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How do I participate in Redeemers?

Follow the Main Stream and complete a specific story to earn the Redeemers battle info (according to each story).

Battle Name

Boss Monsters

Battle Info Acquisition Condition

Required Level for Departure

Sea of Reflection


Complete the story [Rift], then proceed with [Hero's Sword]

Lv. 90+

Dark Side of the Moon


Complete the story [The Other Side]

Lv. 90+

Tempering the Sword


Complete the story [Forge of the Gods]

Lv. 100+

Tree of Life


Complete the story [Paradise Crossed]

Lv. 105+


Complete the stories above and visit Tuathal in Berbhe to depart to a Redeemers battle.

However, please note that you cannot depart if you have not completed these stories, even if you visit Tuathal.

* You can conveniently depart to Redeemers from anywhere through [Menu (T) > Depart (G)].


■ What's different about Redeemers?

Redeemers is a battle where up to 8 people can depart together.

Departure counts are reset every Saturday at 7AM UTC. You can complete up to two a week to increase your Redeemers progress and obtain reward items.

Characters sharing equipment will also share their Redeemers departure counts. You may continue to depart to Redeemers Battles after completing them twice, but you will not be able to increase your Redeemers progress or obtain more reward items.

There are a number of item and skill restrictions in Redeemers battles.

Shall we take a look at what kind of characteristics there are?


■ Item & Status Effect Restrictions

You cannot use certain items in Redeemers.

You will not be able to use most items. The exceptions are various "feathers," Armor Temporary Repair Kits, Campfire Kits, the Exquisite HP Potions sold at the shop, and finally Artifact equipment.

Status effects you can acquire in town are also not applied.

Useful effects from various food items or bath soaps, and other status effects you can obtain prior to departure, will be applied to your Parthalon Vanguard.


Revival Restrictions

You will be provided a total of 3 opportunities to be revived.

However, you cannot use Goddess Grace to revive yourself.

You can only be revived by others through a Phoenix Feather, a Guild Heavenly Feather, Evie's Revival, etc.








Can Revive

After 480s

Can Revive

After 480s

Can Revive




When your Redeemers completion count is below 5,

you'll receive the 'Rookie Redeemer' effect.

While under this effect, you can be automatically revived from the Incapacitated state up to 8 times in the [Sea of Reflection], [Dark Side of the Moon], and [Tempering the Sword] battles, and up to 3 times in the [Tree of Life] battle.

Please note that a penalty will be applied after you reach the max revival count of a given battle.


■  Skill Use Restriction

There is also a limit on skill use during Redeemers.

Path Transformations such as "Active: Dark Knight Transformation" and "Active: Paladin Transformation" are unavailable. Suppression skills, and skills that stop enemy animations such as "Active: Comet Dash" or "Active: Desperado" will not apply to the boss monster.


What rewards will I receive for completing Redeemers battles?

When you complete Redeemers at least once, the Redeemers button at the bottom of Character (C) window will become active.

Through that menu you can see the Active Effects and Bonus Effect you obtained.

1) Item Effects

Active Effects are additional stats based on your Redeemers Progress. These are permanent.

Each time you successfully complete the relevant battle, Progress will increase by 25% for "Sea of Reflection," "Dark Side of the Moon," and "Tempering the Sword," and by 4% for "Tree of Life".

Meeting certain thresholds will reward you with certain stat increases.


Sea of Reflection

Dark Side of the Moon

Tempering the Sword

Tree of Life

Active Effects


(M.) ATT +500

(M.) ATT +500

(M.) ATT +500

(M.) ATT +500






HP +1,000

HP +1,000

HP +500

HP +500






(M.) ATT +250

(M.) ATT +250

(M.) ATT +250

(M.) ATT +250


ATT Surplus +300

ATT Surplus +300

ATT Surplus +200

ATT Surplus +100


(M.) ATT +250

(M.) ATT +250

(M.) ATT +250

(M.) ATT +250





▶ Active Effects for Sea of Reflection, Dark Side of the Moon, Tempering the Sword, and Tree of Life stack.

▶ If you have a character in the same account who has reached 100% progress for a Redeemers battle,

   you can get 2x the progress from completing the pertinent Redeemers battle with another character!


2) Bonus Effect

Bonus Effect refers to the "Full Force," which can be obtained upon completing Redeemers 50 times.

Full Force is activated with a set chance when hitting a boss with a smash attack. (It must have 70% or less HP.) This is a special ability with which you can inflict even more powerful damage to the enemy when you use certain skills.

However, Full Force has a 480 second cooldown before you can activate it again. Please note this when using the Bonus Effect.

Unlike Active Effects it cannot be stacked, even if you earned Full Force from each of the current Redeemers battles.

Times Completed

Sea of Reflection

Dark Side of the Moon

Tempering the Sword

Tree of Life

Bonus Effect


Full Force Lv. 1

Full Force Lv. 2

Full Force Lv. 3

Full Force Lv. 4


▶ You can choose/use only one of the Bonus Effects obtained.

▶ The effects and damage are slightly different for each type of Full Force (Lv. 1, Lv. 2, Lv. 3, and Lv. 4).


· Lightning Fury


· Full Moon

· Wicked Shot


· Amaranth Kick

· Stigma Hammer


· Killer Dart

· Flying Guillotine & Five Finger Death

· Sudden Gust


· Active: Fire Shock

· Bloody Thread


· Mana Edge (Stage 5)

· Arcane Flurry

· Accentato


· Mammoth Force

· Big Bang


· Illusion Fist


· Magnum level 3

· Active: Hollow Shot


· Wild Star


· Deadly Storm

· Avalanche


· Active: Blazing Spine


· Active: Cleave


· Active: Quantum Ruin

· Active: Infinity Shot


· Rushing River


· Active: Tiger Claw


· Red Hawk Crush

· Demos Uprising

· Resistance Unchained


· Spinel Flash

· Active: Diamond Doublet

· Active: Enstatite


· Active: Penitent Slash 


· Active: Beautiful Blaze

· Kradie Burst


· Active: Lion's Rage 

· Active: Elephant Stamp



▶ Each Character's Skill that Activates Full Force

▶ Skill information of newly updated character(s) will be revealed after a set amount of time.


3) Reward Items

You can obtain a Box of Labor: Redeemers, a Box of Valor: Redeemers, a Box of Conviction: Redeemers, and a Box of Resolution: Redeemers. These can only be obtained in Redeemers.

Open the box to be awarded with various items, based on their respective probabilities.

Box of Labor: Redeemers

(Tree of Life)

Box of Valor: Redeemers

(Tempering the Sword)

Box of Resolution: Redeemers

(Dark Side of the Moon)

Box of Conviction: Redeemers

(Sea of Reflection)

Emote: Annihilation Annihilator

Emote: Indomitable Will

Emote: Moonlight Glide

Emote: Epidemiologist

Mysterious Shard Grade 1/2/3

Abyssal Shard Grade 1/2/3

Element Stone

Intermediate Element Stone
Elemental Cloth Bundle

Elemental Accessory Shard

Elemental Weapon Shard

Elemental Armor Shard

▶ List of Available Items from the Box

- If you complete a Redeemers battle that has the bonus effect available, you can earn a Bonus Redeemers Box x1.

* Can be obtained regardless of the weekly departure count.

* Please note. If you have characters sharing equipment,

then those two characters will share the number of times they can obtain a Redeemers Box.

However, the completion Bonus Effect will only apply once (on either Normal or Hell difficulty). Completing one battle of either difficulty will remove the Bonus Effect for that week.

Bonus Box Content Item

Redeemers Seal

Reflections Seal

Elemental Cloth Bundle

Elemental Accessory Shard

Elemental Weapon Shard

Elemental Armor Shard

Element Stone Materials Box

Intermediate Element Stone

Mysterious Shard Grade 1/2/3

Abyssal Shard Grade 1/2/3

Bonus Redeemers Gold Pouch


Once you complete Redeemers 50 times, you can obtain the [Mission] or [Redeemers Seal] by completing the corresponding Redeemers battles.
You can exchange the seals at their Exchange Shops for various items, such as a Seraphic Feathers Brooch, a Red Moon Brooch, a Quality Booster Coupon (+1 Star), etc.

Item Name

Obtainable Redeemers Battle

Mission Seal

Tree of Life

Redeemers Seal

Tempering the Sword, Dark Side of the Moon, and Sea of Reflection

▶ Obtained seals can be used in the Exchange Shop via [Menu (T) > Exchange Shop > Seal Shop] or [Character (C) > Seal].

You can generally obtain 1 seal by completing its Redeemers Battle, but you can earn even more depending on your Damage Contribution.

For example, if your damage contribution was 25% in "Tree of Life," you can obtain the Mission Seal as the basic reward plus 1 additional because of your damage contribution, raising your total to 2 seals!

Damage Contribution

Amount of Extra Seals Obtained

Above 20% - Below 35%


Above 35%


▶ The penalty below will be applied if your damage contribution is below 2%.
: The target player will be treated as if they failed the battle. They will not receive the reward, but their departure count will not decrease either.

: The battle can be completed without the penalty above when the Rookie Redeemer effect is applied.


■ [Hell] Difficulty

Complete the "Sea of Reflection," "Dark Side of the Moon," "Tempering the Sword," and "Tree of Life" Redeemers more than 5 times to unlock the Battle Info for [Hell] difficulty.

This can only be cleared once a week, and the departure count will reset every Saturday at 7AM UTC.

Although it will be categorized as a separate battle from the original Redeemers, the Redeemers progression and completion count will be applied as usual.

You will be able to experience powerful Bosses through the [Hell] difficulty.

If you have grown used to Redeemers, then give it a shot to challenge yourself!

You can obtain one of either the Redeemers Seal or Mission Seal, and one of its contents from the Bonus Redeemers Box, according to their probabilities.