Coming Soon: The Sylas Update

  • 3 years ago

Later this month comes a new update to Vindictus, and the focus is quite clear: Sylas. Vindictus' newest mercenary is a dagger-throwing, spell-slinging mage, available for all of our players! Take a look at Sylas' powers and abilities below, and claim your Sylas Starter Pack to help your new mercenary get off the ground even faster.

New Merc: Sylas

Sylas, the Phantom Mage, is almost here. A warrior of pure offense, Sylas wields specially crafted daggers and inventive spells to rend his foes limb from limb. The deadliest mercenary since Arisha is about to take the field, and he carries with him a particularly nasty weapon.

Primary Weapon: The Phantom Dagger

Sylas tears apart his foes with the aid of a new type of weapon, the Phantom Dagger. No mere close-quarters knife, Sylas has enchanted the blade with powerful magic that can sling the blade wherever he wishes. Each of his Normal Attacks sends the blade out to slice nearby foes, returning to Sylas' hand in time for the next strike. The quick strikes and long range lets Sylas dart in and out of the melee, building up his combos and escaping before the hammer can fall.

Combos and Phantom Shards

Sylas's combo attacks function much the same as many other mercenaries, using a combination of Normal Attacks to lead into Smash Attacks to trigger powerful strikes, including a heavy uppercut to send weaker foes flying and a spectral disc carving through all enemies in its path.

Sylas' combos also come with a special bonus. Each Normal Attack from Sylas will create a Phantom Shard, orbiting the mage as he fights. When Sylas triggers a Smash Attack, each of these Shards will fly at his enemy, dealing extra damage on top of the Smash Attack's violent impact. These shards serve a second purpose as well: If some foe does manage to land a blow, the Shards will be expended, absorbing a portion of the damage to keep the mystical skirmisher on his feet.

Ultimate Attack: Infinity Requiem

Sylas may excel at striking his opponents (and then leaping out of the way), but that doesn't make every swing a lightweight attack. After building up enough SP, Sylas can unleash the Infinity Requiem, an attack that summons dozens of spectral blades, sending each one into his unfortunate target over and over, leading up to one last, powerful strike where all the knives tear through his foe at once. Be sure to use it on foes with large health pools, because the 20 minute cooldown means you don't want to waste the attack.

Additional Character Slots

We understand that many of our players have several characters already, and thus might not have room for Sylas. Well, no need to shell out for a Premium Character Slot or agonize over what character to delete: With the Sylas Update, all accounts will have an extra Character Slot to use, a total of 6 free character slots!

We've also expanded the number of character slots per account as well. With the Sylas Update, you can purchase up to 14 Premium Character Slots, granting up to 100% bonus Battle EXP, a total of 20 characters possible per account.

And More!

Of course that's not all. We've got new Outfitters coming, a special event for those that want to race their Sylas to maximum power, new gear tailor-made for the Phantom Mage and more! Check it all out when the Phantom Mage makes his appearance later this month.