Transform Auxiliary Equipment

  • 5 months ago

Transform Auxiliary Equipment

■ What is Auxiliary Equipment Transformation?

This is a function that transforms auxiliary equipment, such as totems, focuses, and shields, into a different type of auxiliary equipment (of the same level).

Statistics such as quality, Power Infusion, tradability, durability, etc. persist upon transforming a piece of auxiliary equipment. However, dye and fusion information are reset, and inapplicable enchants may be deleted.

Characters Lv. 105 and above can transform their auxiliary equipment by going to Dianann in Rocheste, or through the Rabi Whistle.


■ How to Transform Auxiliary Equipment

Select [Transform Auxiliary Equipment] from Dianann or a Summoned Rabi, and the following window appears.

1) Select the auxiliary equipment to transform.

- You can only transform auxiliary equipment with a level requirement of Lv. 105+.

- Items that are equipped will not appear on the list and cannot be transformed. See the equip information from Storage Chest (B).

2) Select the auxiliary equipment you want to transform.

- A different kind of auxiliary equipment, with the same level requirement, appears on the list.

- You can see the item stats, such as the enchant information, that will be applied when transforming auxiliary equipment.

3) Gold required when transforming auxiliary equipment.

4) Select [Transform].

A [Transformation Warning] message appears. Remember to check the information of the item being transformed and keep the precautions in mind.

Press[OK] to complete the secondary weapon transformation.

[!] Dye and fusion information on shields and focuses are reset when transforming secondary weapon.

[!] Enchant information not applied to the auxiliary equipment being transformed will be deleted.

  : Dye Ampoule, fused appearance, and deleted enchants reset during the auxiliary equipment transformation are not returned.

  : Example: When transforming [Raging Wind Striking Ardri Small Shield] with the Wind Striking enchant to Totem, the suffix enchant is completely deleted and transformed to [Raging The Book of Ardri].