Friendship System

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* What is the Friendship System?

The Friendship System increases the Bond between you and one of the many "mercs" that are resting in the Mercenary Lounge. This is done by talking to them or by going on missions together.

You can listen what your allies think about various topics based on your Bond with them, and you can even purchase their voice lines using Friendship Seals. These are earned by completing missions and achievements.

The Mercenary Lounge is on the 2nd floor of the Mercenary Outpost in Colhen.       

Helpful Information

1) You can see which mercs are present in the Mercenary Lounge from "Mercs Present."

2) You can see what kind of relationship you have with an ally through your Bond. You can increase this Bond through conversation, completing missions together, and offering gifts.

3) The Mercenary Lounge is closed every day at 9AM for maintenance.

Any mercs that were there before maintenance will leave, and new mercs will come to the lounge once maintenance is over.


■ Talk

You can raise your Bond with an ally by talking to them in the Mercenary Lounge.

At first, things will be awkward and you won't have much to talk about.

But if you keep trying every day, your Bond with them will increase, and you can collect more topics of conversation in the process. Make sure to talk to them as often as possible.

However, it's also possible for your relationship to not change at all when trying to talk to them too much in one day.

In that case, talking with an ally will have no impact on your Bond with them. Take your time, and try again the next day.

If you still want to quickly increase your Bond with an ally but can't do so any more through conversation, there are other ways to do so.

You can give them gifts or complete missions together to grow closer with them.

These methods will be discussed a little later on.

 You can also estimate how deep your Bond is with an ally based on their responses when you try to speak with them.

Bond Rank

Line Based on Current Bond


(You still feel quite distant with [Name].)

(You feel at least somewhat acquainted with [Name].)

(You feel more familiar with [Name].)

(You feel like you've grown close to [Name].)

(You feel very close to [Name].)

When your Bond with a merc is at Ally or higher they will greet you more warmly. See how their attitude towards you changes as you deepen your Bond with them.

You can also run into a mercenaries who are not in the Mercenary Lounge in some of the main buildings in Colhen. You will bump into them from time to time.

When you talk to a merc that you happen upon, you can get closer to that merc as well... but only once.

 Your Bond with mercs who you haven't talked to in the lounge yet, or mercs you've only recently became very close with, won't change.


■ Summoning Allies

You can summon a merc by talking with Captain Crimson, who's in front of the "Gift Shop" on the left side of the Mercenary Lounge.

You can see a list of all the mercs who are not currently in the lounge from the "Summon Merc" window.

From here you can select a merc you want to meet.

Click Summon and pay 50,000 Gold to see a notification that will allow you to summon a merc for 25 minutes.

Also, if you summon another merc before the 25 minute window is closed, the merc that was summoned first will be replaced by the newly summoned one, so keep that in mind.

You can see how much time is left until you can summon a merc again from the Summon Merc window.


Departing for Missions

Who's there to help you in your time of need? Your mercenary unit, of course!

You can depart for missions with an ally from the Mercenary Lounge.

However, you must meet all of the following requirements to depart with a merc ally. Please keep them in mind.

  1) You must have talked with them at least once.

  2) The merc must be waiting in the Mercenary Lounge.

3) You must have completed all the short stories for each Bond stage.

You can Depart for Mission from next to the Gift Shop.


Select a merc and mission of your choosing, and click Start Mission to depart.

Each merc will also say something upon starting the mission, so make sure to go on missions with as many mercs as you can! The Bond with the merc you depart with increases regardless of success or failure, though it will increase more if the mission is a success.

Also, if you have multiple successful missions with a merc, they will sometimes give you small gifts.

They can give you anything from Friendship Seals to the very special "Suspicious Potion," so make sure to go on missions with a merc every day!

If you gift the "Suspicious Potion" to a merc, then you can get even closer with them regardless of the daily Bond limit.

List of Items that can be Obtained upon a Successful Mission

Friendship Seal

AP 200 Capsule (Gift)

AP 100 Capsule (Gift)

First Aid Kit

Suspicious Potion

Strawberry Cake

Grilled Fish

Under the Giant Cherry Tree

Energy Elixir

Small Doll

Moonstone Ring

Metal Polish

Fresh Iced Strawberry Brandy

The Advanced Fundamentals of Magic



Keep a few things in mind when departing for a mission.

1) You can't depart for missions with a merc you haven't spoken with yet.

2) Once you complete a mission with a merc, you can't depart for any more missions that day with them.

3) You can go on mission with mercs you have summoned.

4) Mercs don't become incapacitated even if they lose all of their HP, but they do become exhausted for a duration, and can't take any further actions.

5) The deeper the Bond with a merc, the less exhausted they become on a mission, and the longer their Power Stance duration becomes.

6) Even if the summon duration of a merc expires during a mission, you can still complete the mission with them. (The merc will leave the Mercenary Lounge as soon as the mission is over, however.)


Once the mission is over, you can earn [Friendship Seals]... regardless of success or failure!

You'll get 2 upon a success and 1 upon a failure.

Remember that you can earn up to 5 Friendship Seals a day, and this limit resets every day at 7AM (UTC).


■ Gifting

Another great way to deepen your Bond with a merc is by giving them gifts.

You can purchase gifts through Captain Crimson, who's next to the Gift Shop.

Select a gift you'd like to give to a merc, click Purchase.

Now it is time to give the gift to a merc.

Approach a merc and click Give Gift.

Choose the gift you'd like to give to that merc, and click Selection Complete.

They might feel awkward if you try to give them too many gifts in one day...

If they do feel awkward—even if you engage in activity to deepen your bond with them such as gifting—

your Bond with them won't change. Consider giving them gifts the following day.

However, even if the merc feels a little awkward, you can still get closer with them by gifting a Suspicious Potion.


Keep this in mind:

Each merc has their own preferences in which gifts they like. Keep a close eye on how they react to each gift.

Give the merc a gift they like to deepen your Bond with them even further.


■ Checking Bonds

1. Check your Bonds from [Bond Status] in the menu. (Shortcut Key: [T])

Click on the Allies icon from the menu. (Shortcut Key: [T])

Click on Bond Status on the top right of the Allies window.

And you can see your Friendship Achievements and the list of collected Conversation Topics from the Allies window.

Complete various Friendship Achievements to earn Friendship Seals that can be exchanged for new Titles and character voice lines.

2. Check the Friendship Status from the Ally Friendships window, in the Mercenary Lounge.

You can easily check your Bonds with the mercs from the Mercenary Lounge.

1) Go to the Ally Friendships window.

2) Exit to Colhen from the Mercenary Lounge.

3) Hover the cursor near the Mercs Present UI to see the Bond Status with a merc.

3. Check the Bond Status from the Character (Shortcut Key: [C]) menu.

Click on Bond Status from the Character (Shortcut Key: [C]) menu, at the bottom of the Character menu window.


You can see the depth of your bond with a merc and the Daily Closeness Status with them from the Bond Status window.

If you're curious what your Current Closeness is with mercs that are in the Mercenary Lounge, click on each their portraits in the Mercs Present list.

Mercs with a [★] on them have a special bond with your character.

If you reach the 5th Bond rank, "Destined," you can learn a Friendship Skill.

If you gave a merc a gift they like, the information on what they like as gifts will be updated.

Learn which gifts each merc prefers by giving them a wide variety of gifts.

As your Bond with a merc deepens, your Current Closeness rank will increase. Make sure to take note.

 Bond Rank 1


Bond Rank 2


Bond Rank 3

Close Ally

Bond Rank 4

Bond Rank 5


■ Friendship Skills

1 How to See Mercs with a Special Bond

Mercs that you have a special bond with is marked with a [★] in Bond Status. You can see information on their Special Bond and Friendship Skill by clicking on their portrait.

 * Special Bonds for Each Character

Special Relationships



Lann - Lynn

The Wind and the Petal

Destined: Burning Flowers

Lann - Fiona

Sword and Shield

Destined: Blade Barrage

Evie - Grimden

Hurt and Healing

Destined: Infernal Decimator

Evie - Lethor

Kindred Auras

Destined: Frozen Fist

Karok - Delia

Close Friends

Destined: Invincible

Kai - Vella

Unexpected Reunion

Destined: Squalldriver

Hurk - Miri

Pure Admiration

Destined: Dragon Fury

Arisha - Eira

Time-Space Sisters

Destined: Cosmic Beauty

Sylas - Belle

Unchanging Change

Destined: Rain of Steel

Kael - Delia

Princess and Knight

Destined: Execution of Conviction

Tessa - Kai

Ones Left Behind

Destined: The Hawk-Eyed Savior

Dan-Ah - Lethor

Consolation of Souls

Destined: Soul Guardian

* Special bonds and Friendship Skills between unreleased characters can be seen in a future update.


2. How to Learn Friendship Skills

You can learn Friendship Skills from Ally Friendships menu. Friendship Achievement rewards are unlocked by reaching the 5th Bond stage (Destined) with a special bond merc.

The Friendship Skill achievement is applied on a per character basis. You can learn Friendship Skills by reaching Destined with a different character in the account after completing the achievement.

Any learned Friendship Skills can be seen from Skill Menu (Shortcut Key [V]) > Common Skills, and they can be activated by registering them on to a quick slot.


Friendship skills are powerful abilities that can be used in raids regardless of the boss monster's tenacity.

However, Friendship Skills can't be used in Royal Army, Niflheim, or Redeemers battles.

You must meet all of the requirements to use Friendship Skills, and 2 use restrictions will apply after activation.




1) Depart for a battle with a merc you have a special bond with.
2) The merc you have a special bond with has learned the Friendship Skill.
3) Both your character and the merc you have a special bond with have activated the Friendship Skill.
    * If the Friendship Skill is activated, then your merc can use the skill without it having to be registered to a quick slot.


1) 2 hour cooldown time applied after activation.
2) Can only be used once per raid.
    If Hurk - Miri/Karok - Delia have departed together to a battle and Karok - Delia use "Destined: Invincible"
    Hurk - Miri's "Destined: Dragon Fury" can't be used in that battle.


3. How to Use Friendship Skills

When a merc character who can use a Friendship Skill enters the party, the party member description will become active, and an icon will show up next to it.

Friendship Skills are activated if either of the two players use that specific skill, and the Friendship Skills for each character are listed below:


Weapon Used



Twin Swords & Twin Spears

Lightning Fury



Amaranth Kick

Long Hammer

Stigma Hammer



Flying Guillotine & Five Finger Death


Active: Sudden Gust



Active: Fire Shock

Battle Scythe

Bloody Thread



Active: Tiger Claw


Battle Pillar

Mammoth Force


Big Bang


Bastard Sword

Falling Comet



Full Moon


Active: True Shot



Active: Blazing Spine



Mana Edge




Mana Revolver

Disruptor Shot


Twin Swords

Deadly Storm

Twin Chainblades




Level 3 Magnum &Level 3 Bee Stinger

Cross Gun

Active: Hollow Shot


Phantom Dagger

Illusion Fist & Illusion Fist (Enhanced)


Battle Axe

Rushing River



Active: Spine Snap



Red Hawk Crush & Active: Resistance Unchained



Spinel Flash & Active: Enstatite & Active: Diamond Doublet



Active: Penitent Slash


Friendship Skills can be used with 1st and 2nd weapons, but the 1st weapon (Paladin, Dark Knight) will be used upon activation.

If you can use both Full Force and a Friendship Skill, Full Force will always be activated first.

You will see the cooldown time for a Friendship Skill after using it. The skill will still be disabled even after departing for a new battle.