Starting Enhancement

  • 5 months ago

■ What is Enhancement?

"Enhancement" is improving equipment with special materials to raise the item's stats.

The success rate gradually decreases as the enhancement increases in rank, and there are penalties when enhancement fails.


■ How to Enhance

You can attempt item enhancement through NPC Ferghus, in Colhen.

The following items are required to enhance.

- Item to be enhanced

- Enhancement Stone and Enhancement Elixir

- Enhancement Rune (Optional)

Select "Craft/Enhance" from the dialogue choices, then click "Enhance Item". Or you can click the "Enhance" button at the top of the game screen.

You can also press the "Enhancement" button in the inventory window to enhance on the spot (available starting at Lv. 60). Then the window is activated like below.

1) This is a menu to enhance the item.

2) You can place an item to enhance here.

3) You can place the materials required in enhancement here.

4) You can place Rune items here.

5) You can see the Enhancement Failure Bonus here.

6) After placing all the items required for enhancement, the "Enhance" button is activated.

When you press the Enhance button, the enhancement gauge goes up, and the enhancement result appears.


■  Item Fragment System

The joy of success from enhancement is great, but the bitterness of failure brings frustration to many.

There is the "Fragment System" that gives a certain amount of rewards by using a Rune item when enhancement fails.

If you used an Enhancement Rune (but the enhancement failed), you can get Enhancement Rune Fragment x1.

* Based on the Rune used for each enhancement, you get 1 each of that corresponding Rune Fragment.

Once you collect 4 of that Enhancement Rune Fragment, you can make Ferghus's +1 Equipment Enhancement Coupon through Quick Crafting.

Ferghus's +1 Equipment Enhancement Coupon can be used to enhance +9 item to +10.

It cannot be used on items +10 or higher.


Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone

There is an item in Vindictus to increase the Enhancement Success Rate.

This is "Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone," named after the Legendary Blacksmith Goibhniu.

It increases the Enhancement Success Rate by 3% and is used in item enhancement of all levels.