Returning Players Guide

  • 1 year ago

Welcome back! We've gathered some information that will be helpful for you to get back into the game.


■ Coming Back to Vindictus! Starting with a Brand New Character!

TIP: Don't miss the New Character Support Event.

If you returned when a new playable character was introduced, check to see if their "New Character Support Event" is still in progress.

These events offer various perks, such as that character's iconic gear.


TIP: You can progress through the story quicker (as well as gaining rewards) by following your "Character Growth Goals" from the in-game Play Guide.

Here's some information on progressing through the story and leveling up your character even faster!

Using the Play Story button from the Battle Quest screen will skip the usual steps like walking to the next town or finding the correct NPC.

Whenever you find or earn an item called a Continuous Story Scroll item (such as from your Character Growth Goals), you've got a decision to make!

Using this scroll allows you to complete a section of the story while skipping all the combat. Instead, you'll skip straight ahead to the story events and NPC conversations.

Don't miss the various equipment supplies that you receive as you level up. This gear is useful!

For useful information, such as the details of supplies and what you should know around your current level,

check the Beginners Guide and the Equipment Supply Guide.


■ Coming Back to Vindictus! Playing Again with an Existing Character!

TIP: Open the in-game Play Guide to view your "Character Growth Goals" and current Guide Mission progress.

If you don't remember where you last played or unsure what to do right now, the Play Guide will be helpful!

Open the Play Guide menu and check your Character Growth Goals, as well as your Guide Mission progression.

If you skipped any stages previously, it's recommended that you complete them. You earn rewards necessary to level up the character, such as the +12 Milletian Armor you can get by completing "Guide Mission Stage 8."


TIP: Check out the various items, such as outfits, armors and weapons, earned through events and returning player perks.

Various events are prepared for returning players. Get back into the swing of things and have fun doing it! Participate in the right event at the time of your return!


■ Wait a moment! There have been some major changes!

NEW! Avatar Shop and Outfitter Shop Merge

The features of the old Avatar Shop/Outfitter Shop menu are now accessed from the Wardrobe (Fitting Room).

Returning players who'd like to purchase an item from the previous Avatar Shop, or use a coupon (such as Unlimited Inner Armor and Unlimited Hair Passes), should take a look at the Avatar (UI) Merge Update and the matching guide below.

Click for Avatar (UI) Merge Update Changes

Click for the Wardrobe Fitting Room (Preview & Purchase) Guide


NEW! Expertise Merge

Did you know you can now learn every Expertise with just one character?

There is no longer a need to use another character within the same account to craft items and train Expertise!

Now you can conveniently learn or train every Expertise with the character you focus on.


NEW! Equipment Share System

The equipment that you labored on crafting with your main character can now be used with another character within the account!

Click for the Equipment Share Guide


NEW! Equipment Transfer System

Not only can you share the equipment of the current character, but even transferring is possible! We made an effort for returning players to utilize the new system and reduce any stress related to equipment.

Click for the Equipment Transfer Guide


NEW! Outfit Transformation System

When an outfit you own gets an update, an Outfit Transformation Coupon will allow you to change from the previous version of the outfit to the updated version!

Click for the Outfit Transformation Guide