Battle System Overall

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■ Battle Progression

You will see a screen like the one below when your character enters a battle.

 1) The current battle and your other party members.

2) You can see the HP / STA / SP / MP, and status effects, applied to your character up top.

3) A map that shows the remaining time in the battle, along with the character's location.

4) The bonus missions that can be completed in each battle.

5) The skills that the character has placed in quick slots.

6) If you need to leave, click on this button to give up the battle.


TIP: Press the shift key when moving the character to sprint!

* You can receive a special "Dash" effect if you continue to sprint around the map with your character.

A battle results window will pop up showing the gold earned / EXP / AP / Battle Record upon completion.

If you are progressing in the story, a "Next Battle" window pops up so you can quickly move on.

- Click on "Next Story" to proceed to the next story and Battle Quest.

Please make sure that you're ready (such as using a Blessing Stone) before proceeding with the story.

Oh! Those dark objects that defeated monsters drop are called "Evil Cores."

Characters will automatically pick up Evil Cores when they approach them.

You can also earn additional cores by completing bonus missions, successfully breaking off parts, and more during battle.


■ Miscellaneous Battles

The main battle areas are divided based on each story season in Vindictus, and the size of the party changes based on the type of battle.

Max Party Size


1 Player

Ein Lacher

Red Moon's Energy

4 Players

Regular Battles



Abyssal Arena

Special Dungeon

8 Players

Redeemers Raid

Special Dungeons (Colru the Golem)

12 Players

Royal Army Raid

Royal Army Total War

1) Ein Lacher

Ein Lacher is a one-on-one battle against a boss monster.

This battle requires very precise controls, and you can earn rewards based on your performance.

- You must complete the prerequisite battle for the target boss monster to appear.

- There is a daily battle limit.

- "Damage taken from monsters" and "damage dealt" will be adjusted appropriately. Certain items such as Artifacts and Path Transformation are disabled.

- You can earn "Medals" and "Honor Medals" based certain conditions, such as hit count and recovery item use count, and even titles or bonus stats based on which achievement you complete.

2) Abyssal Arena

In Abyssal Arena, you must defeat boss monsters on each floor to reach the 10th floor basement.

- You can earn additional rewards upon clearing each floor.

- You can earn large amounts of EXP, "Seals of Bravery," and "Abyssal Shards" (which are needed for Material Synthesis) based on their respective probabilities.

3) Niflheim

Niflheim is a hardcore raid dungeon.

- You can't revive yourself, and Path Transformation (as well as any skills that can suppress enemies) are disabled.

- You can find "Bracelet Gem Keys" based on their respective probabilities. Collect these keys and deliver them to Aislinn in Colhen to exchange them for a "Bracelet Gem Box."

4) Special Dungeon

Event-like dungeons. These can be enjoyed regardless of the story and game world.

- They are exchanged with battles in regular intervals.

- You can earn "Special Dungeon: Enchant Pouches" and "Bracelet Boxes" from Special Dungeons based on their respective probabilities. Use each for a chance to obtain higher grade Enchant Scrolls or bracelet items.

* You can set gems obtained in Niflheim into a bracelet, or exchange them through Aislinn in Colhen.

5) Redeemers

You can depart for Redeemers battles through the NPC Tuathal in Berbhe. They are currently the highest difficulty battles that are available!

- There are many limitations to these battles, including a revival count limit, being unable to revive yourself, status effect limits, recovery item use limits, and more.

- Based on the number of completed Redeemers battles and progress, you can earn "bonus stats" and "Full Force."

6) Royal Army Raid

This is the largest scale battle, hosting up to 12 people! Defeat ancient boss monsters with the help of your party members.

You can depart for one through the "Unknown Expanse" on the map. The available battle changes based on the day of the week.

- It's exchanged with battles in regular intervals.

- Battle Power will be adjusted upon entering the battle if it's below a set amount.

- You can earn "Mysterious Glass Bottles" from Royal Army raids based on their respective probabilities, and you can obtain "Mysterious Shards" for Material Synthesis based on the glass bottle's level (80, 100, 110).

7) Royal Army Total War

This is a cooperative battle where you must defend the Final Fortress from a Fomor invasion.

A party of 12 can participate in this battle like in a Royal Army raid, and you can depart for it from the "Unknown Expanse."

- Battle Power will be adjusted upon entering the battle if it's below a set amount.

- Character resurrections are limited, while Path Transformation and the use of certain skills are disabled.

- You can earn Army Loot Boxes and Army Seals from Royal Army Total War, and you can obtain various items by using loot boxes based on their respective probabilities. These include Waking Stone (Rank A), an item used for Skill Awakening.

8) Red Moon's Energy

Red Moon's Energy is an individual battle that's available from Lv. 100+. It's in the "Red Moon's Energy" area of Toward Taratha.

- You can also earn New Era materials and material items from this battle. These are needed for Expertise Crafting.

You can earn more material items from the Luminary and ore veins in the "Red Moon's Energy" area.

Before departing, make sure you're prepared for any mining or gathering!

(1) You can learn how to gather from the NPC Old Meb in Malina.

(2) You can mine using "mine bombs" that can be purchased from stalls, shop NPCs, or through some "Unique Pet Skills."

- Complete the battle with certain pets to earn additional bonus materials.

- Participate in the battle with certain comrades to get various buffs, such as Action Speed.


Departing for Battle

■ How to Depart for Battle

Battles in Vindictus take place in dungeons. To enter a dungeon, you must depart for a battle.

You can depart from battle via signposts that can be found near the docks and other locations in town.

Upon approaching a sign that reads "Depart for Battle," the following window will pop up.

1) Select the area where you want to depart to.

2) If you're departing for battle to complete the story that you're progressing through, click on Play Story to immediately move to the next relevant battle.

3) Select the map to see a list of battles that you can depart for in that area.

4) After selecting the battle, you can select Solo Play / Create Party / Join Party (if there is one) before departing.

You can see details of the battle, like above, upon selecting Departure Mode.

1) Select the difficulty of the battle.

2) Check Practice Mode / Multi-process Mode from settings.

(Multi-process allows for a seamless game play experience.)

3) Use "Blessing Stones" that can increase battle EXP, the AP obtained, LUK, etc.

4) The detailed information of the selected battle.

5) Click "Depart" after completing your selections.


[Depart (G)]

You can also depart for battle through the [Depart for Battle] window, without approaching a battle departure sign!

Instead of finding a sign, you can depart freely by using "Shortcut Key G" to open the UI (shown below).

You can't depart for battle while talking with an NPC or while you're in a building.

[Quick Departure (K)]

We just went over how to enter battles by using the Departure function...

But there's actually an even faster and easier way to depart! It's called the "Quick Departure" system.

You can use Quick Departure from anywhere in town using Shortcut Key (K).

Likewise, you can't depart for battle while talking with an NPC or while you're in a building.

1) A list of battles you can depart for using "Quick Departure," and your favorited battles.

* The party leader can't set the minimum requirements for party members in [Quick Battle], but you can earn "Quick Battle Benefits" including bonus cores. These are based on the damage dealt to the boss or the party size (4 players).

* The party leader can set the minimum requirements for party members in [Custom Battle], but no additional benefits will be provided.

* You can see a total list of special battles, including Royal Army raids and Abyssal Arena, from [Special Battle].

* You can see a list of battles you've registered as your favorites from [Favorites]. 

2) A list of battles you can depart for.

3) Select the "star" and "bell" icons to register that battle to your [Favorites].

When a party for a favorited battle is created, you will get a notification and a sound alert.

4) Click on the battle to begin. A button will appear to create a party or join an already created one.

You can easily create a new party (like below) by selecting "Create Party."

1) Click "Create Party" to select the difficulty and multi-processing settings.

2) The entry requirements for potential party members.

* Unlike normal departures, [Quick Battle] requires Battle Power and stats appropriate for the battle's level and difficulty. You can't depart for battle if a character doesn't meet the entry requirements.

* Like normal departures, you can set the desired entry requirements for a battle of your choice in [Custom Battle].