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■ What is Brandish?

You can use brandish with a Premium Weapon Fusion Rune to fuse the brandish with an appearance that you want.

Purchase the Brandish Destiny Box from the Supply Depot, and use it to get a brandish appropriate for the character that opened it.

Characters with second weapons can select one from a first or second weapon.

The fused brandish can be equipped in the Brandish Slot of the NX Storage Chest. Equipping increases ATT, M. ATT, and DEF by 100.

However, there are no separate Outfit Points or slot effects.


■ How to Fuse Brandish

Right-click the Premium Weapon Fusion Rune to open the Item Synthesis menu.

Place the brandish in the Performance Item. Place the weapon with the appearance you like in the Appearance Item. Finally, start the fusion. All materials (Brandish, Appearance Item, Premium Weapon Fusion Rune) used in the fusion will be consumed and disappear. You will receive a brandish in the form of the Appearance Item.

However, you cannot fuse an item with the same appearance as the brandish. See below for the criteria on the crafted appearance per brandish.

1st Brandish

2nd Brandish

Crimson Blade Weapon

Example: Crimson Blade Twin Swords

Veteran Weapon

Example: Veteran Twin Chainblades

Example 1: Brandish: Twin Swords and Crimson Blade Twin Swords cannot be fused

Example 2: Brandish: Twin Chainblades and Veteran Twin Chainblades cannot be fused

■ Brandish Fusion Precautions

Brandish can be used in Item Synthesis only one time after purchasing.

The resulting item from brandish fusion only gets DEF +100 and (M.) ATT +100, and can only be equipped in the Brandish Slot.

If you place a weapon that had Enhancement, Enchant, or Material Synthesis on it in the Appearance Item and proceed with the fusion,

all stats other than DEF +100 and (M.) ATT +100 will disappear. Keep in mind not to proceed with brandish fusion by placing the character's main weapon in the Appearance Item!