Enter the Abyssal Arena

  • 2 years ago

Welcome to the Abyssal Arena update! The new battlefield might be the biggest features present, but with two new abilities to learn, new expansions on the Item Composition system, numerous new events and sales and dozens of other changes before you, there's plenty here to delve into, so take a look at it all below!

Enter the Abyssal Arena

The Ein Lacher Challenge brought you face to face with a single boss and gave you a simple task: Win as cleanly as you can, win with absolute perfection, and win without suffering a even a scratch for the best possible rewards. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the Abyssal Arena brings forth a far different obstacle, and if you play it safe, you won't get anywhere.

The new Abyssal Arena battle quest takes you to a small arena, where wave after wave of foes will test your ability to kill in the blink of an eye. Upon entering the Arena, you'll have 12 minutes to fight. Defeat all the monsters, and a new wave of enemies will appear, culminating in a powerful boss from Vindictus' past.

Defeat the boss to clear each level of the Arena, sending you down to the next level with 2 minutes added to the clock. Each boss you slay will grant you a new cache of AP, each new level will give you a new set of foes to dispatch, and if you can slay the champion of the Arena before time expires, there's a bounty of Seals of Bravery for you to claim. Just don't entirely forget about defense: Your HP, SP, Stamina and Armor Damage will not reset between each level, and sheer attrition can wear down even the mightiest warrior.

Characters can compete in the Abyssal Arena up to 3 times every Wednesday and Saturday, with millions of Gold and EXP, plus up to 200 AP, on the line, so get yourself ready for action!

New Abilities For Lynn and Arisha

Throughout 2015 and 2016, we've been going back to our array of Mercenaries and giving them tune ups, shoring up their weak spots and giving them some new powers. With the Abyssal Arena update, it's time for Arisha and Lynn to get some tweaks to their key abilities, as well as one big attack for the little lady with the lance.

New Lynn Ultimate Ability: Rising Dragon

Lynn finally receives her Ultimate ability, the Rising Dragon, a blistering series of attacks to utterly devastate any foe that gets on Lynn's bad side. Just as with the Ultimate attacks for other characters, her target is stunned for the duration of the assault, with a long cooldown and hefty SP cost required to activate it.

Skill Name Rising Dragon
  • Level 60
  • 24,000 Gold
Max Rank Rank A
Activation Active Skill
  • Consumes 1,000 SP
  • On casting, stuns the target for the duration of the attack (if possible)
  • Lynn batters her target with a withering series of attacks, triggering any Swift Assassin effects on her target
  • Lynn is immune to damage during the attack
  • 20 Minute Cooldown, reset at the start of each Battle Quest
Compatible Awakenings
  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Knock-Down Chance

New Arisha Ability: MP Swap

Arisha gains the ability to convert her SP into Mana with her Mana Drain ability. Arisha will drain 250 SP in exchange for 100 Mana, helping her power up for another round of Mana Blade attacks.

Skill Name MP Swap
  • Level 60
  • 32,000 Gold
Max Rank Rank F
Activation Dodge (When Stationary) - Hold Dodge
  • Consumes 250 SP and restores 100 Mana
  • Gain "Mana Instability" debuff when used for 25 seconds, preventing Arisha from using MP Swap until it expires
  • 20 Minute Cooldown, reset at the start of each Battle Quest
Compatible Awakenings
  • N/A

Material Synthesis

Once you get your Season 3 equipment loaded up with Legendary Shards and Essence, it can be hard to find improvements, even if your equipment is still not quite as powerful as it could be. Material Synthesis is your solution to getting past the RNG and directly upgrading each component of your Equipment!

Head to Dianann in Rocheste and with her new Material Synthesis, equip an item with a Rare-Quality Composite Material. Select the Material and a stat to boost to see the costs required. The cost to improve the material can be steep, but the selected stat will always increase to the noted amount with zero chance of failure. You can even change the Special Effects on some Essence materials!

Dismantle Material

If you've done enough Season 3 Raids, you no doubt have plenty of Shards and Essence that you no longer need. Now, you'll have a use for all those items, by converting them to Fragments. Dianann can now take your unwanted and unused Composite Materials and break them down into Legendary Shard Remnants, which can be exchanged for Legendary Shard Pouches at 5 per pouch, and Sealed or Inherited Power Fragments, which are used in Material Synthesis to further upgrade your equipment.

Battle Quest Attack Caps

Many Battle Quests throughout Vindictus have a cap on the maximum amount of ATT or M.ATT a participating Mercenary can have, with over-equipped characters seeing their ATT and M.ATT lowered if they exceed that cap. While this has been present in Vindictus for a long time, we have added that information to the Battle Quest's info, to better explain why your power in earlier dungeons may feel depressed.

That being said, given their greater difficulty and other strict restrictions, we have removed the Attack Cap for all Niflheim encounters! You will now be able to face these intense, difficult battles at your full power!

Character Chat Rooms

The biggest key to success in Vindictus is learning your character, the strategies and techniques that unlock the full power of your chosen Mercenary. What better way to do so than getting info from your fellow players? Vindictus has added special, Mercenary-specific chat channels, where you can converse with players that use the same Mercenary, sharing information and strategies for the betterment of all.

You automatically join the channel with a special tab already made for you. You can leave it at any time, and can send messages to the channel by entering the Mercenary name after a slash (eg: /sylas, /delia, /arisha).

Equipment Favorites

Inventories can get cluttered, and losing track of where your favorite dress or broadsword is can be a frustrating experience. We've added in a "Favorites" inventory option, allowing you to mark up to 12 items that will always appear below the inventory screen, allowing you to inspect them, upgrade them, equip and dequip them all without having to go hunting in your storage chest for where you left it.

Rank 7 Enchants in Season 3

We've also gone back to the loot tables for the Season 3 Raid Bosses and added in the most powerful Enchant scrolls, making sure to reward those Enchant Scrolls at the same rate as with the Season 2 bosses. This will allow you to work on gearing up with the best equipment available, without giving up your chance at claiming powerful and rare enchants.

Black Friday Sale Event Begins

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and there's no way that Vindictus is skipping out on the fun! We have new packages, special deals and a Lucky Box filled with some of the most valuable items in Vindictus' history.

Check out the Black Friday Sales Events every day for our daily deals!

Return to Niflheim Events

The Abyssal Arena might be the headline, but there's plenty of Events to serve you for the next month. Return to Niflheim for better rewards, earn Ancient Coins for the Enchant Scroll you want and more!

Check out all of the events with the Return to Niflheim Events post!

Additional Character Changes


  • A successful Counter Drain attack now gives 15 MP
  • A successful Ruin Blade attack now gives 10 MP
  • A successful Ruin Blade enhanced attack now gives 30 MP
  • A successful Resonance attack now gives 230 MP
  • A successful Temporal Shift attack now gives 80 MP
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle 'God of Death' did not end if Arisha used Active: Temporal Shift on the descending boss monster after it used Conflagration


  • Right clicking after a successful defense to activate Full Moon no longer consumes SP
  • When skill Zenith is used, the Fighting Spirit effect will now have a duration of 1 min 30 sec and add +25 ATT SPD
  • The charging time for Wild Star has been decreased
  • Fixed an issue where Delia would play Lynn’s voice during Lugh Lamhfada’s impale attack


  • Fixed an issue where additional attacks are possible without reaching Rank 9 for Ivy Sweep


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to use Ultimatum consecutively


  • Fixed the bow's "Open Skill" key being un-bound when Kai swaps weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Awakening effect was not applied when Kai used Arrow Storm while dodging
  • Fixed an issue where Bow Kai's character froze when he used Bee Stinger after one charge


  • Fixed an issue where clash with Siglint was abnormally short
  • Fixed an issue where Karork could not hang but would instead fall in Muir’s mini-game
  • Fixed an issue where Karok was unable to advance Pillar Charge to Rank 9
  • Fixed Robe Karok acting unusually in DS Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Cetus Karok was unable to Weave when both Dodge key and Sprint key were pressed at the same time when sprinting
  • Fixed an issue of Unchained Brutal Flurry being released when Karok used Gigantic Strength


  • Removed delay where Five Finger Death would not activate after using an SP Skill


  • Spirit Rend has been changed to be able to use at 3-hit normal attack.
  • Spirit Rend timing has been changed to be easier to use at 4-hit normal attack.
  • “Phantom Force: Blade” Status Effect has been improved to restore a certain amount of Stamina with at least 4 stacks
  • Decreased delay in which dodge can be used immediately after Phantasmic Slash and: Spectral Sting
  • Fixed an issue where the damage done to Manhunter monsters on Gauntlet hero difficulty was not applied correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Phantom Dagger Mastery skill was not applied to weight
  • Fixed an issue where if Phantom Shard was used while Phantom Dart is in use, not all of Phantom Dart went out
  • Fixed an issue where ATT SPD was not applied to Phantom Dart
  • Fixed the issue where Spectral Sting was blocked by corpses


  • Fixed an issue where Twin Chainblades Vella’s Dark Knight transformation sound was overlapping
  • Fixed an issue where Sword Vella's Cross Cut was enabled when she was under status effects

Additional Changes

  • Failing/Breaking items which were already restored once no longer give back components
  • Added functionality to warn players if they are missing weapons prior to mission departure
  • Added Quick Prep option to enable players to auto-ready up upon entering the mission departure area
  • Warning message now appears when attempting to place non-tradeable items in guild storage
  • Message prompts which cause players to change regions can no longer be accepted via the ENTER key
  • Added an NPC shop to the Malina departure boats
  • Rankings – Added the following battles to “Solo Time Attack”: Rocheste by the Sea, Ben Chenner Entrance
  • Added a brighter highlight to the currently selected inventory tab
  • Royal Army raids
    • Completing Royal Army raids no longer reduce item durability
    • Lv. 90 Players will receive the “Veteran’s Honor” buff which boosts ATT and M. ATT dependent on the number of Lv. 30 – 89 players in the raid
  • Enabled break-offs in Ein Lacher for Season 2 battles when applicable
  • Removed the camera scene in the burning wood trap region of The Secret Chamber
  • Removed the Easy difficulty tab from the Season 2 Departure list
  • Cut scenes only require 50% of participants to hit ESC to skip
  • Disabled the forced-transformation in the The Fomorian Leader battle in Ein Lacher
  • Disabled the ability to place items in Shared Storage while in battle

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a client crashing issue when attempting AP restoration of equipment
  • Fixed an issue where the luminary would disappear on the mini-map in sector 1 of Ben Chenner Summit
  • Fixed an issue where the Luminary in Lochlann Plains Sector 2 did not display on the mini-map
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Quick Retry multiple times in Ein Lacher would present the user with a failed to form party message
  • Fixed an issue where players would ragdoll out of the playable area in Ein Lacher when defeated
  • Fixed an issue with the camera angle not displaying properly when the taunt skill was used during boat departure
  • Fixed an issue with Ekinar’s Blink ability in Ein Lacher
  • Fixed an issue where Thor was unable to target players in specific areas of the map in the battle "The Dark, Dank Sewers"
  • Fixed some issues with Eochaid's Title count
  • Fixed the issue in "Desert Princess" where the stairs in the map did not elevate
  • Fixed the issue of certain maps lagging when repeating the Lochlann Plains
  • Fixed a crash which resulted from attacking severed body parts
  • Fixed the excessive lag and excessive memory usage when visiting the Marketplace after starting the game
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot progress the story during the Desolate Malina map
  • Fixed the mail to pre-calculate gold and fee amounts prior to sending
  • Fixed the frame dropping abruptly when a player touches a trap on Lochlann Plains
  • Fixed an issue where players could not be revived more than 4 times in Niflheim Hard practice mode
  • Fixed an issue where the player model for an exited party member did not disappear on the Fishing Boat
  • Fixed a game crash involving searching in the Marketplace


  • Fixed an issue where target effects (Sudden Critical, Mana Tracer, Belclaire, Swift Assassin) on bosses appeared abnormally large
  • Fixed the issue where the UI remained pixelated on screen when using DirectX 8
  • Fixed a clipping issue with tails on the Urban Angel outfit top


  • Fixed an issue where the highlight effect didn’t show up properly when mousing over the tail or necklace slot
  • Fixed a Scaleform Build error regarding chat window
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the color coordinates would display differently when closing and re-opening the color palette window in the Avatar Shop
  • Fixed the font issues with the hotkeys displayed in the Focus UI for Evie and Sylas
  • Fixed the issue of "hide check box" for Battle UI occasionally being reset