Beginners Guide

  • 1 year ago

This guide summarizes the main targets for each level range, and the questions players run into during progression. It is intended for players experiencing Vindictus for the first time.


Lv. 1 - 70

Main Goal: Aim to complete Main Stream: Season 1.

■ Players can easily level up by progressing in the Main Stream story (Shortcut Key M).

■ If the story is insufficient, complete Growth Goals and Guide Missions from the Play Guide to earn more rewards.   

■ Progress and level up quickly with Continuous Story Scrolls, earned by completing Growth Goals.

■ Players can also try joining a guild (Shortcut Key Y) for help with solo battles.

■ Be sure to equip any items obtained from progressing through the Main Stream story, as well as collect all rewards available through Character Growth Goals.

■ Leveling up skills (Shortcut Key V) is important, but don't forget to put points into [Armor Mastery] and [Weapon Mastery] under the [Equipment] skill.


Lv. 1 - 70 Q&A

1) Which should I choose; the Paladin or the Dark Knight?

■ Please select the path of your choice (Paladin/Dark Knight) through Pact: Mission and Faith based on their appearances, etc.

■ Players can change their path as needed using a Path Change Ticket purchased from the Supply Depot.

■ Prioritize the Passion and Duration Path Skills to increase the transformation time, making story progression easier.

■ Players can choose either Fervor or Impact as a skill, but many players prefer Fervor.

■ If you a player has leveled up the wrong Path Skill by mistake, (ex. leveled up Impact when you meant to level up Fervor) you can reset all of your Path Skills for free by talking to the Strange Traveler in the Colhen Inn with [Other] > [Reset Path Skills] keywords.

2) I've collected a lot of items like Erg Crystals, Pigments, Additives, etc from battles. What can I use them for?

■ Players can use the various types of Erg Crystals, Pigments, Cloth, Remnants, etc earned in battles as Expertise materials.

■ Expertise isn't immediately required in a character's growth but is helpful in raising proficiency to be able to craft Lv. 100 - 120 equipment or Intermediate Element Stones. There are also Hot Time Events from time to time that increases proficiency twice as fast, so make sure to take advantage of them.

■ Players can additionally learn Dismantling and Element Stone Crafting if your character is an Apprentice in any expertise (Proficiency 100 - 199). Materials needed for crafting Element Stones can be obtained by dismantling.

3) I've obtained a variety of seals while playing (Seal of Bravery/Seal of Dedication/Triumph Medal/Honor Medal etc). What are they used for and how can I obtain each one?

■ Players can exchange the various seals they obtain for useful items in the Exchange Shop. (Shortcut Key C > Seals)

■ The Seal of Bravery, for example, can be exchanged for Damascus/Jardin Steel and Unstable Enhancement Runes that are needed for reforging, while the Triumph Medal can be exchanged for Artifacts such as Werewolf Paws, Mysterious Cat Statues, and others.

■ Make sure to also use the Guild Seals players can earn from Guild Missions (must have joined a guild to do so).


Lv. 70 - 90

Main Goal: Aim to complete Main Stream: Season 2 or repeat certain battles to quickly level up.

■ Players can progress in the story by completing Main Stream: Season 2 or repeatedly completing Season 2 normal battles (A Ruler's Refuge/Devil in the Water/Into the Abyss/Memory of the Past/Desolate Malina/Burning Temple/God of Death etc) to quickly level up.

■ Don't worry about equipment! Players can use those obtained from the story, battles, and Character Growth Goals.


Lv. 90 - 105

Main Goal: Aim to complete Main Stream: Season 3 (or repeat Abyssal Arena) to level up.

■ Players can progress in the story with the goal of completing Main Stream: Season 3, or repeatedly completing the Abyssal Arena, to continue leveling quickly.

■ From this point, use the supplied equipment that can be earned through Character Growth Goals by reaching Lv. 90/95/100/105.


Lv. 90 - 105 Q&A

1) I obtained Damascus/Jardin Steel from various events and battle completion rewards. What are they used for?

■ Players can reforge a +10 or higher item that can't be enhanced further due to failed enhancements. One of the main materials for this process is Damascus Steel.

■ Damascus Steel is used for reforging Lv. 90 - 105 equipment and Jardin Steel is used for reforging Lv. 110 - 115 equipment.

■ However, keep in mind that items that are under +10 can't be reforged upon enhancement failure, so make sure to use Enhancement Runes when enhancing +8 and +9 items.

2) What should I keep in mind while enhancing weapons and armor?

■ If you are still using the equipment first supplied at Lv. 105, purchase the +13 Restorative Enhancement Rune that's sold in the Seal of Bravery Exchange Shop, and enhance the supplied +12 Milletian equipment. Enhancement to +13 will have a 100% success chance. Items that are enhanced using a Restorative Enhancement Rune here can be enhanced again after reforging.

■ Before enhancement, make sure to check the overview on what materials ar e needed for enhancement (equipment levels and for each enhancement level), the penalties upon enhancement failure, and the special bonus system that's applied upon failure.

■ Failing enhancements between +10 - +15 won't destroy the item and put it into a Restored State, but failing to Enchant can destroy it, so make sure to check the related information before enchanting.

3) Are there more ways to supplement a character's stats, other than enhancements and items?

■ Bonus stats that can be obtained from Redeemers battles can also be a big help, so make sure to play with the help of guild members or skilled players.

■ After reaching max level, consider progressing in the Partholon Vanguard by creating a secondary character and earning additional stats. Collect Antiquity Points through expeditionary missions to purchase Sub Story tomes to quickly complete a character's Sub Story.