The Enchanting Hellfairy Pets

  • 4 years ago

Four little Hellfairies have arrived to Vindictus, looking for new friends and allies to aid in battle. Cassie, Debbie, Jessie and Maxie with gather items, mine ore deposits you come across and if you find yourself on death's door, they can use their magic to restore some of your lost health.

You can find these adorable little demons in the Mischief-Maker Case, which also contains the Succubus Queen Set, Premium Weapon Fusion Runes and dozens of useful items. Almost everything in this case is Airtight, and you can also find all four Hellfairies and the Succubus Queen Set in the Exchange Shop, purchasable for 400 Vindicator coupons!

Top Row: Hellfairy Cassie, Hellfairy Maxie. Bottom Row: Hellfairy Jessie, Hellfairy Debbie

Item Name Mischief-Maker Case
Sale Start Wednesday, April 5th (End of Maintenance)
Sale End Wednesday, May 31st (Start of Maintenance)
Location Supply Depot
  • 1x Mischief-Maker Case: 990 NX
  • 11x Mischief-Maker Case: 9,900 NX

3% chance of receiving one of the following:

  • Airtight Hellfairy Cassie
  • Airtight Hellfairy Debbie
  • Airtight Hellfairy Jessie
  • Airtight Hellfairy Maxie
  • Airtight Succubus Queen Set
  • Airtight Premium Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Airtight Premium Enhancement Rune
  • Airtight Exquisite Enchant Rune
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (60%)
  • Airtight AP 10,000 Capsule
  • Airtight AP 5,000 Capsule

May instead receive one of the following:

  • Airtight Premium Armor Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Airtight Armor Fusion Rune
  • Airtight Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
  • Airtight Home VVIP Service Package (7 Days)
  • Airtight Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (Permanent)
  • Airtight Premium Skill Awakening Rune
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Rune
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (50%)
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (40%)
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (30%)
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (20%)
  • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (10%)
  • Airtight Appearance Alteration Coupon
  • Airtight Shared Storage Coupon (30 Days)
  • Airtight Cadet Badge (30 days)
  • Airtight Perpetual Enchant Coupon
  • Airtight Pure Skill Reset Capsule
  • Airtight Unbind Potion (x5)
  • Airtight Ancient Bloody Shade (30 Days/Tradable)
  • Airtight Premium Bath Soap
  • Airtight Permanent Makeup Coupon
  • Airtight Permanent Beard Coupon
  • Airtight Max Durability Increase Potion (x5)
  • Airtight Divine Blessing Stone
  • Airtight Max Awakening Increase Potion
  • Assorted Avatar Dye Ampoules (Filled)
  • Avatar Dye Ampoule (Empty, Gift)
  • Assorted Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Filled)
  • Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Empty, Gift)
  • 10x Server Megaphone
  • Airtight Permanent Body Tattoo Coupon
  • Airtight Permanent Face Tattoo Coupon
  • Airtight 30x Merc Recovery Potion (Gift)
  • Airtight 50x Merc Recovery Potion (Gift)
  • Unlimited Hair Pass (30 Days, Gift)
  • Unlimited Inner Armor Pass (30 Days, Gift)
  • Airtight AP Capsule 1000
  • Airtight AP 500 Capsule
  • 2x Airtight Merc Recovery Potion Plus (Gift)
  • 2x Airtight Goddess Grace (P)
  • Airtight Skill Reset Capsule

In addition, each case contains a Vindicator's Coupon, which can be traded in at the Exchange Shop for a selection of items.

Vindicator's Coupons Exchange Rates
  • 400x Vindicator's Coupons: Hellfairy Maxie
  • 400x Vindicator's Coupons: Hellfairy Jessie
  • 400x Vindicator's Coupons: Hellfairy Debbie
  • 400x Vindicator's Coupons: Hellfairy Cassie
  • 400x Vindicator's Coupons: Succubus Queen Set
  • Standard Prizes still available
  • Succubus Queen Set can be worn by Female Characters only
  • All Airtight items can be traded to other players once
  • Filled Dye Ampoules and Server Megaphones can be placed on the Marketplace or in Shared Storage
  • Rewards a Random Item from the possible contents
  • Can open from the Bigby Bottomless Box screen