Wardrobe Points and Skills

  • 1 year ago

A set amount of "Wardrobe Points" are required per skill to use the Wardrobe Skill, which can be learned and managed in the Wardrobe.

Wardrobe Points are calculated by summing up the outfit, back, tail, and object parts' individual points of all characters within the account, and they can be found in the Wardrobe Skill menu that you can find in the Wardrobe.


* Best-dressed rankings are calculated per character.

* Inner Armor / Makeup / Tattoo / Scar / Body Tattoo items do not provide Wardrobe Points.


[Reference: Outfit Points Calculation]

Avatar Grade














* Points are calculated per outfit part.


[Reference: Back / Tails / Object Point Calculation]

Back / Tail / Object Grade















Once you've collected some Wardrobe Points, you will be ready to utilize the Wardrobe Skills.

Wardrobe Skills range from adding Appearance Preset Slots, Emotes, Emblems, adding Dye Slots, Titles, to crafting Dye Ampoules.

There are a total of 7 type of skills. Those that are available for you to learn will be displayed in white font.

Click the cog button above to select the character to use the Wardrobe Skill on.

The first character will be assigned immediately upon selecting, and the subsequent characters will require a set amount of AP depending on each skill.

You can obtain not only the Appearance Management skill but also the other Wardrobe Skills such as the Titles / Emblems / Clone Outfit Crafting Box / etc. The Wardrobe Skill assigned on the character cannot be disabled, so please be careful when selecting your characters.


■ Clone Outfit Crafting Skill

Unlike other wardrobe skills, the Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box skill can only be used once per account.

For example, if you've acquired the Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [01] skill, you cannot acquire this skill with a different character.

Clone Out Crafting can be done per part, and you can mix and match your duplicates from different outfits.

Example) Special All Curves Bunny Babe Headband + Special Seafarer Shirt

 Cloning the outfit with the Clone Outfit Crafting Box will duplicate all dye slot's color information.

For instance, if the original outfit's dye slot #2's part 1 color is yellow, the same color will be duplicated on the corresponding slot's part 1 color on the cloned outfit.

The outfit crafted with the Clone Outfit Crafting Box skill will be sent to the mailbox of the selected character.

Items crafted with the Clone Outfit Crafting skill will display "(Cloned)" next to the item name.


■ Appearance Management

You can set the appearance on the slots activated by learning the Appearance Preset Slot [01] skill.

* Try equipping avatar items in the Appearance Settings UI. You can also preview your appearance in town through the "Preview Colhen" feature.

If you have set your appearance, please make sure you click Save All.

The Appearance Management feature handles other things, as well.

Click the "Battle Appearance Settings" at the Appearance Management area to set the rules of your saved appearance presets, and automatically change outfits.

You can also change your outfits easily in town by clicking the Load Appearance button, located in Storage Chest > NX Storage Chest.


■ Switch Dye Preset

Once you have added a Dye Slot through the Add Dye Slot skill, you can click the Switch Dye Preset button at the Dye Shop to dye the desired slot with a new color.

* If you dye without switching the dye slot, it will be reflected on the previously selected dye slot. Please make sure you have switched the dye slot to the desired one. Ensure that you have selected the correct dye slot when you are using the Outfit Dye Reset Ampoule, as the results cannot be reverted.

Dye slot switching can be conveniently done in the Wardrobe or in town.

1) Dye Preset Switching in the Wardrobe

Enter the Manage Wardrobe Area > Appearance Settings Screen and select the desired dye slot. Then press Save All.

2) Dye Preset Switching in the NX Storage Chest Menu

Click the button in NX Storage Chest > Switch Dye Preset and select the desired dye slots per part. Press Save.


■ Ampoule Crafting Area

If you have learned the Ampoule Crafting skill through the Wardrobe Skill, you can craft various colored dye ampoules in the Ampoule Crafting Area.

There are three types of Ampoule Crafting skills: Quick Ampoule Crafting, Superior Ampoule Crafting, and Special Ampoule Crafting. One or two Material items are required depending on the crafting method.

* Material Items Required for Ampoule Crafting

Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Empty)

Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Gift)

Clodagh's Experimental Dye Ampoule (Empty)

Clodagh's Experimental Dye Ampoule (Empty) (Gift)

Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty)

Outfit Dye Ampoule (Gift)

Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty)

Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty) (Gift)

1) Quick Ampoule Crafting

Once you've learned the Quick Ampoule Crafting skill, you can obtain 1 out of the 6 colors by chance, and the list will include your desired color.

Learning the Quick Ampoule Crafting Additional Color skill will allow you to select up to two desired colors. If you have learned the Quick Ampoule Crafting Preview Discount skill, the Select/Reset cost changes from 10,000 gold to 3,000.

* If you have selected two ampoule colors after learning the Quick Ampoule Crafting Additional Color skill.

2) Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting

If you have learned Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting, you can select and obtain 1 desired color during the ampoule crafting, and you can obtain up to 2 per character.

* Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting required 2 Material Items.

* Using the Special Ampoule Crafting allows you to obtain *special* colored ampoules that you cannot obtain in existing ampoule palettes.

* The required amount of AP for Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting is as written below.

- Superior Ampoule Crafting: 7,000 AP

- Special Ampoule Crafting: 15,000 AP


Dye Ampoules crafted through Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting are all crafted as Premium Outfit Dye Ampoule (Filled),

and you can own up to 5 Superior/Special Ampoules if you have trained the Premium Outfit Dye Ampoule Quantity skill.

You can only use the Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting once a week, and this skill resets every Saturday at 7AM UTC.

Please remember that the cooldowns for ampoule crafting are shared.

Example) If you have crafted a dye ampoule using Special Ampoule Crafting, you can use the Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting skill on the next Saturday at 7AM