Fiona Revamp Update

  • 5 years ago


Welcome to the Fiona Revamp Update! With this update, everyone's favorite sword and boarder has gotten a massive overhaul, adding a few new abilities and an overhaul of her entire arsenal! She's not the only one getting some love this month, as the first of our new Ultimate Skills have arrived for Lann and Evie, the powerful Comet Strike and the devastating Meteor Swarm! With the additions of Easy Mode missions, updates for Lann and Fiona's facial appearance and more, there's a massive amount of updates to pore over! Check it all out below!

Fiona was one of Vindictus' first characters, our original front-line tank. While Fiona's always been the first choice for parties wanting a hardy meatshield to distract the enemy, we're giving her a bit more love, giving every one of her spells a pass and filling in some holes with a pair of new skills! The full list of changes is below, but if you haven't tried out Fiona yet, now's the best time to get started with her!

New Fiona Active Skill: Shield Deflection


Fiona can use Shield Deflection to deflect incoming enemy attacks and continue on with her onslaught, even powering up her next Smash attack. Once trained, just press Tab (default) when an enemy is about to hit you, let the strike slide off the shield and follow-through with your next attack.

Shield Deflection can be used  even during a Focal Point attack, but if you miss your timing, you'll burn some stamina, interrupt your attack and possibly still take the strike anyway. Be sure to practice your timing for the "Deflector" title (+3 STR), rewarded at 500 successful deflections!

Skill Name Shield Deflection
  • Level 26
  • 12,000 Gold
Max Rank Rank F
Activation Tab (Default)
  • Consumes 10 Stamina on use
  • If used successfully, can deflect the next enemy attack and protects you from damage for 0.25 seconds.
  • On Success, restores 25 Stamina, grants 30 SP and increases next Smash damage by 100%
  • On Success, if Focal Point was interrupted to use, can re-activate Focal Point without consuming SP.
  • Usable with both Small and Large Shields
  • Usable with both Longswords and Long Hammers

New Fiona Active Skill: Iron Defense


Fiona's the classic Tank, and this is a Tank's dream skill. After spending 500 SP to activate Iron Defense, Fiona will take a massively reduced amount of damage from all attacks, up to 75% damage reduction at max rank! Lasting for 30 seconds and on a 120s cooldown (95s at max rank), this skill will let Fiona shrug off even more damage and still go on fighting.

While you're vulnerable during the long cooldown, this can be overcome by performing a Perfect Guard, which will decrease the active cooldown on Iron Defense by 1s each time.

Skill Name Iron Defense
  • Level 40
  • 12,000 Gold
  • Large Shield Mastery: Rank F or Above
Max Rank Rank A
Rank Up Bonuses
  • -5s cooldown/rank
  • +5% damage reduction/rank
Activation Active Ability Quick Slot
  • Reduces damage taken by 50% - 75%
  • Successful Perfect Guards reduces the active cooldown by 1s.
  • A Large Shield must be equipped to use.

Other Fiona Skill Changes


There's more changes to Fiona than just making her even beefier with her new skills. Take a look at the changes to Fiona's existing abilies below!

  • Roll now moves Fiona further when used.
  • Shield Repair:
    • Large and Small Shields used by Fiona can no longer be destroyed.
    • As a result, the now-redundant Shield Repair skill has been removed.
    • Gold used to obtain Shield Repair has been refunded through the mailbox.
    • The "Shield Repairer" title has been removed, and replaced with Shield Deflection's "Deflector" title. All progress on the "Shield Repairer" title has been preserved and shifted to the "Deflector" title.
  • Guard:
    • Can now activate Guard between various combos, making it easier to shift from offense to defense when needed.
    • Improved the description, now also introduces Perfect Guard.
    • Regardless of the type of shield equipped, the first Normal attack after a Perfect Guard will now land an additional 3 hits.
  • Smash Mastery:
    • Now affects Shield Bash, Shield Charge and Focal Point.
  • Counterattack:
    • Fiona will no longer fall down while counterattacking if she is attacked before the skill activates.
  • Can now use the following Skills while moving or after attack motions:
    • Shield Bash
    • Focal Point
    • Shield Dash
    • Shield Enhancement
    • Taunt
  • Shield Dash:  
    • Cooldown decreased by 2-3s per rank, down to 7s at Rank 5
    • Upon reaching Rank 9, can activate by holding Kick for .5s, draining 25 SP per use.
  • Focal Point:
    • Increased Damage and Knock-Down Chance
    • Can now Crit.
    • After using Shield Charge, if Focal Point is chained with a Smash, the SP consumed is reduced to 50.
  • Shield Charge:
    • SP consumed reduced to 750 (from 1000).
  • Taunt:
    • Can use with a Small Shield.
    • No longer requires Large Shield Mastery (Rank F) to train.
    • SP consumed reduced to 250.
    • Effect Duration increases by 2s per rank, up to 30s at Rank 6.
    • System Message will appear to Party Members, indicating that Fiona is taunting.
    • A pillar-like Spell Effect will appear over Fiona throughout the effect.
  • Long Hammer  
    • 1-4 Normal Attacks, Crushing Swing and Beetle Crusher attack speeds slightly increased.
  • Beetle Crusher
    • Knock-Down Chance increased.
  • Butterfly Swing
    • Slashing High fading will no longer interrupt a Butterfly Swing combo.
    • Increased SP generated.
  • Petal Toss
    • If Petal Toss is at or above Rank 6, can use Smash attacks after Focal Point to deal Petal Toss smash attacks.
    • If done so, additional SP is used, and the attacks hits a significantly larger area.
  • Blossom Blow
    • Knock-Down Chance Increased.
    • At Rank 9 and Above, after any of the Smash attacks in the combo, can use a Normal attack to charge forward and leap to deal a heavy, downward slash.
    • Additional Smash attack added.
    • Last Smash Animation changed.
  • Ivy Sweep
    • The 2-hit Smash hits a larger area.
    • Increased SP gained from hits.

Don't worry if it takes you a little time to come to terms with the totality of the changes, because Fiona's ready to take on the Formors with even more gusto!

Fiona's not the only one getting some love here. Both Evie and Lann have received new, super-powered skills that can only be described with one word: Ultimate Skills!

New Lann Ultimate Skill: Comet Dash


Lann can use Comet Dash to slam into his foe with a heavy, stunning strike, and then pepper him with more and more hits before finishing it off with one final blow, more than enough damage to destroy almost anything you'll encounter, and take a huge bite out of anyone else.

The only downside of this strike is that it not only requires a massive 1000 SP in order to launch it off, it can only be used once every 20 minutes, so save it up for when it'll count.

Skill Name Comet Dash
  • Level 52
  • 28,000 Gold
Max Rank Rank A
Rank Up Bonuses
  • +5% Damage/Rank
  • +2% Knock-Down Chance/Rank
Activation Active Ability Quick Slot
  • Consumes 1000 SP on use
  • 20 minute cooldown
  • If the first attack hits, will strike the same target repeatedly, cumulating in one final, heavy attack
  • Cannot be damaged while using this ability.
  • Cooldown resets at the start of a battle quest.
  • Usable with both Twin Swords and Twin Spears
  • Cooldown Resets at the start of a new Battle Quest

New Evie Ultimate Skill: Meteor Swarm


Evie can use Meteor Swarm to become the incarnation of heavy artillery, sending a hail of meteors at her selected area, knocking down and damaging any enemy hit, and finishes off with a massive hunk of rock, slamming into anything left alive.

As with Lann's Comet Dash, Evie will need to use 1000 SP to activate the ability, and after using it must wait 20 minutes in order to bring use it again, forcing her to rely on one of her other dozen ways to incinerate foes from afar.

Skill Name Meteor Swarm
  • Level 52
  • 28,000 Gold
Max Rank Rank A
Rank Up Bonuses
  • +5% Damage/Rank
  • +2% Knock-Down Chance/Rank
Activation Active Ability Quick Slot
  • Consumes 1000 SP on use
  • 20 minute cooldown
  • Summons meteors to srike at the designated location, each hitting for light damage and knocking down enemies, cumulating in a final, large meteor hitting for massive damage.
  • Cannot be damaged while using this ability.
  • Usable with both Staff and Battle Scythe
  • Cooldown Resets at the start of a new Battle Quest

New Difficulty Option: Easy Mode


As we approach Season 3, we want to make sure that everyone is caught up on all the epic twists and turns that world of Vindictus has gone through thus far. As such, we're adding a new difficulty mode, simply put: Easy Mode.

Available for battle quests starting at Season 1, Episode 5, and lasting through the end of Season 2, not including Niflheim, Easy Mode reduces the attack and HP of your enemies, lets you take in additional Secondary weapons, and will show Boss HP to boot. However, you'll have to go it alone and you will only be able to loot 1 Evil Core from the boss (although event cores and normal monster cores will still occur normally). Want a challenge, more loot and to go with your friends? You'll need to hit up Normal or Hard difficulty instead.

Appearance Upgrade: Fiona and Lann

Fiona and Lann are the two original warriors in Vindictus, and its high time they got a makeover. We've improved the visuals of both of their faces to bring them up to the quality of the more recently released characters. Check out the changes below!

Old StylesNew Styles
undefined undefined

Elegant Kimono Sales


A new Vindictus update means a new set of sales, this month featuring two new Outfitters: the Exotic Oiran Outfitter for the ladies and the Rogue Yakuza Outfitter for the gents, as well as new Inner Armor, a special package to make your character gorgeous and a special item to help you get your Bingo Board completed!

Check out the full details in the Elegant Kimono Sales post!

Continuing Event: Monster Bingo


The Monster Bingo event is still going strong, and we're into the home stretch! You only have until 10 AM on Wednesday, May 27th to complete the Bingos and claim your prizes, including your chance to earn yourself a Golden Panda costume!

Check out the Monster Bingo Event post for the full details!

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

Even with everything above, we've still got a number of other changes to make Vinductus better. Check them all out below.

Game Improvements

  • Lavastat Break Off difficulty lowered
  • Channel and Server Megaphones can now be traded by characters over level 40.
  • Players are given 3 seconds of invincibility after the Succubus Queen mini-game regardless of success or failure
  • Raids in Seasons 1 & 2 with a daily limit will now award a static 50 AP per win
  • Character specific drops will now only drop for the character who can equip it
    • ie. Foul Snowpaw Greatsword will only drop for Hurk
  • Decreased the Skill Mastery Rank required to equip level 60 & 70 weapons and armor
  • Level 60 weapons and armor can now be equipped at Skill Mastery Rank A
  • Level 70 weapons and armor can now be equipped at Skill Mastery Rank 8
  • Campfire messages will now only display once instead of constantly spamming the player
  • The level requirements to equip the following items have been changed to level 30:
    • Broken Light Plate Gauntlets
    • Broken Light Plate Greaves
    • Broken Light Plate Chestpiece
    • Broken Light Plate Boots
    • Broken Light Plate Helm
    • Broken Spider Lord Helm
    • Broken Laghodessa Slayer Helm
    • Light Plate Gauntlets
    • Light Plate Boots
    • Light Plate Helm
    • Light Plate Greaves
    • Light Plate Chestpiece
  • The Incinerate NPC has been installed in advance (The incinerate feature has not been implemented yet).


  • Power Infusion Revamp
    • Removed Expertise type restriction when dismantling items; ie. A character with Tailoring can now dismantle weapons as well
    • Dismantling level 48-55 items can now grant the player Element Stone Catalysts
    • Using Power Infusion with an Average Element Stone now costs 0 AP and 2,000 gold
    • Using Power Infusion with an Element Stone now costs 20 AP and 10,000 gold
    • Materials obtained from dismantling an item will now be dependent on the dismantled item's attributes and not the player's dismantling expertise
  • Removed the following crafting materials and replaced them with "Thor's Weapon" for crafting Dreamwalker weapons:
    • Thor Longsword
    • Thor Twin Swords
    • Thor Staff
    • Thor Pillar
    • Thor Bow
    • Thor Greatsword
    • Thor Glaive
    • Thor Spellsword

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a graphics issue with the Dancing Blade top
  • Fixed an issue where a slowdown occurred after skipping a cutscene
  • The Junior Chieftain's hammer will no longer become intermittently invisible in the pet preview plane after entering a boat
  • Applied a rolled-up newspaper to Lionotus; Lionotus will now properly drop the Ancient Seal Stone
  • Removed the "Shy" attribute from the following monsters: Crescent Moon's Kielu, Graveyard's Captain, and Graveyard's Monark. These monsters will now spawn properly
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Lavasat Clash
  • Fixed the camera intermittently sticking to the Juggernaut after the Juggernaut Snatch ended
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to exit the train prematurely during the Charles Expedition Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Vengeful Langro can be summoned in an abnormal location
  • Fixed an issue where in specific circumstances King Stoneshell was able to knock players off the boat

UI Changes

  • Chat window will now appear with mouse wheel scrolling
  • Large tool-tip windows can now be navigated via scrolling the mouse wheel
  • Fixed an issue with the Marketplace font size changing
  • Fixed an issue where items would not display their average Marketplace Trade Prices
  • Fixed an issue where gifts did not display properly in the Supply Depot purchase history
  • Fixed an issue where the glow effect would disappear from the Start button on subsequent boat departures
  • The player's position will now appear properly on the town area map
  • Guild Storage deposit/withdrawal logs will now only display up to the last 6 months
  • Fixed an issue where text was cut off in the guild menu
  • Fixed a text issue where successfully mining ore
  • Fixed a text issue when attempting to purchase Goddess Graces in a battle
  • Fixed a text issue when attempting to enhance an item to from +10 to +11

Outfit Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the icon for the Dark Angel's Wings did not update to the proper dye color
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for the Boyish Qi Pao Top did not update to the proper dye color
  • Fixed a number of graphical conflicts involving the Lady Ghost Outfit when combined with various other armors and outfits
  • Fixed an graphical issue with the Male Blacksmith top and the Basic Inner Armor
  • Fixed a number of issues involving Arisha and the Lovely Santa Outfit
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Lovely Santa Jacket's arm
  • Fixed a graphical issue when Lann equips Majesty Jacket with Passionate Debueruke Gauntlets
  • Fixed a number of graphical issues with the Ring Master set

Character Changes

  • As a result of some of the changes in the Fiona Update, the following abilities can now be used while moving, or before an attack ends:
    • Hurk:
      • Execution
      • Judgement
      • Terminus
      • Ultimatum
    • Lynn
      • Chambers of Death
      • Divine Spear
      • Flying Snow
      • Iron Flag
      • Jade Fox
      • Long Armed Devil
    • Arisha
      • Counter Drain
      • Crystal Burst
      • Ether Zone
      • Mana Tracer
      • Resonance
      • Ruin Blade
      • Temporal Shift
  • Increased the Maximum Weight Limit for the following characters:
    • Lann
    • Evie
    • Kai
    • Vella
    • Lynn
    • Arisha
  • Karok
    • Blood Lord Reborn's status effect can now be removed with Karok's Howl
  • Vella
    • Active: Cyclone - 20 minute cooldown is now applied after use. Entering a different battle will reset the cooldown.
    • Active: Glacier Terminus - 20 minute cooldown is now applied after use. Entering a different battle will reset the cooldown.
  • Arisha
    • Active: Temporal Shift - 20 minute cooldown is now applied after use. Entering a different battle will reset the cooldown.
  • Lynn
    • Fixed an issue where Lynn would prioritize grabbing an evil core over using Five Finger Death after Swift Assassin
  • Kai
    • Fixed a graphic issue where Kai's bow and crossgun would overlap when changing weapons
    • Fixed an issue where Kai's bow would equip in weird places when changing equipment
  • Hurk
    • Fixed an issue where Full Moon's damage and knockdown was affected by Crescent
    • Full Moon's damage and knockdown will now increase properly when raising Full Moon's skill rank.
    • Active: Terminus - 20 minute cooldown is now applied after use.  Entering a different battle will reset the cooldown.
  • Evie
    • Evie can now use the secondary weapon Chain Hook
    • Active: Reverse Gravity - 20 minute cooldown is now applied after use.  Entering a different battle will reset the cooldown.
  • Fixed a collision issue between monsters and players

-- The Vindictus Team --