporary invulnerability when doing Lightning Fury.



February Events Preview

Enjoy some of the events occurring this February! Need to upgrade some of your equipment? Enjoy the increased probabilities during item Enhancement over the next couple of weekends. And to commemorate and honor the greatness that is Lann, he is exclusively receiving bonus 2x EXP and AP after quest completion. If you haven’t created a Lann character, or if you’ve taken a break, now’s your chance to experience this warrior! Don't feel left out if you're not a Lann - a special Returning Veteran's event has returned with an exclusive outfit!



Click here for more information.



February Cash Shop Preview


Get a new look with this month's Nurse Outfit and Nurse Inner Armor. It's an outfit appropriate for nursing the injured mercenaries on the battlefield. Also new in the Supply Depot is the Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone. These stones will increase the chances of success during equipment enhancements - a must have for mercenaries needing more stopping power!



Click here for more information!


Other Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed a bug of the Cooldown UI not getting refreshed when a user switches to a Quick Slot
  • Changed it so that Gathering could be learned from Level 50
  • The Boat to Malina can be used from level 20
  • Fixed the issue of an afterimage being left when a party member returns to town or returns to the main screen
  • Fixed the issue of some inner armors breaking up while Frostheart Hunter Shirt was equipped
  • Fixed the issue of Exquisite Naturewalker Gloves clipping
  • Fixed the issue of the graphics breaking up when Lann Fighter Inner Armor and Klein's Fuurinkazan Top were equipped.
  • Fixed the hair issue that occurs when equipping the Iset Outfit (Shaggy Bob)
  • Fixed the Kirito Top overlapping with the belt
  • Fixed the issue of colors being shown in the normal item tooltips
  • Fixed the issue of Succubus Queen becoming invisible
  • Fixed the issue of the background music for the 2nd phase of the Succubus Queen being low
  • Fix Dark Rev Clothes graphical issues
  • Weapon Damage Increase items removed from mission and item rewards due to balance issues (existing items on the server can still be used)
  • Fixed graphical issues with the Returned Female Doctor top
  • Fixed the issue of position being changed when pressing purchase on Body Tattoo
  • Fixed the issue where marketplace average prices were partially omitted
  • Fixed the issue of the Party UI debuff effect not being shown
  • Fixed the issue of slow item equip in town
  • Fixed the issue of an assist changing to a party member when re-entering the Battle
  • Fixed the Dark Crest Equipment Dye value not showing up on the tooltip
  • Fixed the issue of System messages not appearing when in Multi-process Mode
  • Fixed the problem of floor numbers not being displayed when departing to the Labyrinth in Multi-process Mode
  • Added Broken Malina Pramin Orc Container
  • Fixed the issue of the Wild Rock Outfit model breaking up
  • Fixed the issue of the client crashing when pressing the brightness setting button
  • Changes to Windmill Controls
  • Fixed the bugs associated with Dodge and Invincibility
  • Remove Pillar Toss when climbing up the ladder
  • Fixed the issue of Tattoo location not updating immediately
  • Added 2 types of Individual Ranking Battle
  • Changed so that when Expertise, Gathering Proficiency increases, a system message will prompt with the current proficiency displayed
  • The problem of Night Rose Hair, Long Curl Hair color being displayed darker than other hair
  • Problem of Bottom Mesh sticking out while running with Flamenco Outfit equipped
  • Problem of the back of the hand's graphics breaking up with Vampire Slayer outfit equipped.
  • Fixed the issue with key bindings being rolled back
  • Shared Storage "New" indication modified
  • Fixed the Battle Forfeit and Battle Completion Button so that they work
  • Renewed Cash Shop Pet Preview MSAA & Color Correction Applied
  • Fixed issues with Evie's Fire Shock Special Version Effect
  • Fixed problem of party window buffs disappearing when party member enters/leaves
  • Fixed the problem of the Pet Preview looking dark while on the Rocheste Boat
  • Fixed the problem of Thigh ornament graphics breaking up with Gothic Frill Outfit equipped
  • Fixed the problem of body type being changed with basic appearance change coupon
  • Fixed the problem of a price being shown for items that cannot be traded
  • Fixed the problem of Ingkara Shorts being in the Cloth Armor Category
  • Fixed the problem of monsters near the Invisible Door going up when under attack
  • Fixed the issue of final boss appearing earlier than intended in the 'Proof of Courage' Battle Quest
  • Changing tooltip of some story items.
  • Fixed the issue of Beokros's ice pillars not forming properly