Game Guide: Outfit Transformation

  • 1 year ago

* This guide was written based on the Special All Curves Bunny Babe (R) Set Coupon to be released during the 1/17 (Tue) update.

If any new Outfit Transformation Coupons or transformation systems are added, we'll notify players in the patch notes.


Introducing Outfit Transformation, a function of the Outfit Transformation Coupon that you can acquire from the Strange Traveler's Warm Welcome Shop at the Colhen Inn.


What is an Outfit Transformation Coupon?

When an outfit you own gets an update, an Outfit Transformation Coupon will allow you to change from the previous version of the outfit to the updated version.

After the official server maintenance on 1/17 (Tue), the Special All Curves Bunny Babe outfit will be updated to the Special All Curves Bunny Babe (R) outfit, and you can purchase an Outfit Transformation Coupon for a limited time from the Warm Welcome Shop.

Purchased transformation coupons do not expire. Please check the Ver 2.96 Patch Notes for the sale period and the Angelic Crystal notice for outfit updates.


How to Transform Outfits (* Written based on the transformation results for the Special All Curves Bunny Babe (R) outfit.)

Use an Outfit Transformation Coupon purchased from the Warm Welcome Shop to change from the previous version of an owned Airtight Outfit Set or individual outfit part to the updated version of that outfit.

Upon completing the transformation, an R will be added to the outfit's name. The updated outfit will be immediately available for use.

For example, you can transform a Special All Curves Bunny Babe Top into a Special All Curves Bunny Babe Top (R).

Outfits that are being worn cannot be selected for transformation, so make sure to unequip any outfit you wish to transform.

Tradability and dyes will be kept upon transformation and can also be used on outfits that were cloned by Clone Outfit Crafting Boxes.

For example, if you have transformed an Airtight Special All Curves Bunny Babe Set that was tradeable, then the resulting Airtight Special All Curves Bunny Bab (R) Set will be tradeable as well.

Outfits saved to the Appearance Slot will be applied upon transforming the outfit.  

However, a transformed outfit cannot be returned to its previous version, so make sure to double check how the transformed outfit will look by using the Wardrobe's Outfit Simulation before you decide to transform your outfit or not.

If you prefer your currently owned version, then all you have to do is not use the Outfit Transformation Ticket.

Miscellaneous Notes

1) The previous outfit's dye information being kept the same is relevant when transforming into the Special All Curves Bunny Babe (R) set,

as the dye information may differ for each Outfit Transformation Coupon.

If the existing dyed Color Part reverts to its default value when an Outfit Transformation Coupon is used, you will receive an Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Filled) with the most recent dye color along with the updated version of that outfit part.

Information on the Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Filled) can be checked by hovering the cursor over ampoule icon. 

For more details, refer to the guide in the Outfit Transformation UI as below.

2) When mixing updated and previous versions of outfit parts, top/bottom set effects (All Curves, dyes, exclusive inner armor, etc.) will not be applied.

For example, when equipping a Special All Curves Bunny Babe Top and a Special All Curves Bunny Babe Bottom (R), the top/bottom curvy figures, dyes (effect of the top dye being applied to the bottom), and exclusive inner armor will not be applied.

You can preview how these appear using the Wardrobe's Outfit Simulation, which we highly recommend you do before deciding on transforming an outfit or not.