Regarding 'Registration Reward Package'

  • 3 years ago


2018-11-19 00:00 A.M. PST Update:

  • Regarding ‘Quantity’ of 2 Rewards in the ‘Grimden Registration Reward Package'
    • The quantity of two items in the 'Grimden Registration Reward Package' (+12 Flawless Enhancement Stone (Lv.95) & +12 Dullahan Weapon / Armor Full Set (30 Days)) have been indicated wrong showing 12 in quantity where it should only be 1. Regarding this, the fix has been made as below and we sincerely apologize for any confusion caused.


  • Regarding ‘Additional Character Slot’
    • Regarding the ‘Additional Character Slot,’ an additional Character Slot will be added automatically into the selected account of the event participant on December 11th during maintenance regardless of the ‘Grimden Registration Reward Package.’ The additional character slot is not an item but will be automatically added into all of the accounts of all users who’ve registered on the ‘Grimden Registration Event’ just to clarify.


  • Regarding ‘Reward Acquisition Flow’
    • Regarding the process of acquiring the contents of the ‘Grimden Registration Reward Package,’ please refer to the ‘Reward Acquisition Flow’ process below:


Once again, we apologize for any miscommunication this has brought and hope this additional notice clarifies things up.

- The Vindictus Team



Greetings Mercenaries,

There seems to be confusion with the following note: "The exclusive Registration Reward Package will be bound to the character of your choice," therefore, have clarified it a bit more as below:
The exclusive 'Grimden Registration Reward Package' will be added to the character of your choice, but since it will be bound to the account, the "package" is moveable among the characters within the account.
However, since the package is restrained to be only opened by the Grimden character, please enjoy the rewards by using Grimden to open them after creation.
We apologize for the confusion caused and hope this has clarified the issue. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

- The Vindictus Team