Marketplace System

  • 5 months ago

Marketplace Location and How to Use

You can access the Marketplace via the Marketplace Message Board, located in Colhen, Rocheste, and Malina.


Marketplace UI

- Trade: You can buy an item by searching for it in the corresponding tab.

- Crafting Materials:

You can view materials required for Crafts or items made with Expertise.

After selecting between the Craft or Expertise category, search for the desired item to view the materials required.

- Your Items: You can view a list of items that have been registered for sale. You can cancel a sales listing by pressing the Cancel button.

- Item Listing: If you wish to sell an item, it can be listed in this tab.



Open the Marketplace > Item Listing tab

then right-click or drag the item you want to sell from the Storage Chest.

For example, the basic information is entered like the image below if you're selling Magic Elixir x5.

(Basically, the price per unit is entered automatically by setting the average price of items traded the previous day.)

The quantity and price per unit can be changed by entering the number you want. The listing period can be chosen between 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days.

Once the sale information has been entered, press the List button to place it for sale.

! Keep in mind this listing period for items with an expiration date, such as the Enchant Scroll.

 You cannot list an item for sale if its expiration date exceeds your listing period.

! Items with depleted durability cannot be listed in the Marketplace. They must be repaired first.


Open the Marketplace > Trade tab to find an item to purchase.

If you know the name of the item you wish to search for, enter it in the search field, and then click the Search button.

For example, you can search like the image below if you want to purchase Magic Elixir.

Double-click the item you wish to buy at the desired price.

When the Marketplace Purchase window opens, enter the quantity you want to purchase, and click the Purchase button.

(You will be shown the purchase cost according to the total quantity, so please review prior to purchase!)

You can either press the Purchase button to purchase the quantity you want, or press [Purchase All] to purchase the entire quantity being sold.

! An Item Bind Confirmation message will be shown if the purchased item will be bound to a character, so please review this as well!

If you do not know the exact name of an item, you can press the categories at the left to only view items of the necessary category.

For Magic Elixir, you can search from the Material > Enchant category.

You can also press the Switch to Advanced Search button for more detailed criteria.


Trade Fees

Using the Marketplace incurs a trade fee, like in the table below.

Trade Format


Trade Fees

Sell Items


1% of the sales price, regardless of the listing period

(This will not exceed a maximum of 10,000 Gold.)

Not Sold

Listing fee refunded


Listing fee not refunded

! Once the listed item is sold, 5% of the sales price will be deducted as a transaction fee.

! You cannot purchase the items listed twice within the same account.