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Sou is a swordsman of mysterious origins who now wanders the western continent.

However, his dusty clothing and foreign appearance suggest that he hails from the east.

People call him a "raven," though this traveler takes it in stride. 

No one knows the final destination of his journey, or his reasons for walking so far.

One rumor claims that he was once a palace guard. Another claims that he beheaded god himself...

He wields unique swords of different lengths that westerners call the "Oriental Blades."

His own names for them are different. The shorter is a "Kodachi," fast enough to parry or rush an enemy.

Meanwhile, the longer and heavier "Odachi" is capable of unleashing devastating strikes.

Sou only wields one sword at a time, but his mastery of the quick draw means he defeats opponents in a flash, and he has options for diverse gameplay.





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Click the skill name to check Sou's Exclusive Skills.


Active: Distant Horizon

If used with the Kodachi, it sheathes the sword and quickly draws to slash an enemy ahead.

If used with the Odachi, it performs a powerful downward strike forward. Gathering strength beforehand will unleash a shockwave.


Active: Road to Ruin

Wielding the Kodachi, quickly charge and slash the enemy.

You can then strike up to three times more, delivering a powerful strike at the end.

Brandishing the Odachi, rush forward as you perform 2 powerful attacks.

Can be used one additional time with additional controls.


Active: Soaring Dragon

Slash forward and soar up, then strike down on the enemy as you spin with the Kodachi.


Active: Ascension

Sou's legendary technique. Moving almost faster than the eye can see, he unleashes a series of attacks with both swords, sheathing before the enemy knows what happened.