Call of the Goddess Preview

  • 4 years ago

It's been a fun few months of special battles, but as we approach the long summer months, it's time to kick-start the next part of Vindictus' epic story. Coming next week, take command of one of the Crimson Blade's finest warriors as Ceara takes the spotlight in a special interlude story!

Ceara's Interlude: Call of the Goddess

As a certain mercenary has been meeting new friends and fighting strange foes in the lands beneath Lochlann, those left behind in Colhen and Rocheste hear only dire news on the horizon. Powerful armies of vile creatures, a Fomor horde unlike anything seen before smashing humanity's front lines... and through it all, a strange voice calls to one of the Crimson Blades' veteran sword-hands...

Play as Ceara with the Call of the Goddess interlude story as she fights to protect Colhen and Rocheste from the newly empowered Fomor horde. Ceara fights using many of Fiona's powerful sword-and-shield attacks, with stats independent of whatever gear you have equipped.

Ceara's interlude will be available to all players that have completed the non-Redeemers portions of the Corruption of the Goddess update, but be warned: Ceara's journey will not be an easy nor simple one... and in Vindictus, not all stories end well.

Gremlin's Bizarre Journey

The Strange Traveler has found a curious little friend begging for help! A dark force has begun corrupting the gremlins, turning them into dark monstrosities. Some can still be saved, however, and the faster you can defeat this new foe, the more gremlins will be left to reward you!

The next update brings a new set of events, including an event battle with a unique twist. Fight your way through a solo battle quest, defeating corrupted Gremlins and race towards the final boss as fast as you can. The quicker you can manage it, the more rewards you'll receive, including Enchant Runes, Kitty Broaches, SwagLyfe Packages and more!

Rocheste Agent Outfits

As the story returns to Rocheste's environs, we'll be bringing out a pair of outfits for the agents of humanity's great city! A stylish white jacket, black pants and hiding mask for men and an elegant minidress with sturdy boots and gloves for women, the Rocheste Agent outfits will arrive here soon!

All of the above and additional events, new hairstyles and more will arrive on Thursday, May 11th!