Equipment Transfer

  • 1 year ago

■ Overview

You can use the Equipment Transfer System to completely move the equipment of the current character to another character within your account.

You can find the Equipment Share and Transfer System from the Menu (Shortcut Key: T).

You can access Equipment Share in town and the Guild House.


■ Select Character to Transfer

Equipment Transfer can be done by Lv. 110+ characters. The character receiving the transferred equipment must be the same or higher level than the character initiating the transfer.

If the character doing the transfer has a 2nd weapon, the weapon type can be selected.

The weapon and auxiliary equipment are converted into a form usable by the character receiving the transfer!

Out of the ATT/M. ATT and STR/INT Material Synthesis stats, the best stats will be applied to the character receiving the transfer.

For example, transferring the Spellsword and Focus used by Arisha to Kael will convert the Spellsword to Swordstaff, and Focus to Totem.

If the M. ATT and INT Material Synthesis stats of the Spellsword are at max, the ATT and STR Material Synthesis stats of the transferred Swordstaff will be at max.


■  Using Equipment Transfer

Equipment Transfer can transfer up to 17 pieces of gear (one for each equip slot). You pay a gold cost based on the value of these pieces.

※ You can select Lv. 105+ items for weapons, armors, earrings, belts, and rings. You can also select some items that are Lv. 105 or lower for necklaces, bracelets, and brooches.

If you want to use the transfer feature again after the Equipment Transfer, there will be a cooldown of 30 Days.

※ The tradability (binding, etc.) of the equipment is kept and transferred.

<Selection Screen of Character Transferring Equipment>

<Character Receiving Transferred Equipment - Screen of Equipment Transferred Via Mail>


■  A Word of Warning on Equipment Transfer

[!] The item fusion and color information are not kept when transferring equipment.

[!] If the enchant on the item to be transferred cannot be applied to the resulting item, that enchant information will disappear.

Example: If Fresh Diamond Ardri Focus is transferred to Letty, the Fresh and Diamond enchants will disappear.

[!] If a shared item is transferred, that item will be unshared.

Example: If an item shared with character B by character A is then transferred to character C, that item is unshared and character C is able to use it.