Advanced Equipment Sets

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Anyone can craft +15 weapons/armor through item restoration and reforging, and anyone can challenge more difficult battles by raising their Counterforce through accessory enhancement.

Enhance weapons/armor by using Enhancement Elixirs and Enhancement Stones as materials, and you can increase your enhancement chance by using special enhancement stones like Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone.

Lv. 90+ weapons/armor are destroyed upon enhancement failure starting from +9. You can restore those items by talking to the Strange Traveler with the [Destroyed Item] keyword and paying a set amount of AP.

You can keep trying to enhance items that have been restored with a Restorative Enhancement Rune between +10 and +14 through reforging.

+8 - +9 equipment that have been destroyed due to a failed enhancement can be restored, but can't be reforged, so it's recommended using Enhancement Runes between those enhancement levels to protect your items.

Composite materials of the weapon/armor, Enhancement Runes, and a certain amount of steel are required for reforging.

The amount of steel required changes based on the item's level and enhancement level.

 The enhancement chance increases to up to 100%, and the bonus stats applied to the next successful enhancement increase, as enhancement failures accumulate.



■ Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone / Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone+

Increases enhancement success rate by a set amount. (Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone: 3% / Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone+: 6%)

■ Premium Enhancement Rune / Premium Armor Enhancement Rune

Can only be used for set enhancement levels, and prevents items from being destroyed due to failure.

- Premium Enhancement Rune: Can be used for +10 to +11 enhancement.

- Premium Armor Enhancement Rune: Can be used for +10 to +11, and +11 to +12, enhancement.

■ 100% Jumping Enhancement Stone / Restorative Enhancement Rune

You can acquire these during the supplied equipment set up process, and they guarantee a 100% success chance at a certain enhancement level.

■ Ferghus's Flawless Enhancement Stone

An enhancement stone that guarantees a set enhancement success chance percentage.

Use a +13 50% Ferghus's Flawless Enhancement Stone for a 50% chance to successfully enhance +12 weapons/armor to +13.


Accessory Enhancement

Enhancing accessories is a necessity in order to participate in Lv. 100+ battles in Astera and Taratha.

Paradise and New Era materials, along with AP, are required for accessory enhancement.

Bonus probabilities are applied upon enhancement failure with weapons/armor. However, accessories aren't destroyed and no bonus stats are given.



Different enchant scrolls are used for different types of equipment, and items destroyed by enchantments have a chance of not being able to be restored. Always be careful.

You can grant equipment enchantments using enchant scrolls. You must have an enchant scroll and a piece of equipment to do so.

It's even better if you have enchant runes and elixirs.

Enchant scrolls are comprised of prefixes and suffixes, and the scroll's rank determines the equipment's level that the enchantment can be applied to.

Like enhancement, enchanting can destroy equipment. If you intend to use an enchant scroll of a certain rank (Rank 7 or above orange enchant scroll) then make sure to use enchant runes to protect your equipment.

Don't forget to fill up to 100br using elixirs. Again, be careful; if you go over 100br the success rate will drop.

If an item is destroyed due to a failed enchantment, you can restore it in the same way as when an item is destroyed due to an enhancement.

Unlike enhancement, it is only possible if the item doesn't have a history of being restored following a destruction. In other words, if you've already restored an item after a failed enhancement or enchantment destroyed it, that item will be destroyed and will be unable to be restored.



■ Shard Items

You'll encounter a number of shard items as you enhance or enchant your equipment.

■ Enhancement Rune Fragment

An item obtained upon a failed enhancement while using enhancement runes as material.

You can use 4 Enhancement Rune Fragments to craft Ferghus's +1 Enhancement Coupon.

■ Ferghus's +1 Enhancement Coupon

A coupon that that will raise equipment under +10 by 1 level with a 100% chance! Recommended for +8 and +9 equipment. 

You can obtain the same enchant scroll scrap upon failing a rank 5, 6, or 7 enchantment.

Enchant scroll scraps can be traded in the Marketplace, or you can collect 4 of the same pieces to craft an enchant scroll with a 100% success chance.

■ Replacement Composite / Material Synthesis

Exchange the composite materials of your current equipment for stronger ones using Replacement Composite, or improve them using Material Synthesis.

Lv. 90+ weapons/armor are comprised of various composite materials.

Material Synthesis is the process of upgrading the stats of composite materials. Exchanging materials with better ones is called Replacement Compositing. You can access Material Synthesis and Replacement Compositing by completing the tutorial story after Lv. 90. These can easily be done by right-clicking materials in your inventory, bypassing having to visit the Rocheste Magician's Guild.

■ Misc.

Try out content that increases a character's stats, such as Partholon Vanguard / Redeemers / Ein Lacher / Skill Awakening.