Monster Bingo Event

  • 6 years ago


Monster Bingo has come back once again to give you a chance to earn items and even costumes by hunting down and killing the specific monsters!

Every day, from now through Tuesday, May 27th, specific monsters throughout Vindictus will drop Bingo numbers, a different number each day and two numbers on Sundays and Mondays! As you collect more and more of the numbers, more prizes will unlock, and you can cap it all off with the Golden Panda items!


These two items are equipped in the Battle Inventory, and can be fused with compatible gear items to preserve the grand looks for a heavy fight. Check out it, and the other rewards, below.



Completed Rows
(Top to Bottom)
  • 3x Goddess Grace
  • 1x Goddess Grace (Party)
  • 5x Enhancement Elixir
  • 5x Empowered Enhancement Stone
  • 5x Exquisite Iron Ore
Completed Columns
(Left to Right)
  • 20x Fine HP Potions
  • 3x Magic Elixir
  • 3x Server Megaphone
  • 3x SP Recovery Potion
  • 5x AP Blessing Stone
  • 5x Party Revival Feather
  • 3x Divine Blessing Stones
Bingo Completions
(Each Row, Column and Diagonal counts as 1 Bingo)
  • 3 Bingos: Maximum 10,000 AP Capsule Gift Box
  • 5 Bingos: 1x Sealed Enchant Scroll
  • 8 Bingos: 1x Golden Panda Head
  • 12 Bingos: 1x Golden Panda Body

Event Details

Event Name
Monster Bingo Event
Event Start Thursday, May 7th, 2015
Event End
Wednesday, May 27th 10:00 AM PDT
Golden Panda Outfit
  • Outfit is in-game armor, not an Outfitter.
  • Armor Fusion is possible.
  • Enchanting is possible, however the outfit will become permabound if a high ranking Enchant Scroll is used on a non-fused Panda outfit.
  • Enhancing is not possible, although it can be enhanced if it is fused on another armor first.
  • Cannot be dyed.
  • Cannot be mailed or traded in the Marketplace, although it can be traded if the item is already fused with another equipment and unbound with unbind potions.
  • Select, Unannounced Monsters will drop Bingo Numbers when killed.
  • Use those Bingo Numbers on the Bingo Board
  • Collect all the Numbers in a Row, Column or Diagonal to unlock a Bingo prize.
  • Unlock multiple Bingos for more prizes
  • A total of 25 Numbers will drop
  • No numbers will drop between 5/26 - 5/27, and you must claim your rewards before the board is removed with the end of the event.

-- The Vindictus Team --