Grimden Registration Event

  • 3 years ago



Once a Young Warrior, Now a Merciless Assassin
Grimden was once a wanderer, traveling around the world spreading the goddess’ love.
One day he was kidnapped by a mysterious man who appeared out of nowhere.
There, a strange man lead Grimden down a dark path, a pitch black path that shone no light.
Grimden was then reborn, into the merciless, deadly assassin he became today. He knows no mercy, only pain from the past.

This deadly assassin strikes swiftly along with his cloning abilities, making his attacks unpredictable. Make sure you hold your breath, as Grimden will strike you within the blink of an eye. There won’t be enough time for you to plan your next move against this deadly assassin.


Grimden Registration Event

Start Date End Date (Edited)
November 13th (After Maintenance) December 10th (16:59:59 PST)

Grimden is finally coming to Vindictus Mercenaries, and he'll be joining the Twelve starting this December 11th, 2018 PST! Explore the darkest paths with Grimden by signing up on the 'Grimden Registration Event' now and claim your exclusive Grimden rewards as well on the 11th!

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