A piercing charge with the power of a shooting star


Starlight Knight

Character Introduction

Starlight Knight

Latiya is a huntress from the jungle, who ventured into the outside world to become a knight. She admired their lances more than the “Kuja,” the unique magic of her jungle tribe, the “Eusi Kuja.” Her journey to become a knight was long, and a series of tragedies lead to her giving up on her dream. But on her way back to the jungle, the starlight shines down on her and awakens the true dream that she had forgotten. She now returns to the outside world, forging her own path that leads her to Colhen. She is a magical jouster that uses a lance and the "Kuja" to deal a devastating blow. Kuja is a magic chain hook that helps Latiya perform quick maneuvers, and successfully hitting the enemy with it will leave a condensed trace of magic on them. This trace reacts to powerful blows of the lance, exploding and maximizing damage. She is a captivating character that dominates the battlefield, thanks to the powerful blows of the lance and the quick maneuverability of the Kuja

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Magical Lancer, Latiya

Exclusive Weapon and Equipment


Her exclusive weapon, lance, reflects her admiration of knights. Latiya can use her lance to perform heavy and destructive thrusts, and utilize the Kuja to supplement her maneuverability and speed to deliver even more devastating attacks.

Exclusive Armor Sets: Eusi Kuja and Stout Heart

"Eusi Kuja" is the name of her tribe, and it is designed to embody Latiya's use of the chain hook and the lance together as her combat style. It is harmoniously composed of medieval armor and the tribe’s sacred patterns. ‘Stout Heart’ is a medieval European interpretation of panther, that optimally combines the plate and leopard skin in its design. The silhouette emphasizes its balance and stability.

Magical Lancer, Latiya

Imbues the lance with magic and performs a swing, an upward slash, and finally a thrust. Additional inputs after the skill activation can alter the attacks that combo out of the skill.
Unleashes the Kuja, her magical chain hook, to attack nearby prey. This covers a large area, and landing a successful hit can restore stamina with Kuja's Strength.
A counterattack that can follow certain other moves, this allows Latiya to both dodge attacks and land some of her own at the same time. Successfully striking someone can combo into further strikes, and evading an enemy's strike at the precise moment can lead to more powerful combo attacks
Unleashes a flurry of furious strikes, with the Kuja and the lance working in harmony. If the first strike lands successfully, the enemy might be instantly dispatched.