Final Winner


NEXON Development Team and Vindictus Team had decided the Final Winner for the Outfit Contest!

The 1st Prize Winning Outfit for Male and Female shall be made and be introduced as an in-game outfit. Thank you once again for your overwhelming participation.

Final Winner Rewards

Male/Female, 1 Person Each

Created Outfit Set (Within Account) x1

  • Title: Supreme Designer (Within Account) x1
  • Permanent Inner Armor Coupon (Binding) x1
  • Permanent Hair Coupon (Binding) x1
  • Resenlian's Outfit Dye Ampoule (1t Shared Storage) x3


  • The 1st Prize Winning Outfit shall be implemented as an in-game outfit. Related update schedule shall be made under further notification.
  • Other than the oufit set that needs to be created, the rewards for the outfit contest shall be sent to your in-game mailbox during May 18th weekly maintenance.
  • Please be aware that in case any IP infringement incident occurs, the provided rewards can be retrieved.