Fusion Rune

  • 1 year ago

■ What is Item Fusion?

Item Fusion is a system that changes the appearance of the equipment.

A Performance Item, Appearance Item, and Fusion Rune are required for Item Fusion.


■ How to Fuse

Once you have all the materials for Item Fusion, right-click the Fusion Rune to open the [Fuse Items] menu.

The Performance Item is one that you like the statistics of (regardless of what it looks like cosmetically). It often houses Enhancement, Enchant, and/or Material Synthesis.

The Appearance Item is one that you like the design of (regardless of its statistics).

However, keep in mind not to proceed with fusion by mistake, like in the image below. Be careful not to accidentally swap the Performance Item and Appearance Item.

Please be very careful to prevent this.


■  What is a Fused Item?

Item Fusion through the above method has a 100% success rate. The resulting item you obtain through fusion is bound to the character that did the fusing.

If you proceeded with a proper Item Fusion, the Appearance Item and Fusion Rune will be consumed and disappear from your inventory.

The results are called Fused Items.

You can use [Advanced Search] in the Marketplace to search and purchase fused items of a specific appearance.

▲ Searching fused items in the Marketplace


Sometimes there is armor that your character cannot equip, as the appearance was fused with an exclusive item usable only by a specific character.

If the item you are trying to purchase from the Marketplace appears red like above and there is no preview, keep in mind that it's an item your character cannot equip.


■  Item Fusion Precautions

As introduced earlier, keep in mind to not place the character's main weapon as the Appearance Item in brandish fusion.

The Performance Item and Appearance Item required in Item Fusion must be equipment with different appearances, and your character must be able to equip both of them normally (exclusive equipment, etc.).

To place equipment in a Performance Item slot, your character must meet all the requirements to equip it normally. Some pieces may require you to wait a bit. However, you are free to place any gear in an Appearance Item slot as long as your character would potentially be able to equip it at some point.

Lastly, pay close attention to the Fused Items in the Marketplace before purchasing.

If the equipment you are trying to purchase is a Fused Item (item name and appearance do not match), you must make sure that it's not an exclusive equipment for a specific character.

A Performance Item can be equipped by all characters, but an Appearance Item that is a fused item of a specific character's exclusive equipment can only be equipped by that character specifically.


If you purchased a Fused Item that you cannot equip, see the following steps.

1. Use a Fusion Rune item to proceed with Item Fusion.

: Place the item that was fused with a specific character's exclusive equipment in Performance Item. Place an item that your character can equip in the Appearance Item. Finally, proceed with the fusion. (Example: Place Milletian Helm that was fused with another character's exclusive armor appearance in Performance Item to fuse.)

 2. Use an Unbind Potion and transfer to a character that can equip it.