About Enchantment

  • 1 year ago

■ Enchant

Enchant is a system that imbues magical powers to an item using "Enchant Scrolls."

Enchants have a set probability to succeed. Succeeding grants the special option of the Enchant Scroll to be imbued on the item, but failing may result in loss of durability or destruction of the item.

* You must complete the "Brynn's Gift" story to Enchant.


How to Enchant

You can attempt the enchant through NPC Brynn in Colhen.

The following items are required to enchant:

- Item to enchant (weapon, armor, or accessory item)

- Enchant Scroll

- Enchant Material (Magic Elixir)

- Enchant Rune (Optional)

Talk to NPC Brynn by going to the Magic Laboratory. Then, click the "Enchant" button.

* Click the empty slot, and it will automatically display the list of usable enchants and items.

1) Insert the Enchant Scroll on the left slot, and the item to be enchanted on the right slot.

2) This is a slot that you can put the Enchant Rune, which prevents the Enchant failure penalty.

3) The UI design is a pot that pours out magic. You can pour these in magic units (also called "Brynn," as they are named after him!) to increase the odds of the Enchant's success.

4) A material that can amplify the magic. Click 1 of the materials and click the "amplify magic" button to fill.


You cannot change the Enchant Scroll and item once you amplify, so make sure you thoroughly check.

* A warning pop-up will display that you will not be able to change the item, before you fill the magic.

The amount of magic that you can fill will vary per enchant, and you can fill a up to a value within a set range.

* Magic is quantified in "Brynn" units.

You can only pour and amplify the magic up to 5 times.

If you amplify more magic than the set amount, the success rate actually decreases.

If you want to amplify magic again, you can click the "Re-amplify Magic" on the bottom left to start over.

However, the materials you filled up before will disappear. This is also applicable when you cancel the enchant in the middle of it.

Once you filled up enough magic, press "Begin Enchant" to proceed.


■  Materials required for Enchantment

You need the following to enchant: 1) Enchant Scroll 2) Item to Enchant 3) Magic Material

1) Enchant Scroll

An item required to enchant. It can be obtained in various battles.

* Enchant Scrolls have expiration dates, and they cannot be used once expired.

* You can use the Perpetual Enchant Coupon to use them again.