Rise: Revolution Preview

  • 4 years ago

This summer brings for Vindictus' newest update, and no punches are being pulled with this one. Say hello to the Rise: Revolution update, a massive overhaul of Vindictus unlike anything that's been seen before. 

Please note, the following changes may impact on existing characters:

  • Characters below Level 60 will not be able to enhance their gear, even with Enhancement Coupons. If you have an Enhancement Coupon with an expiration date on a low-level character, make sure to use it while you can.
  • Due to changes to the Marketplace system, all items listed on the Marketplace will be returned to your mailbox when the update arrives. However, listing fees will not be returned. Because of this, we highly recommend not listing high value items for long durations until after the update is released.

The sheer number of changes coming with the Rise: Revolution update is simply massive, with nearly every piece of Vindictus affected in one way or another. The following is a preview of many of the improvements to come, and we'll be giving you more details as the update approaches, so stay tuned!


Key Changes

  • Story
    • Learn more about your favorite mercenaries with new, expanded backstories that can be viewed during character creation
    • Added the ability to skip NPC conversation dialogue
  • Character / Battle
    • Balance adjustment for each Characters
    • Introduction of 2 new stats: Battle Power and Technique
      • Battle Power is Attack or Magic Attack + Defense
      • Technique is Critical + Balance
    • New Paladin and Dark Knight Path skills
    • Removed potion drinking animation for most consumables in battles
      • A cooldown timer has been added in its place
      • Drinking potions in Redeemers will cause an additional slow effect
    • Simplified battle difficulties
      • Most battles are now available on Normal and Hero modes
      • Hero mode will have a minimum level 90 requirement
    • Increased Battle Movement Speed
    • Increased Town Movement Speed for those wearing Outfit items
  • System
    • Battle Quest System improvements for more convenient battle departures and continuing quests from within battles
    • Multi-Process mode has been added to additional battle quests
    • Level requirements have been added to Enchanting (Lv. 50) and Enhancing (Lv. 60)
    • New Character Growth Goals rewards
    • Improvements to Marketplace search functionality
    • Weight system has been removed
    • Assist system has been removed
    • One page of Shared Storage is now free to everyone upon completion of the related quest
  • Item
    • Enchant scrolls – Consolidated, removed, or added some scrolls
    • Maximum enhancement level has been increased to 20
    • Enhancement probability has been modified
      • +1 - +11 success rates have been increased
      • +13 - +15 success rates have been decreased
      • Total success probability of reaching +15 remains the same
    • Certain Enchant and Enhancement items will Fragment on a failed attempt, granting items that can be used to improve your odds further
    • Changes have been made to the Item Restoration system
      • AP costs for restoring items have been drastically reduced, however restored items can no longer be enhanced further