Equipment Supply Guide

  • 1 year ago

■ Level up and complete Character Growth Goals to earn free equipment.

What are Character Growth Goals?

Windows like the one below appear throughout the player's journey while playing a new character for the first time.

Players see this window upon completing a Character Growth Goal.

The Character Growth Goals are also accessible through the Play Guide (Play Guide Icon) icon located on the bottom right of the game screen.

[Character Growth Goal Reward Guide Window]


Players can earn rewards by completing [Character Growth Goals], which are organized into three categories:  1) Level Achievement, 2) Skill Achievement, and 3) Story Completion.

Reach set levels to earn supplies and equipment to power up your character.

Players receive free equipment for their characters from the Character Growth Goals from Lv. 1 to Lv. 105 in Vindictus.

[Character Growth Goal Menu from Play Guide]


■ Representative equipment that players can earn through "Character Growth Goals."

Lv. 55 - 75 Supplied Equipment

At Lv. 55, players can receive a durational Novice Badge that can be equipped in the cash item slot for 30 days,

and at Lv. 70, players receive +3 Nighthawk weapons and head, chest, leg, hand, and feet armor, as well as a durational White Kitty Necklace that can be equipped in the cash item slot for 30 days.

At Lv. 75, players can receive a durational White Kitty Brooch that can be equipped in the jewelry slot for 30 days.

Durational brooches, necklaces, and badges can all be purchased with gold from the Marketplace after they expire, and badges can also be purchased in the Supply Depot.

* Players begin receiving equipment sets at Lv. 70. Items up until that point can be onbtained through battles and main story quests.

[L: Regular Equipment Slot for Weapons, Armor, and Brooches R: Cash Item Slot for Necklaces and Badges]


Lv. 80 - 85 Supplied Equipment

At Lv. 80, players can receive Armageddon weapons and head, chest, leg, hand, and feet armor, as well as a durational Artifact that can be equipped in the Artifact slot for 30 days.

Artifcats provide various useful effects and skills in battles. Players can view each Artifact's effects through the item tooltip on the Artifact selection screen. Choose artifacts best suited for your character.

Players can purchase a permanent Artifact from the Exchange Shop using Triumph Medals after an Artifact expires.

At Lv. 85, players can receive a Copper Bracelet and gems to be equipped to bracelets. Craft a bracelet from the Colhen General Store for your character.

[Weapons, Armor, Artifacts, and Bracelets]


Lv. 90 - 105 Supplied Equipment

Lv. 90 to 105, players can receive various equipment such as weapons, armor, and accessories (earrings, belts, 2 rings) for their given level.

At Lv. 95, players receive an item to be equipped as auxiliary equipment, and all characters with the exception of Fiona and Arisha will receive a totem. (Fiona: Shield, Arisha: Focus)

The weapons and armor are all +12 with enhancements. Players can raise their stats further with additional enhancements, enchanting, reforging, etc.

* Character Growth Goal rewards for Lv. 90 - 105 can be obtained in the form of Destiny Boxes.

Players can select either "Support Box" or "Growth Support Box" when using the Destiny Box.

Selecting the "Support Box" will provide the player with necessary equipment.


Have you tried all of the supplied equipment from completing Character Growth Goals?

[A character with all of supplied equipment after reaching Lv. 105.]

If you've reached Lv. 105 and the durational supply equipment hasn't expired yet, equip all of the supplied equipment obtained from Character Growth Goals, like in the example above.

Use the +13 Restorative Enhancement Rune (Restorative Enhancement Rune Icon) obtained from the Seal of Bravery Exchange Shop to enhance weapons and armor with a 100% success rate, and challenge for the highest enhancement of +15 with reforging.