Rise: Revolution Update

  • 5 years ago

The Rise: Revolution update is here! While there's a few sales and events to come this month, we know what you're really here for: More changes than you can shake a stick at! The comprehensive list of changes, improvements and fixes are below, take a gander, enjoy and see you in battle!

Update (June 22nd): A Client Update has been deployed to fix an issue preventing players on the Europe server from accessing the Messenger service. This small update will be automatically installed the next time you launch via Steam or the Nexon Launcher.

Story Changes

Character Backstory

  • Added backstory for all characters
  • The backstory of the selected character will be shown before entering the prologue

Skill Awakening

  • You can now get a skill awakening stone as a reward of the story "Skill Awakening"

Story Map Camera Work Improvement

  • Fixed the camera angle changing while in mouse mode during a story map after completing the battle

Story Icon Improvement

  • Stories that must be finished to continue the primary story in Vindictus will show a "Main" icon in the Story Hints window
    • Icons will have different colors according to each season

Story List Revamp

  • Added a new option to show Main Stories only
    • You can toggle this feature at the bottom of the Story window (it will be checked "On" by default)
    • While the feature is activated, sub-stories will not be shown in story window and NPC chat menus, and quest notification marks will be hidden
  • Improved "Hide Stories" function
    • Stories that were hidden manually will not be shown in NPC chat menu
    • Main stories cannot be hidden

Story Progression Improvements

  • You can now progress through many stories without visiting NPCs to speak with them
    • Press the Story Notification icon, shown in either the Story or Story Hints window, to immediately progress stories (such as talking with NPCs in Malina while in Colhen)
    • Some stories still require you to visit the NPC
    • You cannot talk with NPCs who are not available due to your character's main story progress
    • This function is enabled once a character finishes early tutorial quests

Story Improvements

  • Most items required for stories have been changed to unique story items that are dropped only while you have that story
  • Removed or modified unnecessary, repetitive or inconvenient requirements
  • Some awkward or incorrect dialogues within stories have been changed
  • Story hints are now more direct and easier to understand
    • For example, now story hints show exactly who you need to talk or where you need to go
  • Story EXP rewards have been improved
  • Goals and rewards from certain stories have been changed
  • New stories have been added
  • Some stories have been removed, but will remain completable for those that already had the story

Detailed Story Changes are as Below

  • Season 1 - Episode 1
    • "Marrec and the Crimson Blades": Dialogue changed
    • "Watch Out for Fomors": Dialogue changed
    • "Kirstie the Huntress": Dialogue changed
    • "A Job for Shayla (1)" : Dialogue and reward changed
    • "Gwynn's Request": Dialogue changed
    • "Gift from Tieve": Reward changed
    • "Strange Movements": Dialogue changed
    • "To the Decisive Battle": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "After the Decisive Battle": Dialogue and reward changed
    • "The Price of Indolence": Changed to Quick Battle, Dialogue changed, Changed to Main Story
    • "The Young Idealist" title is now "Crimson Blade Magic Guild"
    • "Crimson Blade Mercenary" title is now "Crimson Blade"
    • "Veteran Mercenary" title is now "Veteran Crimson Blade Member"
  • Season 1 - Episode 2
    • New Story, "The Ring's Owner" has been added to support background story of "Oath of Honor"
      • You can play this story once you finish "Eternal Rival". Characters that already finished "Oath of Honor" cannot play this story
    • Added a new battle "The Awakening - Armor of Darkness" according to the change to story goal of "Scattered Orders"
    • Removed the story "Livertine of Hoarfrost Hollow", and also removed the battle "Culprit Behind the Disturbance" that was a goal of the story
    • "Ellis's Question": Reward removed
    • "Paradise": Dialogue changed, Reward removed
  • Season 1 - Episode 3
    • "The People Who Left": Dialogue changed
    • "I Know Your Name": Dialogue changed, added new Dialogue only for Arisha
    • "The Guardians of the Goddess": Dialogue changed
    • "Evidence": Dialogue changed, added a new battle "Awakening - Armor of Ivory" to reflect new story goal
    • Removed the story "Mercenary's Weapon: Ballista"
    • Removed the story "Fare Thee Well"
    • Removed the story "Fenella's Homesickness"
    • Removed the story "Small, Cute, and Red", and the battle "Spider Overload" that was a goal of the story
  • Season 1 - Episode 4
    • The story "Prairie Mushroom" will be changed to "Prairie Patrol", Dialogue and story goals will be changed as well
    • The story "Mushroom Soup" will be changed to "Scheme", Dialogue and story goals will be changed as well
    • The story "Prairie Investigation" will be changed to "Stop the Advance Group", Dialogue and story goals will be changed as well
    • New story "Gateway to Sanctity" has been added
    • "Battling the King of Gnolls": Dialogue changed
    • Removed the story "Pact: Brynn's Request" and added the story "Oath of Honor: Mission and Faith"
      • If you already started the story "Pact: Brynn's Request", you can continue the story as it was
      • Also related with this change, the battle "The Unveiling Truth" will be changed to the battle "An Interdimensional Invasion"
    • Simplified stories related with "Pact" to minimize necessary & repetitive movement and contents, and stories continued with "Pact" are removed
    • New story "Dreaming Oracle" has been added
    • Removed the story "In Memory of"
    • Removed the story "Might be Worth Some Money"
    • "Keaghan's Visit": Story goal changed
    • "Eight Swords": Dialogue changed
    • "Woof Woof": Dialogue and Story goal changed
    • "Marrec's Secret 1": Reward removed
    • "Ceara's Request": Reward removed
  • Season 1 - Episode 5
    • Consolidated the stories "Royal Delivery, No. 1", "Royal Delivery, No. 2", "Royal Delivery, No. 3", "Royal Delivery, No. 4" into a new story, "Royal Army's Request"
    • "The Test of a True Soldier": Dialogue and Story goal changed
    • "The Final Test of a True Soldier": Dialogue and Story goal changed
    • "Request from the Magician's Guild": Dialogue changed, Reward removed
  • Season 1 - Episode 6
    • Removed the story "The Pesky Dragon"
    • Removed the story "Special Diet", also removed the battle "Chicanery" that was a goal of the story
    • Removed the story "Dark Armor Fragment"
    • Removed the story "More Armor Fragments"
    • Removed the story "Titan's Leather"
    • "A Tree Hidden in the Forest": Dialogue and Story goal changed
    • "Firework Launcher": Dialogue changed, Reward removed
  • Season 1 - Episode 7
    • The Beggar in the "A Beggar's Report" and "A Vital Report" stories has learned the value of not demanding gold from heavily armed mercenaries, and no longer needs to be paid for his information
    • "Birthday Gift": Story goal changed
  • Season 1 - Episode 8
    • Removed the story "Easily Manipulated"
    • Removed the story "The Golem's Fragment"
  • Season 1 - Episode 9
    • "Fobellow Prairie": Dialogue changed
    • "Preventing the Inevitable": Dialogue changed
    • "Albey Ruins": Dialogue changed
    • "A Dark Catalyst": Dialogue changed
    • Changed the story "A Dark Premonition" to a Main story
    • Removed the story "Getting Along"
    • Removed the story "Blacksmith Piaras"
    • Removed the story "The Magic Stone", added a new story "Legendary Blacksmith" instead
  • Season 1 - Episode 10
    • Added a new story "Another Start"
      • You can start this story after finishing the story "The Ones Remaining: The Guardian"
  • Season 2 - Episode 1
    • "The Way to Malina": Dialogue changed
    • "The Magician's Mind": Dialogue changed
    • "The Jewel of the Seas": Dialogue changed
    • "Out for a Walk": Dialogue and Story goal changed
    • "A Different Kind of Friend": Dialogue changed
    • "Tristan in Trouble": Dialogue changed
    • "Colhen Again": Dialogue changed
    • "Inconvenient Client": Dialogue changed
    • "Search for Clues": Dialogue changed
    • "Wild Brother Chase": Dialogue changed
    • "One-Sided Romance": Dialogue changed
    • "Raising Suspicions": Dialogue changed
    • Removed the story "Royal Secrets"
    • "The Coin": Dialogue changed
    • "Empty-Handed": Dialogue changed
    • "The Scale-Covered God": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Devil in the Water Awakens": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Dear Emma (2)": Dialogue changed
  • Season 2 - Episode 2
    • "The Unfinished Commission": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Idal's Letter": Dialogue changed
    • "Brynn and Brynn": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "The Desert Region": Dialogue changed
    • "A Fallen Nation": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Something Stinks": Dialogue changed
    • "An Old Tale": Dialogue changed
    • "The Flower Withers": Dialogue changed
    • "A Chance Encounter": Dialogue changed
    • "Meeting Up": Dialogue changed
    • "Live Free": Dialogue and Story goal changed
    • "To the Underground City": Dialogue changed
    • "Crossroads of Twilight": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "The End Is The Beginning": Dialogue changed
    • "A Special Request": Story goal changed
  • Season 2 - Episode 3
    • "The Forbidden": Dialogue changed
    • "Wood Man Production Guide": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Suspicious Crystal": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Waxing Moon": Dialogue changed
    • "Approaching Farewell": Dialogue changed
    • "Say Goodbye": Dialogue changed
    • "Missing": Dialogue changed
    • "Regained": Dialogue changed
    • "Interrogation": Dialogue changed
    • "The Smallest Truth": Dialogue changed
    • "Magician's Laboratory": Dialogue changed
    • Removed the story "Protective Avenger"
  • Season 2 - Episode 4
    • "Threat": Dialogue changed
    • "Infiltration": Dialogue changed
    • "Grief": Dialogue changed
    • "Grave of a God": Dialogue changed
  • Season 3 - Episode 0
    • "Marrec and the Crimson Blades": Dialogue changed
    • "Attack on Rocheste": Dialogue changed
  • Season 3 - Chapter 1 - Episode 1
    • "Ben Chenner": Dialogue changed
    • "Brynn's Reagent": Dialogue and Story goal changed
    • "Moment of Oblivion": Dialogue changed
    • "Do you want to try Compositing?": Story unlock requirement, Dialogue and reward changed, Changed to a Main story
  • Season 3 - Chapter 1 - Episode 2
    • "A Small Discovery": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "The Short Visit": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Two Parts": Dialogue changed
    • "Try Material Synthesis?": Story unlock requirement, Dialogue and reward changed, Changed to a Main story
  • Season 3 - Chapter 1 - Episode 3
    • "The Name of Erinn": Dialogue changed
    • "The Summoning": Dialogue changed
    • "Brynn's Way": Dialogue and story goal changed
    • "Collapse": Dialogue and story goal changed
  • Season 3 - Chapter 1 - Episode 4
    • "Even though you lose everything": Dialogue changed
    • "Hidden History": Dialogue changed
    • "Gray Robes": Dialogue changed
    • "Perseverance": Dialogue changed
    • "Shining Lugh": Dialogue changed
  • Season 3 - Chapter 2 - Episode 1
    • "A Special Request": Dialogue changed
  • Season 3 - Chapter 2 - Episode 2
    • "A Town of Humans": Dialogue changed
    • "Vigilance": Dialogue changed
    • "A Reluctant Search": Dialogue changed
    • "A World Without Faith": Dialogue changed
  • Season 3 - Chapter 2 - Episode 3
    • "Entry Notice": Dialogue changed
    • "The Approach": Dialogue changed
    • "Outward and Onward": Dialogue changed
    • "Reunited": Dialogue changed
    • "Warriors of the Frost": Dialogue changed
    • "Inherent Unrest": Dialogue changed
    • "Rupture": Dialogue changed
  • Season 1 - Extra Episode 1
    • Removed the story "Rare Stone"
    • Removed the story "Decorative Horn"
    • "Colhen Strawberry Brandy": Dialogue changed

New Season 2 Entering Story

  • After finishing the epilogue of Season 1 - Episode 10, you will now receive a new story, "Another Beginning", to enter Season 2 with new dialogue, map and cutscene to lead you into Season 2

Story Reward Equipment

  • Some Main stories will provide enhanced and enchanted equipment as rewards

NPC dialogue Skip function

  • You can now skip NPC chat, dialogue and story dialogue by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key during the conversation
  • You can also continue NPC dialogue by clicking outside of the dialogue text box


  • Some Equipment Story Dialog, Goals and Rewards changed
  • A bug that triggered the cutscene for Akadus after finishing "Memories Found" and entering the story map was fixed
  • Removed the story "Ferghus's Technique"
  • As a result changes to stories, some battles will now have different prerequisites

Character Changes

All Characters

  • All characters will now have 160 stamina by default
  • Gold required to learn a skill is always 1,000 or less


  • "Belcaire" no longer gives Blood Pact penalty


  • Normal attack speed has been increased for both sword and hammer attacks
  • Fixed a bug that Fiona's grab and secondary weapon attack failed with the "Piercing Mallet" long hammer


  • Lynn's invulnerability time after using "Little Rat" has been increased


  • Normal attack speed has been increased
  • Activating "Mana Blade" will no longer decrease Arisha's defense
  • Attack speed of Arisha before learning "Arcane Flurry" is slightly higher than before


  • Healing amount for each "Active: Soul Drain" attack is capped (depending on skill rank)
    • This change has been made to prevent excessive healing during re-balanced battles

Character Preview

  • You can now see each characters' main features and styles in character creation/selection screen

Battle Power and Technique

  • Two new composite stats, Battle Power and Technique, have been added:
    • Battle Power = ATT/M. ATT + DEF
    • Technique = Critical + BAL
  • You can set Battle Power and Technique requirement when recruiting party member
  • In Quick Battles, minimum requirement for Battle Power and Technique will be set automatically

Character Ranking System

  • Added character ranking, which is determined by character stats
    • You can check this in character information window (C)
    • There is a separate ranking for each class
  • Ranking will be determined by your equipped stats
    • This does not represent each stat's effectiveness in game
    • Stats from equipment will affect the rankings, while buffs will not
  • Ranking will not be updated from 8AM to 9AM PDT, during which time the top-ranked player for each class will be determined and be granted a special effect with their Megaphones

Additional DMG Improvements

  • Damage formula for Additional DMG stat has been revised and will have a much greater overall effect
  • Additional DMG will be applied to normal attacks as well
  • Effectiveness of additional DMG stat will vary by your ATT and monster's DEF

Removal of DMG Reflection

  • DMG reflection stat has been changed to ATT limit stat
    • Abyssal Shards will now give ATT limit instead of DMG reflection
    • Items with DMG reflection have been converted to have ATT limit instead

Changes to Hit-Knock-Down

  • You will not be knocked down as frequently (excluding Royal Raids and Redeemers battles)
  • Multiple hits in a short amount of time can still knock you down
  • Normal monsters can no longer knock you down
  • For a short period after being hit, you will not take any additional damage

Skill Training Notification

  • You will receive a notification in chat and via a tool-tip when a new skill is ready to be learned or when a skill can be ranked up
    • You will be also notified when you exit Inns after logging in when a new skill can be learned
  • "New" icons will appear on skill tabs and icons


  • Functionality of the "Meditation" skill has been changed
    • Instead of gaining AP while offline or online, you will now only gain AP while at least one of your characters is online
    • Meditation will now generate 2 AP (up from 1)
    • INT will no longer increase AP generation through Meditation

Armor Proficiency Revamp

  • Armor Proficiency skills have been consolidated into a new single "Armor Proficiency" skill
  • The new skill will allow you to obtain additional DEF from any type of armor, equip higher level armors and allow your armor last longer before getting destroyed
  • Armor categories will remain same, and they will be used to categorize armors in crafting
  • Your "Armor Proficiency" skill rank will be set to the highest rank among the previously existing armor skills
    • AP and gold spent on the other armor skills will be refunded
  • Every armor will receive the same bonuses, regardless of their category

Additional Path Skills

  • 2 new Paladin skills have been added
    • Level 58: "Active: Trail of Light"
    • Level 66: "Active: Purging Light"
  • 2 new Dark Knight skills have been added
    • Level 58: "Active: Spear of Stigma"
    • Level 66: "Active: Prison of Destruction"

Full Force Redeemers Skill

  • Damage of Full Force has been greatly increased

Additional Default Skills by Character

  • Lann
    • Gust Sting - F Rank
    • Pummel Storm - F Rank
    • Fanning Slash - F Rank
    • Rising Crescent - F Rank
    • Blade Tornado - F Rank
  • Fiona
    • Rose Thorns - F Rank
    • Petal Toss - F Rank
    • Blossom Blow - F Rank
    • Ivy Sweep - F Rank
    • Amaranth Kick - F Rank
  • Evie
    • Mana Amber - F Rank
  • Karok
    • Whale Bomb - F Rank
    • Rhino Impact - F Rank
    • Bison Charge - F Rank
    • Mammoth Sweep - F Rank
  • Vella
    • Spin Rush - F Rank
    • Razor Whirlwind - F Rank
  • Hurk
    • Collapse - F Rank
    • Execute - F Rank
    • Massacre - F Rank
    • Crescent - F Rank
  • Lynn
    • Dark Cloud - F Rank
    • Iron Machete - F Rank
    • Broken Sword - F Rank
    • Centipede Strike - F Rank
    • Fishtail Pole - F Rank
    • Drunk Mantis - F Rank
  • Sylas
    • Wraith Slash - F Rank
    • Phantom Shooter - F Rank
    • Cyclone Edge - F Rank
    • Cyclone Saw - F Rank
  • Delia
    • Solar Flare - F Rank
    • Rings of Saturn - F Rank
    • Orbital Flurry - F Rank
    • Starbloom - F Rank
    • Lunar Assault - F Rank

Additional Changes

  • Fixed a bug in Skills window (V) where the skill order would change every time you learned a new skill
  • You will no longer receive Trainee Phoenix Feathers after you create a character
  • You will now receive 5x Goddess Grace (Gift) after you create a character
  • Fixed a bug which made characters shake upon opening the Character Information window


Changes to Enchant Scrolls

  • Adding new enchant scrolls!
  • New icons will be used for enchant scrolls
    • Rank 6 and 7 scrolls will have different icons
    • Prefix scrolls and Suffix scrolls will have different icons
  • Added more information in the description of enchant scrolls
    • Descriptions will now show if an item will be bound to character when enchant is successful
    • Descriptions will now show if an item will be destroyed if the enchant fails
  • Fixed the tool-tip of expired enchant scrolls that said the scroll is tradable
  • System messages now clearly show the consumed items, effects and obtained items when failing or succeeding on an enchant
  • The order of the stats on the enchant scrolls has been modified and standardized
  • Enchant scrolls that required Armor Proficiency have been updated to reflect the change to those skills
    • For example, effects that 'activates only when Plate Armor Proficiency skill rank is higher than 9' will now require 'Armor Proficiency' skill rank
  • Enchant scrolls now clearly shows which type of equipment it can be used on
  • All newly obtained enchant scrolls are Rank A or higher (previously owned scrolls are unchanged)
  • Maximum enchant success rate you can reach by filling up Brynn's magic has been changed
    • Rank A: 90% (previously 70%)
    • Rank 9: 65% (previously 50%)
    • Rank 8: 50% (previously 40%)
  • Some enchants that provided only ATT or M. ATT now will provide both
  • A number of enchant scrolls now have different rank, increased stats and/or enchantable items, some of which are retroactive
  • Certain Rank 7 enchant scrolls have been combined, using the better stats. This change is retroactive:
    • Silent ES and Reinforced ES
    • Enlightened ES and Memorable ES
    • Declarative ES and Echoing ES
    • This will apply to existing enchants on equipment as well
  • Some enchant scrolls will no longer be obtainable

Item Rarity Rank

  • Items with different ranks will now be shown in corresponding colors when in text form
  • All items under level 80 will have a single rarity rank of "Fine" (Blue)
  • Bracelets will have different rarity rank
    • Leather Bracelet - Beginner
    • Copper Bracelet - Fine
    • Silver Bracelet - Superior

Improved Season 3 Rewards

  • Contents of Season 3 Episode Reward Boxes have been changed
    • You can now obtain "Rare (Orange)" grade "Regina's Feather: Weapon" and other items from Chapter 1 - Episode 1 reward box
    • Other Episode Reward Boxes will provide 20 Seal of Bravery, 5 Triumph Medals, and 20 Paradise Enhancement Stones
  • Items obtained from Episode Reward Boxes cannot be traded

Removal of Item Usage Animation

  • Certain consumable items are now used without the usage animation:
    • HP potions
    • ATT boost potions
    • Stimulants
    • Stamina potions
    • SP recovery potion
    • Energy potion
    • Certain event items
  • Temporary Armor Repair Kits now has a slightly shorter animation
  • You will always gain the bonus recovery from the HP Potion Proficiency skill when you consuming HP potions
  • HP Potions now have a 5 second shared cooldown
    • For example, you cannot use Fine HP Potion immediately after you using a HP potion
  • The "Redeemers HP Potion" will make your character significantly slower for 3 seconds after using it
  • Consumable items will be categorized as below and items in each category will share cooldowns
    • ATT boost potions
    • Stimulants
    • Energy Potions
    • SP Restoration Potions
    • Stamina Potions

Item Fragment System

  • You will get Fragments of used item when you fail an Item Enhancement or Enchant
  • Items that provide Fragments are as below
    • Enhancement Rune
    • Enchant Rune
    • Premium Armor Enhancement Rune
    • Rank 6 and 7 Enchant Scrolls
    • Destruction Safeguard Rune
  • Right-click on a Fragment to open the quick craft UI, where you can make a new item out of those fragments:
  • Required number of Fragments to create an item
    • 4x Enhancement Rune Fragment = Ferghus's +1 enhancement coupon
    • 3x Enchant Rune Fragment = Enchant Rune (Gift)
    • 4x Premium Armor Enhancement Fragment = Premium Armor Enhancement Rune (Gift)
    • 4x XXX Enchant Scroll Fragment = XXX Enchant Scroll (100% success) (Must be fragments of the same Enchant Scroll)
    • 5x Destruction Safeguard Rune Fragment = Destruction Safeguard Rune (Gift)
  • Rank 6-7 Enchant Scroll Fragments and created 100% Enchant Scrolls are tradable only once

Item Acquisition

  • Dropped items, ergs and mined ores will now automatically obtained when a character goes near by cores
  • Light pillar effect for rare items will persist for a few moments, even after the item has been picked up

Additional Pet Buff

  • You will receive additional pet buffs when you are summoning a pet with the 'Greedy Gem' skill
    • You will have 30% of chance to get additional evil core from normal monsters during battle
    • You will have 100% of chance to get additional evil core from boss monsters during battle
    • This buff is not effective during Raid battles and other special battles
    • This buff is effective only when your Pet is active and alive

Seal of Bravery Shop Renewal

  • New item added - Destruction Safeguard Rune (Gift)
    • Destruction Safeguard Rune can be used when you enhance an item in the Enhancement Rune
    • Destruction Safeguard Rune will be destroyed instead of your item when the enhancement is failed, however your item's enhancement ratio will be reduced by 2 and reducing the Bind count by one
    • Destruction Safeguard Rune can be used only on items that have at least one Bind remaining
  • Below items will be deleted
    • Heroic Legendary Shard
    • Heroic Power Seal
    • Materials for level 80 or lower weapons and armors

Item Stat Display Change

  • Stats from infusion will be added and shown in the item overall stats
  • Stats from enchants will be added and shown in the item overall stats

Avatar Outfits

  • Each piece of a standard Avatar Outfit item grants +5% movement speed in town (up from 2%)

Outfit Dye Ampoule

  • Avatar Dye Ampoules have been renamed to "Outfit Dye Ampoules", to better reflect their function

Masterpiece Bracelet Box

  • Masterpiece Bracelet Boxes can only be used at level 80 and above

Item Price Adjustment

  • You can now obtain 1 - 2 AP by selling level 1 - 20 equipment to NPC shops
  • Selling prices of equipment items have been generally adjusted
  • Selling prices of level 90 or higher composite items have been significantly decreased

Changes to Material items

  • All monster dropped material items under level 80 has been changed
    • Monster-specific crafting material items will be removed - i.e. XXX's shoulder armor, XXX's tail, XXX's tooth
    • Monsters will instead drop level and area specific material items: Red Pigment, Yellow Pigment, Categorized Pigment, Fragrant Additive, Thick Additive, and Clear Additive
    • These will be divided into Beginner, Apprentice, Journeyman and Professional, depending on the level

Changes to Equipment Items

  • We have adjusted the available items in each level range to prevent cases when players have either too many options or no available items
  • Some items that dropped only during specific level ranges will not be dropped any longer, but can be crafted by Talent Skills
  • Some Secondary weapons that have been scarce at a certain level range will now be dropped by monsters
  • More accessories have been added at some level ranges to resolve scarcity issues
  • Stats of armor items for level 80 or lower have been buffed and standardized
    • For example, INT gear will now have similar DEF stats as STR gear
  • Items have been standardized to the highest stats in its level range
  • Some accessories' stats and level requirements have been updated
  • Set effect of items for level 80 or below has been buffed and standardized

Changes to Crafting and Talent Skills

  • Some unnecessary crafting and equipment recipes will be removed from NPC craft menu
  • It's now easier to get level 80 and below items
  • Crafting for PvP and Item Composition will remain same
  • Added and changed equipment crafting recipes via Talent skill
  • All equipment recipes removed from NPC craft can no be crafted via Talent skill
  • Materials required for crafting have been simplified according to our material item revamp
  • As a result of the changes in material items, some items will now require a different proficiency

Server Notification for Item Acquisition

  • Server notification pop up that gets displayed when someone get an important item will now have no sound
  • This pop up will be only shown to characters above level 10 and will not appear during character creation phase and character select page


Chat Window

  • When chat window is activated, pressing enter key without typing any text will not hide the chat window


  • You can now open your mailbox by clicking the mail icon in menu
  • You cannot open your mail box while you are doing other activities or in battle
  • You can receive mail as well as attachments remotely, but can only send mail when you are at a mailbox
  • When there are more than 30 mails in your mailbox, menu icon will now show number as "30+"
  • Fixed a bug that caused a full mailbox to sometimes make received messages unobtainable, even after deleting some messages
  • Fixed a bug where trying to delete a mail while being IP restricted will make the mail disappear

Mail Fee Adjustments

  • For Same Account:
    • Simple Mail: Express: 200 gold. Normal: 100 gold
    • Mails with attached Gold or Items: Express: 200 gold. Normal: 100 gold
  • When sending to different accounts:
    • Collect on Delivery mail (COD):
      • Express mail: 200 gold + 1% of requested amount (max of 100,000 gold)
      • Normal mail: 100 gold + 1% of requested amount (max of 100,000 gold)
      • When a transaction via COD mail is successful, seller will need to pay 5% of requested amount as a selling fee
    • Simple mail and mail with attached gold or items: No change

Changes to Storage Chest

  • Now when you obtain an item, the tab where the item is located will show "New" mark for easier recognition
    • This is also applied to NX Storage Chest
  • You can now search your item within your storage chests and move directly to the page that has the searched item
  • Weight will not be displayed in Storage Chest window any more
  • You can now directly open Enhancement and Enchant system by clicking buttons in Storage Chest window
  • Enhancement system will require level 60 to use, while Enchant system will require level 50
  • Rare items will now have a border in different color in Storage Chest UI for easier recognition

Basic Shared Storage

  • Basic Shared Storage will be added for characters above level 60
  • Basic Shared Storage will be provided as a reward of the story "[Shared Storage] A Gift for Being So Rad" which can be found once your character reaches level 60

Changes to Daily Mission

  • Completing a daily mission will make the daily mission UI to pop up automatically so that you can check the reward easily
  • Daily Missions have been made simpler and easier to complete naturally
  • Rewards for Daily Mission has been improved
  • Items that can be bought from Daily Mission - Exchange Shop have been improved

Character Growth Goals

  • You can now see what your next rewards are
  • Rewards for certain goals have been improved
  • Level 90 Growth Reward changed to "Full Set of Lv. 90 Armor and Weaponry"
  • Enchants on the items received from "Full Set of Lv. 90 Armor and Weaponry" have been altered
  • "Full Set of Lv. 90 Armor and Weaponry" will provide items with +10 enhancement level

Town Map

  • Opening a Town Map with the H key will no longer force your mouse cursor to appear as well

Expanded Quick Slots

  • Now you can expand your quick slots in the UI Settings menu and set hotkeys for these expanded quick slots

Hot Springs and Daily Mission Notifications

  • "Hot Springs and Daily Mission" have been added to the Menu
  • It will automatically show when logging in with a character and will show which channel and town bath soaps are in, as well as the daily mission and current ongoing events

Improved Special Effects

  • Special effects for Skill Rank Up, Level Up, and Story Complete have been improved, and the flash effect has been removed
  • Now effects will disappear quicker, even when multiple effects happen consecutively (such as Skill rank up)

Quick Battle

  • You can now use Quick Battle when you are in a building in a Town
  • However, you cannot use Quick Battle while you are in the middle of NPC dialogue, Enhancement, Enchant, or Power Infusion
  • You can now use "Departure for Battle (Solo)", which allows you go directly to a battle without using a boat
  • You can now enter Royal Army Raids through Quick Battle

Mini Map and Town Map

  • Additional locations such as Mailbox, Lookout Tower, and Beggar are now displayed

Marketplace Improvement

  • Armor Sub-categories now appear as below:
    • Head: Cloth / Light / Heavy / Plate
    • Tunic: Cloth / Light / Heavy / Plate
    • Pants: Cloth / Light / Heavy / Plate
    • Gloves: Cloth / Light / Heavy / Plate
    • Boots: Cloth / Light / Heavy / Plate
  • New searching categories have been added:
    • Fragment: Rune Fragment
    • Fragment: Enchant Scroll Fragment
    • Accessories: Earrings
  • Autocomplete function has been added in marketplace search menu, with suggested names appearing in a dropdown list
  • You can now also search for enhanced items (Such as "+3 Dreamwalker Longsword")
  • Enchant Scrolls can also be searched for and will be supported by autocomplete function
  • Item Rank Search Option has been added
  • Previous Search Record has been added
  • Dye Ampoules Quick Search menu has been added
  • You can select from either clodagh's or avatar dye ampoule and click on the main preset color code
  • To search by level, now you can directly type the level you want to search
  • We have fixed a bug where some Airtight items did not show the marketplace standard price in its description
  • Enchant scrolls that are not permanent will also show marketplace standard price in its description
  • Item Composite Materials will now show the marketplace standard price in its description
  • Materials will be divided into different ranges of stats, and will be searched for the standard price of the materials of its range
  • Critical, Balance, Attack Speed will have a range of 1, making the standard price different even for a difference of 1

Marketplace Listing Fee Revamp

  • Due to significant changes in Marketplace system, all items listed in Marketplace before this update will be returned via mail. However, listing fee have not been returned
  • There will be only 3 options for listing time: 1 day / 3 days / 7 days
  • Listing Fee has been reduced
    • 1% of listed priced will be charged as listing fee regardless of listing time
    • For example, if you want to sell an item at 5,000,000 gold, then your listing fee will be 50,000 gold
    • Listing fee will be capped by 100,000 gold
    • If your item is not sold, your listing fee will be returned
    • If your item has been sold successfully, listing fee will not be returned
  • Selling Fee has been added to the system
    • If your item has been sold successfully, 5% of listed price (regardless of listing time) will be charged as Selling Fee
  • Your listed items cannot be purchased by other characters in your account

Changes to Level Requirements of Contents

  • Some of the in-game contents will have a new level requirement
    • Enhancement: Lv. 60
    • Enchant: Lv. 50
    • Infusing: Lv. 65
    • Ein Lacher: Lv. 90
    • Abyssal Arena: Lv. 80 (there will be only one available difficulty instead of the previous 3 different difficulties)
    • PVP content excluding the Tournament: Lv. 90
    • Item Restoration: Lv. 60

Enchant UI Revamp

  • You will no longer be told you can improve the success rate of Enchant Scrolls with a fixed (or 100%) success chance
  • Now you cannot use any protecting runes when enchanting with a scroll with a fixed chance or a 100% Enchant Scroll
  • Now you cannot add in Brynn Elixirs when enchanting a scroll with a fixed chance or a 100% Enchant Scroll
  • Fixed Brynn's awkward dialogue during enchanting
  • Enchant UI will be displayed in the middle of the screen
  • Inventory will not pop up when using the Enchant UI
  • When you click on the enchant scroll slot you will be able to view and select your available enchant scrolls
  • If you already selected the equipment to enchant, only enchant scrolls usable on the specific equipment type will be shown
  • You can click on the equipment slot to view and select your available equipment
  • If you already selected the enchant scroll, only equipment that can use the enchant scroll selected will be shown in the list
  • You can click on the enchant protection item slot to view and select your available protection items
  • You can find function explanations when you place your mouse cursor on a question mark on each item slots
  • If an enchant scroll which can't destroy a weapon is selected, the enchant protection slot will be deactivated
  • You will be noticed about penalties that can happen if you fail the enchant when you try to enchant an item
  • You can now add in protection items even after you added in Brynn Elixirs
  • Special effect for a successful enchant will display an item name that includes the succeeded enchant
  • When the durability is decreased by a failure, the original durability and the new durability will be displayed as well

Removed Contents

  • Gauntlets have been removed and Gauntlet Tickets will no longer drop
  • Resenlian's Labyrinth has been removed as well as its related stories
  • Mission Board has been removed. You cannot get titles from Mission Board any more, but existing titles will remain.

Removal of Weight System

  • The concept of equipment weight, as well as the "Weight Endurance" skill, has been removed
  • All AP spent on "Weight Endurance" will be refunded

Feature Guides

  • Various guides have been added to important features
  • This can be closed by clicking the button on the top right corner or via the Options menu

Battle Quest UI Improvement

  • Battle Quest UI from the docks has been renewed
  • Now Battle Quest UI will be more simple and easier to use, with Battle Quest, Exploration and S3 Battle Quest boards merged into one
  • You can now depart for Colhen, Malina, Rocheste and Berbhe Area with one Battle Quest board
  • Oaths of Honor have been removed
  • "Departure for Battle (Solo)" feature has been added
    • Individual Departure is a solo battle feature that allows you to go directly to a battle without using a boat
  • You can now set a Battle Strength and Technique requirement to join when you make a party
  • "Continue Story'" feature has been added
    • This will move you directly to the next main story battle quest
    • If you entered the battle with this feature, upon completing, you will have the option to move directly to the next area for main story
    • If there are multiple main stories present, you will be moved to the main story battle which has the highest priority
    • This feature is limited to solo play
    • Some stories will require you to return to town instead of moving to the next battle

Reattempt Battle Revamp

  • You can reattempt a battle right after finishing the battle without returning to a boat
  • When you reattempt a battle, you can repair and use Blessing Stones without returning to a town or boat

Item Enhancement Revamp

  • For weapons, success chance will be higher until +11 but will be lower from +13 onward
  • For armors, success chance will be higher until +13 but will be lower from +14 onward
  • Only items with rare (orange) rarity can be enhanced over +12
  • Non-rare items that are already over +12 before the patch will stay as it is, but cannot be enhanced any further
  • Maximum available Enhance Rank is changed to +20
    • Rare weapons and armors for level 90 and higher can be enhanced up to +20
    • Equipment for level 80 and lower can only be enhanced up to +12 as no rare equipment for level 80 and lower exists
    • Equipment for level 90 and higher will be considered as a rare grade only when all item compositions are also rare
  • Items over +16 will have a unique enhancement effect
  • Additional DMG will be greatly increased from the current Additional DMG based on the enhancement level
  • Additional DMG will also be added to armor items based on the enhancement level
  • Additional DMG will do significantly more damage
  • All equipment lower than level 90 will require Empowered Enhancement Stone to enhance
    • You can right-click lower level enhancement stones to craft them into Empowered Enhancement Stones
  • Equipment lower than level 90 will not return any materials when destroyed during enhancement
  • These items will be dropped at a higher rate and will be dropped together with a certain enhancement level from now on
  • Crafting Equipment via NPC crafting has been removed and materials for equipment crafting have been removed from game
  • Epic Enhancement Stones are sold at the shop for 1,200 gold.
  • Advanced Enhancement Stones are sold at the shop for 800 gold.
  • Enhancement Stones are sold at the shop for 400 gold.
  • Empowered Enhancement Stone's NPC crafting recipe will now require different materials

Changes to Item Restoration

  • Restored items cannot be enhanced any more
    • This will be applied to all existing previously restored items
  • AP required to restore an item has been significantly decreased
    • Lv. 90 +15 item: 10,000 AP
    • Lv. 90 +10 item: 1,500 AP
    • Quality, enchant, equipment type will no longer affect the cost

Returning Mercenaries

  • Special Mercenary items will be handed out to the players who have returned after a long time
    • Enhanced and enchanted equipment will be distributed depending on the level of the character
    • These items are permanent and not tradable
  • Characters over Lv. 90 will receive:
    • +10 Enhanced Divine Punishment Regina Weapon with 3 rare materials (not enhanceable)
    • Enchanted Lv. 90 +10 Armor Set
    • A selection of other useful items, including HP Potions and Goddess Graces

Changes to Level Requirements to Seals

  • The level requirement to acquire seals upon completing in-game content has been changed.
    • Seal of Bravery: Lv. 40
    • Triumph Medal: Lv. 50
    • Festival Trophy: Lv. 30
    • Honor Medal: Lv. 60
  • Seals from events, incineration, items, etc. will be obtainable regardless of the level
  • Warm Welcome Tickets are only sent to characters Lv. 40 or above


  • Fixed a bug where color of first part of equipment in received mail item list was different with color you can see in Storage Chest UI
  • Fixed a bug where players could write texts in certain areas of Guild Storage
  • Fixed a bug where control of game gets changed to 'Keyboard mode' after setting camera angle in screenshot mode
  • Expired items in Shared Storage can not be moved within the Shared Storage, but can be moved to regular inventory
  • Fixed a bug where an item moves to a random tab of Storage Chest when you tried to move it to Shared Storage without any vacant slots. Now it won't be moved at all in this case.


Monster-Hit Effect Improvement

  • Monster-Hit and shaking effects will no longer occur when another player strikes a monster
  • Monster-Hit and shaking effects will still occur when you hit the monster

Battle Finish Screenshot

  • A bug which delayed the screenshot camera mode after defeating the boss has been fixed
  • A bug which made some players shake while in screenshot camera mode has been fixed

Removal of Assist

  • The assist function has been removed

Normal Monster Outline Feature

  • You can now enable an outline, highlight normal monsters in the chaos of battle (via the UI Settings options)

Damage Contribution based Reward System

  • We have added a new reward system which will award players according to their damage dealt to bosses
    • Upon dealing 40% or more damage, you will receive 1 additional evil core
    • Upon dealing 80% or more damage, you will receive 2 additional evil cores
    • Upon dealing less than 1% damage, you will receive only 1 evil core
  • This Reward System only applies to normal raids. It does not apply to Royal Raids and Redeemer's

Removal of Battle Completion Reward Waiting Time

  • You no longer have to wait when you clear a battle too fast

Faster Battle Completion Reward Calculation

  • The speed of Battle Completion Reward window shown and the time needed to obtain rewards are now much faster

Battle Completion Reward Window Renewal

  • Battle Completion Reward Window has been improved: Smaller than the previous one, containing only the most important information

Improved Effect when Receiving Rewards

  • Extra cores obtained from Break-Offs or Luck stat bonus will be displayed much more clearer in the chat window
  • Evil Cores will appear in different colors according to how they were obtained or the items within
    • Event and Bonus Luck Cores - Yellow Evil Core
    • Rare (orange) Items - Orange Evil Core (white to other players)


  • Order and contents of the prologue battle guide has been changed
  • A bug which has caused the Skill UI to pop up when you right-click in Prologue using Sylas character has been fixed
  • A bug which made some cutscenes unskippable has been fixed
  • Now you will see movement keys and mouse pointer control guide on the left side of screen during Prologue battle
  • Removed a guide message about mouse pointer control covering up the screen when engaging in battle
  • A bug which caused attacks to aim at friendly NPCs has been fixed. No friendly fire!
  • A bug which caused players become unable to move when pressing a chat-related key has been fixed

Mercenary Training Site

  • Mercenary Training Site has been renewed, adjusting the battle map, monsters and the order of training

Season 1 Perilous Ruins Renewal

  • Perilous Ruins maps has been completely remade, featuring a new look and improved monster graphics and boss cutscenes!

Battle Quest Improvement

  • Most unreasonable bonus missions have been changed or deleted from the list, including changing approximately 140 bonus missions
  • Giant Polar Bear's cutscene from Hoarfrost Hollow has been made shorter
  • Ortel Castle and Sewer maps have been simplified to be more straightforward and less confusing
  • Ortel Castle maps will now spawn less monsters to reduce the battle times
  • Floor ascending puzzle from Ben Chenner Summit has been simplified

Season 2 Battle Renewal

  • Season 2 Battles have been renewed to function with a similar structure to Season 1 Battles
    • Each region, Crescent Moonlight Island, Ship Graveyard, Twilight Desert, Misty Summit, Moonlight Peak are now divided into different & separate battles
    • Stories will also follow the new separated map system
  • Rewards from Season 2 Battles have been adjusted according to this system change
  • Macha's Trial, Eelics, Treasure chest and certain other Season 2 unique features have been removed

Hero Mode

  • Added Hero Mode for the following Season 1 and Season 2 battles:
    • Betrayal
    • The Evil One
    • Earthborn Seal
    • Frostborn Seal
    • The Giant
    • Ahglan the Golem
    • Avatar of Destruction
    • The Dark, Dank Sewers
    • A Ruler's Refuge
    • Desert Princess
    • Memory of the Past
    • Death's Shadow
    • Into the Abyss
    • Desolate Malina
    • Burning Temple
    • God of Death
    • Rocheste by Sea
  • Only level 90 or higher characters can use Hero Mode, as the mode is balanced for level 90 or higher characters
  • You can obtain "Heroes Item Box" with a certain probability by playing Hero Mode (excluding "Intruder of Rocheste")
  • Items you can get from "Hero Item Box" : Paradise Enhancement Stone, Enhancement Elixir, Departure License, and other high-value items

Multi Processing Support

  • We now support Multi Processing to over 40 additional battles

Improved Movement Speed during Battles

  • Your movement speed in battles will increase depending on the time you run continuously, enabling you to move through the map faster

Mining and Luminary

  • Season 1 and 2 battles will drop more Exquisite Iron Ore when mining
  • Season 3 battles will drop more Godly Iron Ore when mining
  • Season 2 and 3 battles will drop more Orbs when gathering Luminaries

Battle Balance Changes

  • The following raids will be changed to a normal battle
    • Red Ruins
    • Dethrone the White Tyrant
    • White Tyrant's Challenge
    • Hidden
    • Shadowed by Darkness
    • Nightmare at the Ruins
    • Irukul
    • Revived Fear
    • The Howling Soul
    • Shady Forest
    • The Weeping Queen
    • The Giant
    • The Dark, Dank Sewers
    • The Central Garden
    • Ahglan the Golem
    • Avatar of Destruction
    • Betrayal
    • The Evil One
    • Colru the Golem
    • Earthborn Seal
    • Frostborn Seal
    • Timeless Rage
    • Fate and Destiny
    • Serpent King Lakoriaiora
    • A Ruler's Refuge
    • From the Depths
    • Devil in the Water
    • Princess of the Desert
    • Guardian
    • Memory of the Past
    • Death's Shadow
    • The Pinnacle
    • Bizarre Machine
    • The Deep Mines
    • Into the Abyss
    • Desolate Malina
    • Gates of Hell
    • Burning Temple
    • God of Death
  • All normal battles until level 90 will be suitable for solo play
  • All battles will be suitable for 4 players difficulty excluding Royal Raid, Redeemer's and Single Player Maps
  • Royal Raid will be changed to a 12 players difficulty
  • Redeemer's battles will stay as an 8 players difficulty
  • Ein Lacher bosses will have 50% less HP
  • All battles will not adjust monsters' HP depending on the number of party members
  • All Niflheim battles will now have ATT (M.ATT) limit

Battle Reward Revamp

  • Starting at level 90, players will receive less gold from battles level 79 and below
  • (Season 1-2) Battles that drops weapons, armors, accessories, enchant scrolls have been changed according to battle level
  • (Season 1-2) Weapons, armors and accessories will have a chance to be enhanced or enchanted when dropped from monsters
  • (Season 1-2) Weapons, armors and accessories drop rate has been increased
  • (Season 1-2) Equipment gone from NPC crafting will not be dropped anymore and are only craftable through the Talent skill
  • (Season 3) Fine grade (Blue) crafting materials are no longer dropped
  • As a result, Intermediate Dismantling has been removed from game
  • Items traded with Legendary Shard Remnant has also been removed
    • You can sell Legendary Shard Remnant to a shop
  • (Season 3) Superior grade (Purple) materials' drop rate has been increased drastically
  • (Season 3) Rare grade (Orange) materials drop rate has been increased drastically
  • (Season 3) Only Rank B and C Skill Awakening Stones will be dropped from now on
  • (Season 3) Breaking-Off will give you Paradise Enhancement Stone or Enhancement Elixir
  • (Season 3) Battle Rewards now include Life Erg Crystal, Magic Powder and Blessed Magic Powder
  • (Season 3) Paradise Enhancement Stone's drop rate have increased drastically
  • (Season 3) Misc. items that have no use from raids have their drop rate decreased drastically
  • (Season 3) Raids will only drop Rank 6 - 7 Enchant Scrolls

Additional Changes

  • A bug which caused the BGM for "Queen of the Cursed" to play loudly, regardless of volume settings, has been fixed
  • A bug which made a player's equipment effects disappear after being pierced by Lugh Lamhfada's spear has been fixed
  • Removed the feature where players from level 1~15 can revive themselves without limit
  • Season 1 and Season 2 battles will be limited to 5 victories per day each



  • Improved prologue backgrounds, objects and effect graphics


  • Changed Tieve's appearance in all story cutscenes

Equipment Graphics

  • Changed the design of the early level equipment sets such as Premium Newbie Set
  • A bug which made the back slot items not visible when wearing the avatar set 'Battle Devil Set' has been fixed
  • A bug which caused wings and tail items to disappear after getting frozen by Beokros has been fixed


  • Your body from cutscenes will now match your character's actual body

Starting Screen

  • Game start screen has been changed

Colhen Graphic Renewal

  • Colhen's graphics are improved
  • Re-located the lighting locations
  • You can now go inside the Inn and go from the Colhen Town to Docks without a loading screen!

Additional Changes

  • We have started deleting slow or ineffective functions for performance optimization
  • Optimized client's memory usage
  • Fixed a bug which dislocated new skills / event notification, tooltips, etc. when on 1024x768 resolution
  • Fixed a problem which made other players' fused item look weird on their status window
  • Merc Recovery Potions provided via VIP or other services will now restore more HP
  • Rabi which can be summoned by Rabi Whistle will now have 'Dismantle Composited Item' function instead of 'Legendary Shard Shop'
  • Characters under level 90 (1~89) will now have Blessing for Mercenary which recovers Stamina during battle
  • A bug which affected Evie's Attack Speed when the client had been shut down due to network issues while using 'Rage Conductor' skill has been fixed