Coming Soon: The Blight of the Unseen

  • 7 years ago

Our final update for 2016 is nearly here and the dark forces arrayed against you have grown more powerful, more deadly and somehow even more bizarre. Join us for the next chapter in Vindictus' epic tale and face down a true abomination with the Blight of the Unseen update!

New Episode: Blight of the Unseen

Next week's update brings out the next episode in Season 3, Chapter 2. In Blight of the Unseen, uncover Berbhe, a small town hidden deep beneath the battlefields of Lochlann. The inhabitants seem friendly enough, but to have survived for so long in the middle of Fomor territory, there's no telling what secrets they might have...

Berbhe serves as the newest town in Vindictus, featuring new characters, new stories to learn and hosting a battle board to give you access to the Season 3 battle quests. This new episode's story revolves around the inhabitants of Berbhe as you defend them from the threats underground across 8 new battle quests, each featuring a new boss to crush.

But not everything is so easy, for behind the dark forces and powerful creatures that seek Berbhe's destruction, a far more monstrous foe lies in wait...

New Raid Boss: The Abomination

The Abomination of Berbhe is like nothing you've fought before. A grotesque, towering horror, resembling a cross between human and insect scaled up a hundredfold, it has no grand plan, no sinister machinations, no mighty goals to aspire to. It exists for one reason alone: To destroy and consume.

The Abomination's massive size and nigh-impenetrable skin make it a force to be reckoned with. While its attacks are clumsy at best, facing a foe with a fifty meter wingspan leaves few safe places... and speaking of wingspan, the Abomination can fly in short bursts, allowing it to reach the high ground and bombard his foes with particularly vile toxins.

Your greatest challenge with the Abomination, however, might be simple attrition. It possesses a powerful shield that nearly negates any blows landed upon it. It is a shield that can only be dispelled by the cacophony of the mighty bell hanging above the arena. Brave the moving and trapped platforms and ascend high with Chain Hooks in order to ring the bell and bring down its shield, or to strike at the beast should it seek refuge there.

Defeating the Abomination will grant you access to a new set of Plate Armor and powerful new weapons, craftable through Dianann's Composite system with the Abomination's Essence that can be obtained by defeating it, or through the Vindicator's Box.

Elite Lucky Box and More

We're also launching a brand new lucky box filled with plenty of new attractions, featuring a proud general's regalia, four varieties of Seafarer Outfits for our female Mercenaries, two player-designed outfits from the China 2016 Outfit and two adorable pets with sailor suits of their own. Get a look at the full slate of outfits when the Elite Lucky Box arrives with the Blight of the Unseen update on Wednesday, December 21st!