Royal Army Total War

  • 1 year ago

■ What is Royal Army Total War?

Royal Army Total War is a cooperative battle between up to 12 players that players can depart to the "Unknown Expanse" for from Lv. 90 and up.

In the battle, players must defend the Final Fortress against a Fomor invasion. 

Successfully defend against the Fomor invasion and defeat the final boss monster, "Commander Shakarr" to earn loot.

You can earn various items, according to their set probabilities, from Royal Army Total War, including "Army Seals" and a "Waking Stone (Rank A)" needed for skill awakening.


* You can depart for one Total War battle every Saturday to Sunday and the departure count is reset on Saturdays at 7AM (UTC).

* VVIP members receive a perk of 1 additional departer per period.

* Additional Departure Licenses are unavailable for this content.


■ How to Fight

1) You can depart for a Royal Army Total War from the dock, the sign in town, from [Depart (G) > Royal Army], or [Quick Departure (K) > Special Battle].

- You can enter the battle from [Solo Mode > Join Party]. The battle commences once all 12 players are present.


* The following effects are applied in Royal Army Total War:

: Upon departing, your character's minimum stats are set.

: Path Transformation is disabled and some skills will be restricted.

: Upon departing, no Fatigue Points and Durability will be lost.

: Additional entries are unavailable once the battle begins.

: Revivals are restricted.

: Lv. 105+ players can obtain the [Veteran's Honor] status effect by entering battle with Lv. 90 - 104 players. This effect increases ATT by 2,400.


2) Once Royal Army Total War begins, the 12 participants enter in different locations. Defend the fortress by defeating all the monsters that spawn in each location.


3) Players that successfully defeat all of monsters in their area will be moved to the [Catapult] area to help players at other locations.

- Move to the Catapult area through the glowing blue door after defeating all of the monsters in your area.

- Approach a catapult and use the [Grab button (E)] to control it.

- Aim the catapult with the movements keys (WASD), and use catapult attacks to deal damage to monsters in different areas.


4) The Fomor invasion is comprised of three waves, and the Royal Army Total War ends when all waves have been repelled.

- If all players become incapacitated, the battle is a failure.

- Players that are incapacitated before the next battle begins are revived automatically.

- Players that were incapacitated during the previous battle can help other players from the catapult area.


■ Rewards and Exchange Shop

[Army Loot Box]

You can earn an "Army Loot Box" upon successfully completing the battle.

Use to obtain 1 of the rewards, according to their preset probabilities, such as the "Waking Stone (Rank A)".


* Army Loot Box Main Item List

Item Name

Waking Stone: Efficient SP (80)

Waking Stone: Efficient Stamina (6)

Waking Stone: Damage Boost (12%)

Waking Stone: Breakoff DMG 12%

- Waking Stones are materials that can be used for "skill awakening" and "Awakening Durability restoration."


[Army Seal]

Based on your contribution during the battle, players can also earn "Army Seals."

Trade your seals in the in the Exchange Shop for various items!

- If your battle contribution is less than 1%, there are penalties to EXP, gold, AP, and other such earned rewards. You additionally are ineligible for "Army Seals" or "Army Loot Boxes."

Combat Contribution

Army Seals Reward











- You can use the Army Seal Exchange Shop from [Menu (T) > Exchange Shop] or [Character (C) > Seals].

- You can own up to 200 Army Seals per character.


Price (Seals)



Damascus Steel (Binding)



No Purchase Limit

Jardin Steel (Binding)



No Purchase Limit

Mysterious Shard Grade 2



Purchasable Once per Character (Weekly)

Abyssal Shard Grade 2



Purchasable Once per Character (Weekly)

Mysterious Shard Grade 3



Purchaseable Once per Character (Monthly)

Abyssal Shard Grade 3



Purchaseable Once per Character (Monthly)

TP 1000 Potion (Binding)



No Purchase Limit

AP 1000 Capsule [AS]



No Purchase Limit

Seal of Bravery



No Purchase Limit

Triumph Medal



No Purchase Limit