TOP5 Selection

Congratulations! TOP 5 works have been selected through primary round voting!



TOP5 Selection Rewards

Male/Female, 5 Persons Each

  • Title: Talented Designer (Within Account) x1
  • Permanent Inner Armor Coupon (Binding) x1
  • Permanent Hair Coupon (Binding) x1
  • Resenlian's Outfit Dye Ampoule (1t Shared Storage) x1
  • Special Outfit Destiny Box (Binding) x1

  • Nexon development team and operations team will select 1 each from the top 5 male/female works as the final winner through careful judging.
  • Final winner will be announced on 5/4(Tues).
  • For more information for the Special Outfit Selection Box, please click here.
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